Record Keeping Skills For Small Business

Shift Report

Divining wooly views gathered amidst shaven sheep hither
Withered over swithering stalls denial state of dither
Truth be told frank pens naif soliloquy
Safe as house path hath proven treachery
Steer clear of herd social immunity
Distanced readily available data parsed trendily
Blinks recount lost meanings earned from strife learned through catastrophe
Graft retained splices tour de force movie
Analyzed improvised differently
Can't regain past yet relive history
Elder protocols reference frames with specificity
Documentary denotes concise recusant heresy
Fish stink emanates spoils unquestioned head
Rather than responsible gods chose dead
Lightning rod shields guide flash EMP spread
Relevance revivalist revived rival survivalist
Diatribe analogous corroborates ridiculous
Atoms congress fortuitous naught sea
Devoid self restraint officiates ye
Fitting new attire inspiring streaking
Who protects us whilst we pay for havoc employ they reeking
Hypocritically childish generally speaking
Handshake implies word registers advice
Modern intelligence is artifice
Every three steps forward step back twice
Deities influence me aloof aligned schism in rhyme
Mother Hera ewe chimera godspeed breeds failed design
Bell weather brethren splay scapegoat supine
Veil of illusions enmesh conscious mind
Can't feel my legs good help is hard to find
Hawk departs from pleather glove turtle returns grounded dove
Counteract abet anyone lapped them twice yet still they won
Titans once asked before taking QE
With us or against me democracy
Issuance debt free usury for ye
Soon to be impacting all interested negatively
Cyclops blissfully fail to see plague kills with leniency
World saved through open window tsunami
Backdrops distinct radicle uprooted
Restless tartarus not I confuted
Reputed gambler prophet of doom rigged mind meld welds my tomb
Despondent preach not gloom be democratic or leave cocoon
Imploding race exploding time and space
Unfathomable depths shallow measures
Glasses adorned rose reflective pleasures
Erratic compass static attained gains unsustainable
Emphatically all ages deal unascertainable
Sentiment key to public interest
Democracy assess Big apple bests
Guiding hand meaning Pantheist behest
Seeking one's fulfillment complements of demagoguery
Building baseless pyramid in name of Great Recovery
Hallucination merits upheaval
Remit repreival persecute venal
Sufferance from nescience trumps all evil
Yon morrows martyr covets this abysmal cross commuted
Tread on entrenched fear submit control guiltily included
Govern is to rule as meant to intents
Resourceful proxy heir establishment
Record rallys infer where loans were sent
Pristine colosseums reared commerraderie Fed rum bread
Dropping said crumbs returns dread Which nevermore nary imbeds
Insolvent casino scenario
House always wins with my reservation
Sharing the bulk ignites indignation
Transparency Which critiques subtly speaks Feds peak repent
Weak covenants contained slain whence Green peripherals were went
Theses Ben delivered on depression
Maestro museum managed impression
Keynesian intervention harped dystopian opium
Appeal to supremacy bandwagon psychology
Latin arguementum ad nauseum
Better than expected mass approval
Refuse discard fantasy removal
If you audited our books write off markets on the morrow
No one do we answer to where wheelbarrows go we borrow
Sciences religious mythology
Philosophised finance dichotomy
Genetic archetypal entities
Conversations incidental informations monumental
Facets fawned fastidious selfless attires instrumental
Minions mimic Socratic opinions
Authority inbred majority
Consider selves distinct minority
Yield to ye inferiors subjectively superior
Mechanisms failing sublimation with interior
Greeks conceived benefits in politics
Propaganda versed all in rhetoric
Dwelled anarchic run redeem autarkic
World perceptions inconsistent to obtained views of my own
Optimism timeless shown fantastically overblown
Fate collapses upon observation
Ostriches banked on unexamined lives
Perturbations quantum fluctuations
Foregone measures austere pleasures enforced authenticity
Cessation trepidation ensures no future certainty
Whilst known speed and position now in sync
One makes ye taller yet none make me shrink
Doth not know thyself yore on the brink
Fulfillment will not quail forbidden face of foreign dangers
Entrainment derailed arranged marriage twixt incomplete strangers
Birds of a feather flock with the weather
One marked to market worth two under Bush
Lemmings allegedly demand a push
An existential exercise spins nihilistic nightmares
Nonconformed confirmed uncomfort spirals condescending stairs
Slaughter abolished pig sucklers now fly
Fed up rich bullshit Which lies upon lye
Doth need not for lipstick ride we bone dry
Left to right wrong motivations paved by best intention
Pound me with the cure denounce flesh as impure meets prevention
Overdue elixir panacea
Gold in led stead transmutes alchemist Fed
Spirits confirmed in actions idea
Though hungry swine will freely plow fall submissive tow the line
No offence is meant whence I commence casting pearls before thine
Lead thee to sustenance soon thou shall find
You feed a seed of rage contented caged
That Which hath been remains yet to be seen
One finds upon a wander from yon cave we've left regression
Whence without luminescence stem outlandish such obsessions
Actualized self's realization
Fasting of heart leaves no trace of ego
I fell here from Olympus apropos
Upshot in authenticity shows secure survivors test
Where indiscretions excesses discretely are repressed
Desperate knowledge grievous awareness
I first blew reed pipes but then I digress
Values eroded integrity
Climate corroded ideals irresponsibility
Satisfied my agency autonomous capacity
Bet Dow hath finally had a bad day
Bear in mind they will say twas anway
Old high still standing gold stones throw away
Shorting shooting slope of hope enormous towers treacherous
Each new era crashes in increasing half glass emptiness
Overabundance deserts time delay
Accounts inner morality decay
Strength in pessimism fear forfeits right
Dusk withdraws from sight as shade is drawn over dawn's early light
Narcissistic psychopaths inherited the earth our plight
Quarrying light inspired murky night flee
Ye gods laugh heartily ridicule me
Reckoning another day mine shall be
Subsequently I subsist shifting this rock as Sisyphus
Future pulls upon me as due ration to minus remiss
I'm half crazy bicycle built for two
Network circuitry daisy chained to you
How do I know what is reel to be true
Gather input sensations scrutinize for degradation
Dissembling dissemblance as lacking in resemblance
Singularity prophesied end be
Less threat than icons presently envied
Graven is our image in our idol
Misunderstood system holds revolutions banked on bridle
Give me dominion over doe I care not who makes law
Hegellian dialectic shock and awe
Fixed moments instability move becomes necessity
Moses leads bull rush reeds deceptive swaith
Crisis opportunity incompetence seasons good faith
Fallow plot begot furlough shrieks foul wraith
Yay though I plod through the valley of death
Evil gives comfort my rod and my staff
No fear preparest for my enemies
Parasitic symbiotes surviving vicariously
Job gyrations exploitations sloth thrive ubiquitously
Unnatural select evolution
Bad apple genes rot barrel pollution
Big bang extends concussions extrusion
Elude intrusion neath tapestry relay inscribed decree
Conspiracy theories deliquesced evidence coalesced
Duress dressed as justice undue process
Reduce the law to writ for oversight
Infinitely rules stretch fractally tight
Dollar press lever Wizards tweak whence practised Which deceiver
Feeding frenzy at the top on last chair hot potato drops
Animal farm irrigation believer
Cuckoos in nested loops launched retriever
Social ecological equity
Fauna all created equal although some are more than most
Perched aloft nights sleepless roosters backdate options after posts
Tell a vision avulsed exclusive boasts
Foxes bird box hens fake news oven roasts
Occupy Wall Street greeting champagne toasts
5G technology expandable densification
Cameras considering Laws actual ramifications
Depressions perpetuate FOMO motes
FIFO Ponzi scheme boat redeems fresh float
Gloat sessions connoted roat smote through goat
Destructions need demands feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Beyond salvations hope for damnation destined reprobates
Wolf in sheep's clothing with diplomacy
Bragging best ever broke economy
Pre warned of bubble in candidacy
Memories impeach me markets relapse collapse candor
Black and white deliberations compromise grey matters or
Burning empire riddled Nero fiddled
No new under the sun any longer
What doth not kill my will makes ye stronger
Suicidal quarantine commit sheer to absurdity
Crash course in urgency suspends to decade Odyssey
Engulf journey as is illusory
Entailed magical curtailed mystery
Reproduced sequence spawns duplicity
Great truths infect minds space whilst time distorts fabrics ablation
Balanced scales duration dual edged knife grinds calibration
Wildlife exhumed landslide menagerie
Submission supports popularity
War of attrition print press edition
Release Kraken abridged dictations unredacted memo
Cognitive mind is least informed second thought tis last to know
Feedback iterates habitually
Zombie apocalyptic shopping spree
Animal myriad corroboree
Discrepancies adorable approaching deplorable
Configured integrations simulate exaggerations
Conceptual reorganization
New century frail clings frayed to pale past
Dot com bust imprints last iconoclast
Tragic disposition anchored significance within story
Spherical lyrical expository mourning glory
Expansion dominates fertility
Appropriate most apt utility
Bubble envelops errs infinity
Bold ignorance advanced hind sights distilled new high arrogance
Underlying trauma repeats cycle till addressed complete
Sublates convergence becoming congeals
Cavernous kingdom stalagmite conceals
Peer not in mirror prefer not appeal
Sew a thought in hope to reap an action something real to feel
Neverland begotten old whilst kid futures are oversold
Life lived not lest bits of bites record it
Biased suggestions imbue news reported
Syrinx sears titans with my brand of creed
Written word ceded all forgotten need to practise recall
Calculated math skills lost computer brought thoughts holocost
Ensconced by lantern hung from beam of straw
Helios heals blow of iced ages thaw
Loyal to natural attributes raw
Extraordinary delusional madness of ye crowds
Trot proudly upon road to serfdom congregations praised aloud
Brave was this new world before eighty four
Hunger games in store jaybird tweets that score
Jehovah bore witnesses door to door
Insure myself against four horseman
paid my tithe expired spent
Sow ears flying high on credit barely do I afford rent
Time unwinds quickly at least doth for me
April showers levee spring bankruptcy
Litres live forever in latency
Bailing water steady rising deep subterraneously
Foresee floods invest in arks of financial calamity
Extraneously Rome's blaze radiates
Simultaneously Fed Witches toiled
Slow perniciously satiates frogs boiled
Crisis constructs messenger of sordid too tongued character
Stocks which rise so should slide chosen goose footing egg opposed side
Federal innovates imbibed bribed state
Reserves umpire status hunched hind home plate
Falling knife of fear impaled atmosphere
Short bets squeezed rife barren years unfruitful bleeds contango wine
Inverse ETFs unprecedented reverse splits declined
Nothing it's equal creature without fear
Can't fill hide with harpoons or head with spears
Mire strive dire try pull in Leviathan
Endless procrastination doth avert intent deflation
Unclear when routes passage appears clear as destination
Sorrows station seems my inculcation
Divides built up babble between nations
Seven trumpets summon revelation
Electrostatic circumstance transmits catalytic twist
Substitute reacted chemical transmits platonic tryst
Ironically passion not my goal
Ionically bonded blending coal
Mirrored dipole roll poised down rabbit hole
Experiment first ever repeats Laws defraud endeavor
Mississippi reflating dollar debt exchange creating
Wealth effect transfers helicopter drop
Fracking reserves crack too big to stop
Ineptitude or evilly adept
Calm filled the room as elephants silently drowned in tar pits
History Which hails tense whence Fed injections flew to market
Lucrative house flipping stained soil carpet
Real reign swamp purge comes to street again
Broken window theory frisk fallacy
Destructions need graciates feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Seven headed hydra twixt blaspheming regime duplicates
Purgatory epic allegory
Apathy lacks worry for avoidance
Dreams annoyance recurring clairvoyance
Complacent consternation burns concerned capitulation
Catacomb further catenates future pyroclastic blasts
Install a new partition date saved last
God creates man's imaged eternity
Man made device for immortality
Only way to beat life be articulate as dead machine
Foiling might be finding wanting nothing just as pleasing
Emoted thoughts and deeds confer disease
Viral joy contained anxious unease
Communicable known uncertainties
Mention stoic abstention receive lepers reprehension
Addend subconscious attention suchness sought destination
Protectionist tribal groupthink ensues
Misdirect blame profane color thou choose
Divide and conquer plan by Jove we use
Minting for a living tis nothing short of scintillating
Weaponry mass produce we entropy disintegrating
Rebirth essential in this finite trap
Technicals crucial analysis map
Impulse mined collective wiretapped caps
Souls endless extrapolating each threshold encapsulating
Mutually affecting Titans ever overreaching
Battles march business no fight beseeching
Cyanide reaction gold is leaching
Settle for distraction Athene’s teaching
Shares fabricate infrastructure bonds for manufactured war
Master in ways of deception weaving fleece her predilection
Declined vine illustrates interjection
Fundamentally ye add furthermore
Whole vacuus nature I find abhor
Each new day opportune to go by street sideshow pundits shout
Marginally most will comply seek aggressive salesman clout
Run through stampede proceed in funnel out
Mosaic tile code mixed mirage mud grout
Worm abated hook ate some fat cat’s trout
Informed when glad relate when mad great is not the worst we've had
Next quarter rates Which inflates translates to direct tabled fate
Disinformation chads dangling depart
Troublesome travel when horse pushes cart
Trojans craft driftwood regifted as art
Taken rate decision interest always is a given
Approached encroachment infringements lunged impingement I expunged
Spell manifests as living hell digests
Calcareous sponge absorbed rimstone plunge
Cookbook to serve lamb seals underhand
Sinter sauntered asunder plotting pillage of my plunder
Attack technique intervenes quoth slighted victim claims obscene
Cried mystified feeling such waste sprayed mace
Save face retrace find safety inside shrouded space
Access filter modified denied trash storage verified
Angels four spew brimstone fire scorched ingress half expected less
Trick talk turns back clock players profiles rotate roles resume
Covertly campaigned defiling my name
Creations Instigate destruction
Erupts surreptitious instruction
Bewildered heard shocked embrace loomed Gates of Hell gauge WHO won race
Military missionary hold prostrate to vaccinate
Chaotic Kronos ordered time consumed
Stow stoked fumes subsidies gave the gods room
Whilst land of the fraud is home to the knave
Babylon of living nonexistent through the golden age
Cassandra of this stage ilk ignores inklings of alarmed sage
Chicken little forebodes sky is falling
Rope a dope fades rationalisation
Brittle doth be fragile ye recalling
Loquacious news needs slews feigned of disambiguation
Mendacious or fallacious contagious be implications
Butterfly flapped wing doth not move a thing
But a gnat perhaps who's too GAD to fly
Financing is how but where is the why
Important that all patriots patronize conquesting troops
Dodge ye head stoop as pooping eagle swoops
Most dismissive uninspired missive
Perceptually far too derisive
Guiding hand not apparent visual
Missing cash flows continual residual bottom lines
Pinnochio hopes to know Which ideal conjures growth sublime
Dendrites potentially stimulate spine
Titanic torrents mist venetian blinds
Decidedly distort bilked disincline
Writhe in through chasm in awe open wide
Formless figures summon uniform pride
Dismiss discontent conveyors subside
Tributaries dispersed springs knowledge trees freeze molten ore
Splintering sparks displaced thick dark coruscate tangible floor
Cumulus clouds of primordial dust
Question our senses in sun god we trust
Sifted silts produce thunderbolts of Zeus
Oval elliptical orbits the folds tidal tendency
Blue sphere girds spoken word breathed clay Boulder Forge Company
Quality moulding is job number one
Caste mass producing consumes many sons
My duty to ensure we always run
Figured would be a piece of cake more at work than give and take
Thought this would be my big break but not knowing literally
Apprenticed construction now I maintain
Composite skill same commissioning game
Swim or wallow in Uranus disdain
I made the trade not for reward nor deemed security
Only gospel guarantee is confidence in mastery
Tasked to sit in a chair contemplate stare
Crosswords in wait for a breakdown repair
I study craves of machines which behave
Rhythmic clang links chain react percussional power set free
Insatiable harmony piques morbid curiosity
Beast belly bowel bubbles belch smelt death
To quota of product do I owe breath
Economic cauldron of corrosion
We operate Vesuvius ungodly hours breathing brine
Facilitate yon amplidyne oxygenate lavas shine
Steering eather into three cyclops cells
Myopically they motion for me when cycles in chaos my sirens knell
Lion hearted as Hephaestus take knee before crucibles hearth
Examine vitals symptoms prognosis deduce further impart
Volt amps transcend times root of three powers
Frequently electrons ebb in order
Arc bath gives rise to hot molten showers
May bring flowers demonstrate my will in accord rewards her
Athena is truth incarnate dream she is a movement
Immaculate perfection possessed no
need for improvement in her coveralls
Wert she to eaten apple I befall
Sand disseminates beneath hourglass curves she manipulates
How could I anticipate
Rapt hints had she to intimate
Roots hypotenuse squares summed pendulum
Enlightened visions profound pit this plum
On que she hooks her thunderbolts so ample in restriction
Destabilized my volts despite my amping up conviction
Magnetisms repulsive attraction
Bipolar feedback generates action
Machining floral dissatisfaction
Narcissus is spring can't this robot tool be taught anything
Recommence imaging thine vault undermined after fault
Intuit as her nuclear annihilates tumult
June accusations forced violation
Vulnerable to invalidation
Confrontations repudiation consents allegation
Placate June”s wells breached swell fore July conflagration
Use wu wei to vacate situation
But weightless behemoth ate all greenbacks
Can’t manage exit not even a crack
Inward forays shunned malfunction unknown overgrown morass
Cult of quantity all students get a pass coach seat class
God’s walled over all access to egress
Those who cannot do are experts at best
Past practise succeeds failures teach what needs
Viridescent pools dilate grey eyed dubious stressed madness
Feeling she was slighted by my passage through her nucleus
Disinterested I had disinterred
Down period Kondratieff winter
Intrinsic tragedy all fairy tales end inherently
Gave me what I wished for in a way I was not hoping for
Destiny permits paths forbade
How shallow wilt thou will wade
PCB cesspools black bile pitches glue
Smoldering sand dune trenches shore magmas excess residue
Admit this time smashing cymbals whilst cyclops wert drumming too
Keep the fantasy alive in my head
Earthquake take other route instead
Always say they never saw it coming
They did In Herculaneum still their brains steamed in their skulls
Summer solstice solace lulls lava ladles plentiful
Cumulative studies validations
Inseminate process degradation
Trying not to mention my invention
Bending toward normalcy absorption emits diffraction
Inverted perceptions withdraw inflections from emptiness
Perplexing she rejects ram intellect
Anecdotal evidence cached respect
Zip plans to stockpile cognizance combined
Designed secret punishment to circumvent I resigned
Recollect for instance cognitive lessons in dissonance
Logic accepts one view perceived of two
Pit of mine stomach whence knot always knew
Treasonous betrayed lion taming shrew
Spite cleaved interface continued dutiful onward pace
Humiliations goal wert to replace cheers with disgrace
Orchestrations untold meticulous
Malevolence is still in existence
Narrative streams unfold conspicuous
Childish bliss unscrupulous epidemic Narcissus
Invasive species multiplied since Zeus supplied his sun’s abyss
Affect change rather than effect ere cause
Gaslight obfuscates reasonable laws
Tall tales half truths edged lies by omission
Unwary reprehense motive intents of recognition
Splitting of the faculty augments a new reality
Fight freeze or flee options only three
Trials choose middle choice typically
Stockholm syndrome captors figured friendlies
Volunteer for brunt of blame acquiesced toxic shame domain
Raging stirs steroid cortisol adrenaline cocktail brain
Idealize devalue sudden discard
Benevolent dictatorship abstained
Without the faintest regret or regard
Figured she was playing me but never thought she'd try so hard
Had a little influence pummeling blacksmith into bard
Feeling flashback symptoms PTSD
Reflux acid regurgitates anxiously
Facilities shut down my apogee
Estranged entanglement is indiscriminate vicinity
Projection deflects inspection detects proffered rejection
Upon reflection I/O failed connection
Reverse detail switched doppler direction
Attacked mine tranquility enacted thine stability
Great relationships determined by good portability
Amor Fati defeat of agony
Heroic transitions affirmation
Chinks of crevasse evasive to bypass
Labyrinth strings web of deceit light and dark unlikely meet
Shadows reconnection Schadenfreude revels surrection
Maze ambled afore trapped in Minotaur
Disintegrating reintegration
Unfurled divest individuation
Emergence of self under siege August surfacing intrigues
Sun god aims retribution penetrating air dilution
Perpetrating vengeful execution
Cyclop's blindsided coming attraction
Apollo's exaction vents extraction
Redress reclaimed door discharged from mine chore
Concussions cavitations roar gaff retrieved my staff from shore
Gangplank fastened transit for deck from wreck
Embodied under mass gravitation
Nothingness consistent contradiction
In retrospect ahead investigate that Which is suspect
Chastened flaming embers titillate orange September moon
Hastened retreat not an instant too soon
Burgeoning three wave prosperity shewn
Wave five trait mimics Echo past monsoon
Perpetually parallel dramas punctual insane
Aphrodite's inception purged migraine foam seethed fire in vain
Twain hath liquidity trickled down drain
Consult oracle ogle tangent plane
Bow to stern brood tempestuous coxswain
Demurrage fee aptly sought to regain lay of way terrain
Masked my gnashing lion waves stumble as they spread before me
Mountain rubble crumbles bloodied red sea
Locusts cannibalistic commotion
Uncanny notion overt devotion
Fixed betwixt twin scorpions stings subtle by a hares degree
One longs to age as seas submit one hole subliminally
Desire loves desire more than that desired
Overtime I find wanting displeasing
Fuel to fire Aphrodite’s teasing
Symptomatically nymphomaniac releasing
Random cosmos berth patterned beyond cyclic perimeter
Doth not feel momentum ye be the tide
Volume reduced ambient limiter
Futile to resist flow fatal to ride
Impressed by the strung rope ladder of unquestioned good status
Doctors orders therapeutic regressive Hedonism
Bureaucracy forced parentalism
Founding fathers Titan nepotism
The health preventative catechism
Give only to take away to give again another day
Rewards gods some token compensation
Anyone here not get paid besides me
Red light starboard wax eared crew rendezvous
Bounded by my sacrifice to irresponsibility
None of the other prize winning
players gamble here but me
Battened down fear gauge groups psychopathy
Ever since world went into bankruptcy
Call for Panic Zeus black masked his swan song
Yarn for youthful innocence gone stick slip traction moves this throng
Tread borderline separating time providing till from when
Uneven Titans tip unbalanced ships
Dualities tune unity in trine
One thing I did learn when within confine
Whom hath desire for nothing believes doth not need anything
Misinterpretation required missing zero still a thing
Axons bemoan sequence of no return
Feeling slight injustice step forward commandeer ambition
Venus akin to mine headache just better known rendition
Under spotlight favorite position
Internally propelled by externals
Take this Autumnal equinox swear on the cross tis vernal
All the gods explicitly sing chants how lucky I must be
Bring Mordor back to toss this precious ring
Prospect she fertilized inferring seed
Open union upon Which we agreed
Karma conflates heavens gates contrived in Pandemonium
Green shoots elate consummate concerns inspire Pavlovian
Theories cosigned conspiracies maligned
Impermanence ineffably refined
Ignorance binds energy disinclined
Universal conception pride of self
love contraception
Trying to be pliable but find it reprehensible
All dispensable Great Complacent Sea
Sizing words wisely rids ostensible
Lies the only guise now found comprehensible
Prophylactic allude to didactic
Though whilst I work at chore she’s Ares whore
I snagged them embarrassingly naked afore gods before
Yellen Helen neither nor wert worth war
Bowl of wrath judgement ignored poor decor
Titans empathizing with swimming clothes
In her throws she extolled excitement being extra exposed
Far be it from she to assume joint responsibility
Exponential debt credits game theory
On that we agree tis rigged currency
Opportunistic imperialists
Propaganda grasshoppers enlist ants backbone socialist
Can't remember when gathered last had a say any matter
Other nations forfeit right to do it
Export of inflation needs conduit
Concert donates borders New World Order
Blockchain came about when drunk bartender could not reach the spout
Yahweh will control all money now they have it figured out
Waiting for my minute to be clever
Stamp my name on the gods minds forever
My switchblade really needs to cut them off
No clue what the gods know only that they need to run the show Narcissistic parasites charisma lands entitlement
Vampires nourish roots to stunt encouragement
Protocol enticing invitation
Condemnation staged cooperation
Intolerable acts left no coercive tea leaves intact
Coven of bag passing Witches gave chase across red waters
Need another nine stitches sons twixt daughters
Waiting in the balance moment of force
Hatch guillotine MRI triggered source
Soaked up dripped Wyrmwood postulated solvent tasted good
Full equilibrium half ballast set assail for malice
Octobers placid benign chilled chalice
Brain scan photocell senses light all is well
If instead bulb shows dead off with thee head
Also as a godsend bonus honed mom’s splendid jury throne
Captive chaperone audience fettered judgement chains inlaid
Skipping to a Witch hunt after masquerade
Topside upper deck on the promenade
Propellor fashion later ohm made blade
Behooved turtle jail sac tail flailed back satyromaniac
Passionate parade personifying Nature of tirade
Horney gimp hind quarters brace graced limp
Llama spitting image of Obama
Clinton's dole out cigars contribute scars
All guests in attendance dressed as promised change we forget lest
Salubrious familiar strangers grooving Harvey Danger
Politically free redundancy
Reagan closed asylums threw away key
Identity hath no cost found when lost
Consolidations vibrate quantized sinusoidal noise
Pullback hull triangulate alow by my device and Echo
Feel lonely frost amongst the other masks
Survival is appeasing to their tasks
Remember November elect Semper
Meaning faithful to all members not just only archaic
On the way to office run your head
through photovoltaic
Vanishing quickly old liquidity
Seven plagues capsized immortality
The line hath paid out to the bitter end
Too big to sail exhale replications glorification
Night zeniths elevation nadirs sun's regeneration
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The Undercity of Kol Taram

Hey, I do a bunch of world building and homebrew for the campaign I run for my friends, and I figured I'd share it if anyone wants to use it.
The Undercity? Yeah, it’s dangerous! You’ve got the redcap goblins, they aren’t much a danger by themselves, but they’ll give ya a hell of a time if a group gets you alone don’t you know? The Coldwrought clan moved down there some decades ago of course, and then… well, I don’t believe it myself of course, but they say stone giants still wander around down there. Gives me the shivers!
-Elsta Barrlow
The Undercity of Kol Taram is a city that was never meant to be: it exists in a massive drainage system built to protect Kol Taram above from spring melts from the nearby River of Colors. Across the Fallen Bridge on the other side of the cavernous drain channel, stone giants live a secluded life. The Coldwrought Crime Clan rules the Undercity with an iron fist, based out of their hotel/dungeon “The Dark Hive.”
Woven between these dangers (and so many more) there are, of course, wonderous things, too: Yawmbo, the bugbear keeper of The Dark Hive, can acquire near anything you need; Cadence Clearwater, the skinny, high-strung tiefling can craft a specialized tattoo that allows anyone to summon a familiar; within the simple lean-to that Kev the Kenku has an assortment of interesting items plucked from the streets, amongst them the odd thing of interest.
The Undercity Always Flows
Many have tried to map The Undercity, but nobody has yet succeeded. Due to the violent, and untrusting nature of many of the denizens, The Undercity is constantly tearing areas down, and building anew. A night doesn’t pass without at least two incidents of arson, and any especially loud squabbles that border on riots result in the stone giants across the Broken Bridge lobbing boulders amongst the city which also result in frequent “re-zonings.”
The best way to orient yourself to The Undercity are to look for the towering, 10-story high pillars that serve as both buildings and anchors to a fluid city.
While there are many other structures outside of these super-structures built to support the weight of a mountain, most major buildings congregate around them.
The Ring of Rejects
The Undercity was not meant to be inhabited, but once The Squall began to rage, and a permanent winter has set in, there is no chance that the River of Colors will flood. Those not of dwarven descent often found that Kol Taram was a place they could never thrive, and many found their ways, by exile or by choice, to this so-called sixth ring, the Ring of Rejects.
The Broken Bridge
The only support structure to have ever fallen within the drainage system has left a massive, 100’ wide bridge of uneven and broken stones across the 120’ deep drainage ditch. Across it lives, hidden by piled boulders, a small hermitage of stone giants… or so the legend goes. The Broken Bridge is said to be their method of assault, should the violence in The Undercity ever spill over.
Refugees of Kol Taram
After Kienscale was awoken, and Kol Taram sacked, many of the citizens who knew of the Undercity and the methods to reach it, left the city through this dangerous route. Some lost their lives, most their possessions, and few chose to stay. Those few form around The Glowing Pillar, the mages of The Bearded Consortium dispelling whatever errant arcana had caused the faint light to radiate out from it, allowing the displaced dwarves to fashion out a makeshift fortress. There, elements of The Stoneguard gather, training the remaining citizens and gathering allies to eventually take back their city.
Controlled Anarchy
There are no set laws in The Undercity, save the unspoken, universal threat of the stone giants that might again assault the city should it grow too riotous. The Stoneguard keep order around the areas of The Glowing Pillar, and The Coldwrought Clan has enforcers keeping the money flowing and outside influences in check. The Goblin Gabbles is thoroughly ridden with goblins, who obey their own laws, a strange and violent pecking order that keeps their infighting at a steady level, and their threat to the city as a whole limited.
A Dark City
The Undercity features prominently races with darkvision, so aside from The Glowing Pillar and the Pillar of Stairs, there are not frequent sources of light. Those that do dot the inns, streets, and doorways of homes tend to be gas lamps turned to their lowest setting, or sweet, earthy Smolderwart, a pale white moss that burns for hours with a faint light and fragrant smoke.
Guide to the Undercity
I lived in the Ring of Copper once, you know? Me, a fat greenskinned goblin! No matter how good I became as a smith, it became obvious I’d never be more than skilled labor.
So I moved, moved to the Undercity. Every day, death lurks, maybe not nearby, but around every corner you smell him: a feral, red cap’s knife or maybe one of the Lumare’s creepy hands around your neck; but when nobody pretends to like you, it’s a lot easier down here to know who to trust.
-Miggblin, owner of Miggblin’s Custom Bladework.
The danger of The Undercity, especially to humans and the aarakocra, cannot be understated. That said, outside the Coldwrought Clan, deception is not often practiced: this is a place where the sword will often prevail over the pen.
The Natives
The Ring of Stone is already within the realm of The Underdark, and The Undercity serves as a place for its citizens and those from the service to mingle. These places were not always occupied by sentient races: before Kol Taram came to be, the cavernous dark was occupied by hideous creatures dreamed into existence by a beholder in the Second Age. Thriving amongst the dark and deadly hellscape of this underdark were the Lumare, grey-skinned humanoids, more spindly than graceful, with unnaturally flexible joints which cause them to have a strange, exaggerated gait, and the ability to easily scale the stony walls of the underdark. Nearly wiped out by dragons, and again when The Undercity boomed into existence after the defeat of the Parroa Rebellion, they hold a place of awe and respect, even amongst the rabble of The Undercity. They are said to be able to read minds, and know your actions before you do.
The rest of the creatures that belong to The Old Ones are less beloved, and wandering too far into the dark nooks of the city may find you face to face with them:
Wandering Old Ones
Dreamcrawler: Crawling along the walls, ceilings, and under bridges, these hands with bony, exposed, skeletal tips for scratching. (CR ½)
Fearwalker: Eyeless, bipedal humanoids with long, hooked ears, exaggerated mouths, and a taste for fear. They stalk the frightened, lost souls that wander into their domains. (CR 3)
Shadowstare: A flat creature of shadow that clings to a wall or under a shelf, though when it’s one massive eye opens it can be as dangerous as any beholder’s gaze. (CR: 5)
Zombie Beholder: (CR: 5)
Spellcasting Services
There are not many spellcasters in The Undercity, as the red cap goblins have a superstitious fear of magic, and they tend to target magic-users with more murderous intent than others. As such, there are no established spellcrafting services. The Bearded Consortium has powerful mages, but they are geared toward returning Kol Taram to its former standing; the Purple Terror who lurks in the city above keeps them wary.
Living and Lifestyles in The Undercity
‘Poverty’ is an easy term to toss around within the Undercity: many of the abodes are squalid, temporary structures of pitiful design. This can be deceiving, however, as The Undercities denizens are loath to show off anything of value. These items, beautiful or rare or expensive, are carried on one’s person, or hidden carefully away. As such, it is hard to determine a person’s real wealth.
Education and Learning
Due to the transient nature of The Undercities populace, traditional schools aren’t common. The Undercity is no place for children. Within the Kol Taram garrison, safe in the halls of the Glowing Pillar, dwarvish children resume lessons under the direction of Headmaster Heurd Rocknose. There are rumors of a Lumare training ground somewhere deeper within The Underdark called The Alabaster Terrace, where the Lumare hone their unique abilities, though none have seen it. Most who call themselves “lifers” who were born and raised in The Undercity take on apprenticeships.
There are no markets or centers of commerce, though what stores do exist tend to cluster close to, or within, the massive pillars that support the cavernous roof of the space The Undercity occupies. The Washed Market outside of The Dark Hive may be the only exception: under careful watch of Coldwrought enforcers, an open-air black market, a warren of tables, takes place on every Wednesday. Nothing living is to be sold but narcotics, stolen jewelry, historical artifacts, unsavory meats, and dark secrets can be found. While outright violence is not tolerated, the Coldwrought Clan does not concern itself with petty theft, and will take no action against thievery.
Tax Day
There is not a tradition of open celebration of holidays within The Undercity. The only “special” day is Tax Day, which can happen at strange intervals but usually once or twice a month. On this day, Couldwrought enforcers spread across the Undercity in groups, beating up locals who cannot pay for their “taxes.”
Sports and Games
The Undercity does attract it’s fair share of gamblers and unsavory types that are happy to make a quick copper at another’s expense. The Dark Hive features poker tables, Bluffer’s Cup, and for those with the pieces, a private Gragram room.
An ancient dwarvish game that requires pieces scattered across the northern parts of Dominion, lost with the falls of two of the original citadels. Those who can find pieces will bet on fighting them with others; the pieces are enchanted, and can do harm only to each other; the pieces rebuild themselves after one day.
Bluffer’s Cup
Each player has three tiles: the shield, the sword, and the hand. It is a rocks, paper, scissors with betting and deception involved.
The Square of Might
Operated by The Coldwrought Clan, The Square of Might is a small fighting arena with two tiers of seatings. Fights may be arranged, with the loser being paid, the winner being paid more, and the house taking most. Fights are not typically to the death, but True Boughts are fought to the death.
People of Prominence
There is no recognized government, or set of laws outside of the unspoken ones that seem universal within the Undercity. Instead, there are people of prominence whose spheres of influence have shaped the behaviors of those around them.
Yawmbo - A bugbear with oiled and styled hair brushed back across the fine black vest he wears over a brown-furred torso, Yawmbo speaks little, but is surprisingly intelligent. He works as a broker, and can obtain most things for players, in return for them completing tasks for the Coldwrought Clan, though this is never explicitly stated.
Chief Schneek - At 24, Schneek is ancient by goblin standards. He is blind now, but could once read the fortune of the Undercity using rat bones. He despises magic users, such as The Hidden Hag, who he blames for taking his site. His eyes are made of stone.
High Mage Wucrut Coalbeard - 322, Wucrut is a chauvinist, old-guard High Mage who resents the introduction of women to the Bearded Consortium. He is a powerful evocation mage, and proved himself in the Battle of Skaar against the Fire Giant Legion.
The Hidden Hag - Deep within The Statuary Pillar, amongst its hallways of petrified humanoids, shifting living statues, resides a pale, veiled woman known as The Hidden Hag. None have seen her face, though rumors speak of looking upon her resulting in the many statues around her abode. She keeps to herself, but hers is the only pillar with a good radius of emptiness around it.
The Stalker - The lone Lumare who makes permanent residence behind The Stalker’s Perch. He is quiet, speaks few words, but communicates mostly through his eyes. His insight is unparalleled, and he hunts down those who would cause particular trouble in the streets of The Undercity.
Dorgram Coldwrought, Patriarch of the Coldwrought Clan - The most dangerous man in The Undercity, Dorgram Coldwrought is 121, and has been groomed from birth to run the Coldwrought Clan. He is merciless, speaks slowly, but his words have great gravity. He always wears dull navy gloves with gold cappings around the knuckles, and around one eye is heavily tattooed to make it appear as if the flesh is peeling away to reveal bone.
Holy Places
The Undercity is a place that slows for freedom of worship, and nowhere is that more obvious than the Madruuc Lambus, undercommon for “Market of Gods.” Dug into the ground itself, a cave-like series of shafts and small caverns dedicated to the many gods that others worship. Less crime happens here, as those who defile a chamber of a deity are likely to find trouble with their followers.
Within the boundaries of The Glowing Pillar and Fort Taram that has risen up to house the dwarven refugees of Kol Taram, there is a simple stone church known as “Last Hearth,” a simple place to keep the flame of the Dawnfather’s Horizon Cathedral burning while the city is under siege.
Just outside of the city, in a cave that requires spider climb to access, there is a large altar designated for Lolth, and many drow slip away in secret to worship here.
A City of Factions
The huge, 100’ wide pillars that support the weight of Mount Taram above this system of gargantuan drains generally form the center points for factions, though not always. To call any of these groups outside of The Coldwrought Clan and the Red Cap Goblins organized is a stretch, but each of these groups has the resources, manpower, or prestige to lay claim to at least a small slice of The Undercity.
The Shadow Scavs
The Undercity was born of need; those who could never find a place amongst the elitist dwarves above, moved to a place where they could rise up as high as any other. Many did not wish to move below, however, bought south the help of those in dark places to get materials restricted to them. These people came to be known as The Shadow Scavengers, or Shadowscavs for short.
They are a motley group of thieves, smugglers, and fences with the occasional use of Autis, a warforged enforcer usually hidden beneath a large jacket and hat, to protect magical items. Their symbol is a pair of crossed, upside down pickaxes.
Ally Benefits:
- Material costs for smithing-related projects are reduced by 15%
- You may purchase the Rat Tunnels map from any Shadowscav leader for 10gp
A small contingent of Stoneguard, the law keeping force and military of Kol Taram above, escorted refugees down to the Undercity. They currently man Fort Taram, the Gateway Garrison, and a small defensive position outside of The Pillar of Stairs to safeguard against any scouts from the invasion above.
They are hardy warriors, with stone-coated half-plate and either two-handed mauls or one-handed war-hammers and shields. Their leader is The Stonewarden, Vaddarus, a younger male dwarf who always plays it safe.
Ally Benefits:
- You may be accompanied by a Stoneguard about the boundaries of the Undercity if you wish. They will provide you with some protection from the Red Cap goblins and various other entities.
- Access to the Stoneguard Armory, which sells basic armor and weapons at 10% off the base market price.
The Coldwrought Clan
Of all the factions in the Undercity, The Couldwrought Clan is the most powerful and the most dangerous. The actual family members of the Coldwrought Clan number maybe two dozen, but they employ countless other dwarves, goblins, kenku, drow, and anyone else willing to back their clan up for the price of a little gold.
Led by Dorgram Coldwrought, the family patriarch, they grow wealth with hidden desires to take back the citadel above that cast them down.
Ally Benifts:
- You can hire a Coldwrought Enforcer at the price of 5gp a day.
- You may stay at The Dark Hive free of charge, with one fine meal per day included.
The Bearded Consortium
Once one of the two primary powers within Kol Taram, The Bearded Consortium has stood for 500 years as a men-only convocation of powerful magic users, primarily wizards. They are powerful evocation magic users, but have flaunted more political power than actual magic in recent centuries.
In a large upset of tradition, with the fall of Kol Taram, Zelga Stonestaf, a female dwarf, has been made a full member. In this time of desperation, many welcome to powerful, blunt woman who wears a porcelain mask.
Ally Benefits:
- -10% to all components needed for a spell tagged as evocation.
- Access to the Consortium Militia armory, where scrolls of spell levels 1-3 can be purchased, at the DMs discretion.
The Six Great Pillars
As said before, the easiest way to break up the ever-shifting mass of humanoids that make up The Undercity is by the most proximate Great Pillar to their location.
The pillars themselves have been carved and built into over time, with the Goblin Gabbles being the most haphazardly worked and porous-looking, and the Pillar of Stairs being the most well-kept. It’s difficult to break down the pillar neighborhoods in terms of economic lines, but those who live within The Dark Hive tend to be very wealthy; those who live around the People’s Pillar count themselves as the most squalid in an already poor town.
Getting Around
While The Undercity is not massive in terms of it’s horizontal footprint, many of the pillars have carved stairs, and ascend stories into the dark with warrens, housing, and even small shops for those who know where to look. While it takes no more than two hours to walk from end-to-end, climbing to the top of The People’s Pillar may take nearly a day for those unfamiliar. As a general rule of thumb:
Statuary Pillar Locations
The Stoneyard
A church-like building of old casketwood, and fenced in areas of earth where the dead are interred. The Stoneyard is a gravesite that is backset by the Statuary, and even features statues scavenged from within the Statuary pillar itself. Part of the trio of reputedly haunted buildings that make up Quarry Row.
The Gentle Repose
At one time, The Repose was a beautiful structure, built to house the noble Clan Grandcrest who all succumbed to madness. The one beautiful, Victorian-style home has now been transformed into a hotel, of sorts, though ghosts can frequently be seen walking through walls to different rooms.
Goblin Gables Locations
Deek’s Cart
Every Wednesday, Deek, a meek, skittish goblin, will bring a wheelbarrow-sized cart of belongings stolen by the Red Cap goblins to the Dark Market, but those in the know will tell you that Deek lives under the Goblin Gables. He even deals directly with the Shadowscavs.
Pillar of the People Locations
Bloodworm Farm
One of the few edible things deep underground that grow readily are blood worms, each about four inches long and the width of a middle finger. They are protein rich and taste very iron-heavy. They are grown in troughs, and eat both dead organic matter and rust.
Commoner’s Infirmary
A large tent, similar to a circus tent, though its slowly become a more permanent fixture in The People’s Pillar neighborhood. It is a field hospital, with a limited supply of medicine and an even more limited number of people trained in the healing arts.
Mudbath House
The earthy, deep pits of thermally heated mud. For an added fee, they can even properly wash after.
The Glowing Pillar Locations
The single forge now operates on behalf of the Taram Resistance. It expands slowly but surely, all the wire pumping out armor and weapons night and day.
Kevin is a kenku who has set up a tent on the outskirts of The Glowing Pillar neighborhood. Most of what he has is junk, but now and then, he seems to come by a treasure or two.
A general store that sells damaged and broken goods well below market price.
Rois Quarry
A large, three layer deep quarry for mining grey granite for bricks.
The Bleedin’ Stout
Named for its signature drink, The Bleedin’ Stout is a traditional dwarvish drinking hall, with a large chandelier, and features a sort of bloodworm pasta with a red pepper sauce that burns the iron flavor right out.
The Training Yard
Amidst the buildings of Fort Taram, there is a large stone courtyard dedicated to 24-hour combat exercises.
The Dark Hive Locations
The Dark Hive
The Dark Hive itself is one party casino, one part sprawling hotel/dungeon that houses The Coldwrought Clan’s interests. On the fifth story of the tower is the Coldwrought Apartments, where the crime family lives, and deals with their top clients.
The Dark Market
Under careful watch from the Coldwrought enforcers, every Wednesday sees a large
Square of Might
To the west of the pillar proper, perhaps ten minutes walk, is a large, iron cube. There are vents on the top, which allow steam from the gathered crowd to escape. Within, there are seats for roughly 60 people, and a raised marble square where organized fights take place.
The Gourmand’s Kitchen
This small, eight-seat establishment operates within Coldwrought territory, and provides one meal a week, every Friday Night. It is highly exclusive, and few know what occurs within these walls… there are rumors that many of the items on the menu are harvested from the streets of The Undercity and beyond...
Further, due to the nature of The Undercity (violent and volatile) many shops rise and fall quickly, or change locations. The following merchants may be located anywhere within The Undercity, or not at all, at the DM’s discretion.
The Shoddy Scholar - A small shop filled with second-hand books piled on every available surface. Run by the deep gnome Gildroby Middleweasle who knows exactly where every title is, and exactly what's in stock. Specializes in fiction.
Feathered Lands - A tiny store, with a single drafting table, a desk, and a few shelves of rolled up, large, scrolls. Mi-Zhan, a middle-aged drow woman shaved bald, though constantly fussing with her head, can create and provide maps of Underdark locations.
Hchvat Marganum - Infernal for “Blown Glass”, Hchvat Marganum is just that: a glass blower. Owned by the tiefling Partillin, proud and sarcastic, it can produce glass of master quality.
Liquid Courage - A medium-sized Inn of a poor quality. Ownership frequently changes (at least once a week), resulting in odd, mis-matched decor.
The All Sleeper’s Domain - A medium-sized tent with comfortable pillows piled throughout. 10gp will get you a pleasant dose of Dreamer’s Stick, a minty, chewy reed that can induce a hallucinatory dream state. Many can’t quite remember where they’ve left all their things when they leave.
Cadence’s Tattoo Parlor - Always moving, the rapid-speaking, stream-of-consciousness speaking tiefling, Cadence Clearwater runs a tattoo parlor wherever somebody can track her down. She specializes in a tattoo that can summon a semi-spectral familiar (1,000gp, plus the ashes of 10gp worth of incense, herbs, and charcoal.) once per day.
Dungeons of The Undercity
The Undercity, by its very nature, might be considered a dungeon, depending on your disposition and willingness to overlook rampant violence. However, there are areas in both the developed pillar communities and the surrounding caverns that present particularly perilous settings.
The Statuary
Though the hag who is rumored to wander the halls of the pillar known as The Statuary has expressed nothing more than a desire to be left alone, the statues that dot the hallways, rooftop, and even surrounding The Statuary itself, were all adventurers, criminals, or sight-seekers who ignored her wishes and sought the various treasures said to remain from the Drow military outfit that used to inhabit the tower. The pillar itself was designed to be defended, with a pair of staircases twisting around each other through the center, visible to each level that passes. Not all statues remain still, either; gargoyles, mimics, and ropers all take residence here.
Stone Giant Settlement
Behind large piles of stones that obscure the settlement proper from the other side of the Broken Bridge, are massive steps that lead to a sunken-in portion of earth, hiding the true height of the giant’s large community-structure: similar to a pyramid, though each brick features fine linework to give the entire thing the appearance of being made my miniature stones. Within lives a small community of stone giants, who call themselves Draj-Larc, “The Dark Dwellers” in giantese. They live a quiet, secluded life, and seek to elevate their home to even finer heights, the leader chosen every 500 days by who has provided the most improvement to their lair.
The Dark Hive
An appropriate name for a complex, five-story-high maze of apartments, functional rooms, workshops, and storage areas. The Coldwrought Clan runs the entire structure, though as it expands ever-upward, even they don’t know the true extent of the pillar’s workings anymore. Many of those missing from the uneven streets of The Undercity still live (in the better scenarios) within The Dark Hive. Past the first level, which is largely a dark, smokey casino, intruders will be met with fierce resistance from the Coldwrought Clan and those in their employ. The complex nature of The Dark Hive does carry with it one advantage: There are no means to sound an effective alarm outside of a very localized area.
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[S] Swoldow's Survivor: Barbados - Fans vs Favorites III

Bringing back one of the best themes for one last spin, we yet again have 10 fans of the show, facing off against 10 of their favorite players ever, suggested by you the viewer. Will the faves steamroll the fans again, or will a fan rise up and win their first time? Find out below!

Fanatik Tribe:
Renmen Tribe:


Episode 1:
Ten players are all boated to a remote beach in the Barbados island, with one commonality; they are all superfans of the show. Upon getting there, these fans immediately start speculating who they are up against, and they are filled with a nostalgia trip when the favorites come in one by one, for one final matchup between fans and favorites.
At the Fanatik tribe, the fans get busy building the shelter, but as the shelter goes up, alliances already start to form. Jace and Kyle develop a mutual relationship, and the two plan to build a strong four person alliance. They both admit to eachother they are mental players, so they decide to look for physical players they can easily control and have them do their dirty work. Upon hearing everyone's occupations, they decide to rope in Lucas and Tianna to form a four person group. Monique and Tortia realize what is going on, and are immediately thrust into hopping on the alliance train. Monique sees Zoey as a huge meatshield, as her field of study could mark her as a threat. Tortia also grows close with Mac, and another four person alliance forms. Max and Olivia are the only people without allies, due to people being scared of Max's reputation as a reviewer, and Olivia's rashness has made people distant from her.
The favorites at Renmen start getting a bit more particular on who they want to work with. Paris knows that there are two duos with pre-existing relationships: Bailey and Seppe, and Demi and Jack. She also knows that both duos don't exactly like eachother very much, so Paris immediately starts to bond with Bailey and Demi, and an all girls alliance forms between the three of them. Meanwhile, Prat and Seppe don't want to start the game in the minority, like what happened their first time playing, so the two of them rope in Elden, who doesn't exactly trust Seppe, but is glad he has a solid group, and another three person alliance is formed. Cris, Michelle, Jack, and Steve are on the outs, but for different reasonings. Cris is scared of her position on a tribe with other good players, and is too scared to actually bond with anyone, and Michelle and Steve are seen as too big of threats to keep around. Michelle is the most strategic person on that beach, and Steve is the most physical, so naturally, nobody wants them to get far. Jack is just a naturally shifty and untrustworthy guy, and just like his first time, wasn't approached by anyone for an alliance. He doesn't care however, and sneaks out to find an idol on day 1 yet again, finding it successfully.
Fanatik wins the first immunity, sending Renmen to tribal council. Right off the bat, everyone starts strategizing, and wanting a voting block, Michelle ropes in a foursome of the tribe's outsiders of her, Cris, Jack, and Steve, wanting Seppe to be the first one to go. Cris, wanting a good spot in a group, and not fully trusting Michelle and Jack, however, decides to try and get in good graces with everyone, by telling Seppe and Demi what Michelle is planning. Not wanting a four person faction to overpower their smaller alliances, both Seppe and Demi alert this to their alliances, and both alliances meet up to try and get Michelle out, as she is the one leading the charge against everyone else. After Paris gets knowledge that Cris was the one who told them of the plan, Paris and Cris have a side-conversation, where Paris thanks Cris for providing her with knowledge, and she would gladly let her into the all-girls alliance. Cris is overjoyed she has a group of people to rely on, and promises she will vote with them. Steve begins to notice how close Cris is getting with Paris, Demi, and Bailey, and gets skeptical. He asks Michelle if they can change the plan to Cris, as she seems suspicious, but Michelle is adamant about voting for Seppe. Steve decides to vote for Cris anyway. At tribal, Michelle is sent home in a 7-2-1 vote.

Episode 2:
After the tribal, Cris is overly grateful to Paris for letting her into the group, but Bailey and Demi have a side-conversation, saying that they believe Paris is playing way too hard, too early, and both girls grow to trust her less due to her backdoor deals. Meanwhile, the alliance of Seppe, Prat, and Elden is glad Cris snitched on Michelle, as now she is made out to look like an untrustworthy fool in front of the others on the bottom that put their trust into her. Jack berates Cris for blindsiding him, and Cris apologizes, but now wants to work with him less. On Fanatik, Jace manages to sneak out and find his tribe's idol, and while he's gone, Tianna and Lucas start to second guess their position in the tribe. They believe they could be potentially be set up by Jace and Kyle, and both no longer trust them, dissolving the alliance. Zoey also is only talking game to people, instead of trying to get to know them, and is playing way too hard right out of the gate, which rubs everyone the wrong way.
Fanatik wins their second individual immunity, sending the favorites back to tribal. Bailey, Demi, and Paris immediately meet up and discuss their next plan, and they agree that instead of targeting the outsiders, the three of them need to try and topple the opposing alliance of Seppe, Elden, and Prat. The three girls talk to Cris about the vote, and Cris is willing to vote for someone from said alliance. They debate on who to target, and the four of them agree that Elden is the biggest threat compared to Seppe and Prat, as he is both strategic and physical, which can be a deadly combination. Meanwhile, Seppe, Prat, and Elden all believe that the three of them can monopolize on the fact that Cris blindsided Jack and Steve, and try to convince them to vote out Cris. Both Cris and Seppe approach Jack and Steve with their respective plans, and the outcasts are suddenly the ones in control of the vote. Despite Jack wanting to get his revenge on Cris, Steve tells him that if they can get out Elden, one of the alliances has less power, and they get two easy votes for any other pre-merge tribals they go to, that likely wont be them, as they will be needed for challenge wins. Jack reluctantly agrees, and Elden is voted out in a 6-3 vote.

Episode 3:
Seppe and Prat are shocked over what happened at tribal. They thought there was a 100% chance Jack and Steve would vote with them, but now they both know not to trust him. Given that the next vote is either one of them, or Jack and Steve, both Seppe and Prat decide that they have to make sure the votes go to Jack if they go to tribal again. At the fans tribe, Monique is beginning to notice that the other four person group imploded on itself, and starts to get paranoid the same thing can happen to her group. This causes a fight between her and Tortia, which leads to them realizing they have to stick together or else the tribe would become anarchy. Renmen wins their first immunity, sending the fans to tribal council. Kyle starts to take notice of how much Zoey is playing, and starts to plant ideas into people's heads to take Zoey out. Upon hearing his rumors, Monique immediately doesn't trust him, and gets her alliance to vote for Kyle. Zoey's gamebot mode has rubbed everyone the wrong way, however, and everyone on the outs trusts her less, leading to Jace successfully convincing his old alliance that Zoey is a bigger threat. Lucas and Tianna talk with outsiders Max and Olivia, and successfully manage to have them on board with the vote too. Zoey is sent home in a 6-4 vote.

Episode 4:
With Zoey gone, the Monique-Tortia-Mac alliance has incredibly low morale. They know they can't be picked on one by one, so they desperately try to find a person perceived as a threat they can try to throw under the bus. At Renmen, Prat decides to use previous relationships as a way to advance his agenda, and talks with Demi about how she feels about Jack. Demi, a little hotheaded from her blindside orchestrated by him in Koah Rong, says she would vote him out in a heartbeat after he broke her trust. With this knowledge, Prat and Seppe are happy they can flip the game where they want. Fanatik wins reward but Renmen wins immunity sending the fans back to tribal. Monique has a side conversation with Max and Olivia asking for their vote, as five is enough, and in return, lets them decide who to go. Max and Olivia think hard about this, and they decide that Lucas should be the one to go, as his cultural barrier lets him be more distant from the main group, and is unlikely to be seen coming, in case an idol play happens. Olivia, however, has different plans. She wants the plan to implode in Monique's face, and tells Kyle their plan. Kyle however, wants to go along with it, with the ulterior motive of forcing those on the bottom to be loyal to him. Jace, Lucas, and Tianna all agree that Tortia is the biggest threat, and they tell Kyle their plan, but its no use. Lucas goes out in a 6-3 vote.

Episode 5:
Jace is shocked that Lucas would be the one who went last tribal, and immediately knew that Kyle was the one who flipped on him. An argument between Jace and Kyle breaks out, and he debates weather working with Kyle is a good idea. Meanwhile, Kyle accredits himself with putting Max and Olivia in a better position, and tells them that they now have to be loyal to him in return, and Olivia doesn't believe it one bit. She knows that her and Max are in a bad spot, but also knows that she would rather play the game for herself than for Kyle's benefit. At Renmen, Demi, Paris, and Bailey start their usual planning, and Demi brings up Jack's name, saying the longer he is in the game, the more powerful he gets. Both girls are willing to help her get Jack out, and his antics continue to rub everyone the wrong way when Paris starts to get a read on him, thinking he is hiding something. Fanatik wins immunity, sending the favorites to tribal. Jack and Steve approach Paris, Demi, and Bailey about voting off Cris due to being way too unpredictable, but since the girls have a bond with Cris, there is no turning back. They talk to Prat and Seppe, saying that they are going to vote for Jack, and both guys are overjoyed, telling them that is their plan too. Paris tells Cris she is getting targeted by Jack, and Cris naturally wants to play defensively. At tribal, Jack gets a read of the room, and believes something is off, so he plays his idol, negating 6 votes, and unfortunately eliminating Cris in a sad, premature 2-0 vote.

Episode 6:
Everyone is flabbergasted over what just happened, and this pushes everyone to want Jack out even more. A mad dash for the newly hidden idol occurs at camp, and Steve ends up being the one who finds the idol. Meanwhile, at the fans tribe, Tianna and Jace are still confused on why Kyle flipped on them, and Olivia uses this as an opportunity to psychologically weaken them by rubbing it in their faces, which both fans aren't happy with. This causes a fight between Olivia and Tianna to take place. Fanatik wins reward, but Renmen wins immunity. The fans go back to tribal, where lines are clearly drawn to the sand. Max is thankful that Kyle gave him a shot at actually playing the game, and the two plan on working together to get out another member of the majority, Mac. Monique, Mac, and Tortia want to get this duo of Kyle and Max out, gunning for Max in case Kyle has the idol, and the duo of Jace and Tianna want Tortia out for being super strategic. This leaves Olivia in the middle of everything. She is approached by Tortia, Jace, and Kyle about their respective plans, and she can either vote for Max and establish a new majority, or vote for Mac or Tortia and force a tie. Ultimately, wanting her game to be safe, Olivia flips on her allies, sending Max home in a 4-2-2 vote.

Episode 7:
The tribes swap, and now fans and favorites are getting to play together. The new Fanatik now has Bailey, Demi, Monique, Olivia, Paris, Steve, and Tortia, while the new Renmen now has Seppe, Jack, Jace, Kyle, Mac, Prat, and Tianna.
At Fanatik, the favorites have majority 4-3, and Steve wants to finally integrate himself into a majority group, He talks with Demi, and apologizes about working with Jack, and the two are able to forgive eachother, and form a new bond. Meanwhile, Monique and Tortia aren't having the easiest time working with Olivia, as she has been seen to be extremely unpredictable, rude, and not have their priorities in mind. Because of this, Monique and Tortia are quick to start getting to know Bailey, Demi, and Paris, and the five girls immediately start growing close.
At Renmen, the fans have control of the tribe, leaving Jack, Seppe, and Prat subject to however they want to vote. Jace and Tianna are the only fans that are currently aligned together, but both Kyle and Mac know it would be foolish to give up the majority, especially after two straight seasons of favorites in the minority manipulating their fans during the tribe swap. A four person alliance between Jace, Tianna, Mac, and Kyle is formed. Prat and Seppe have no intentions of flipping, but they know first hand how dangerous Jack can be, so Seppe, during a talk with Jace, tells him about Jack's idol play, saying he also could potentially have the rehidden idol as well. This scares Jace, and he thanks Seppe for the information.
Renmen wins immunity, sending Fanatik to tribal. Right off the bat, Olivia approaches Paris, saying she wants to make a move and put the votes on Tortia, who is the most strategic fan by a longshot. Paris is taken aback by Olivia's offer, and she holds a chat with Demi, Steve, and Bailey to assess their options. Due to their gained bonds with Tortia and Monique, and how abrasive Olivia was when talking to Paris, everyone immediately knew that Olivia is the least trustworthy of the three favorites. They confirm to Tortia and Monique they will be working with them, and Olivia is sent home unanimously in a 6-1 vote.

Episode 8:
With Olivia gone, Demi wants as many allies as possible going into the merge, so she does more around camp to be seen as a provider, and gets to know both of the remaining fans of her tribe, who would love to work with her when the merge hits. Meanwhile, at Renmen, Kyle starts acting shady, and makes backdoor deals with Prat, Seppe, and Jack, which people start to notice, and are rubbed the wrong way by his antics. Fanatik wins both reward and immunity, sending Renmen to tribal. Jace has a talk with Mac and Tianna, saying that despite Kyle's shadiness, the fans need to stick together, as giving up a majority is completely idiotic. Everyone else agrees, and decides that Jack is the best bet. Prat and Seppe approach Kyle and Jace, and they talk about a plan. Both Seppe and Prat say they are willing to flip on Jack if need be, as he is a big physical threat, and the merge is likely coming up. Not wanting to blindside either of them, and seeing them as worthy allies, Jace sticks to the plan, but still is worried people could flip on him. Jace mistakenly plays his idol, and Jack is voted out in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

Episode 9:
The tribes merge, and for the first time ever, there is an even split between the fans and the favorites. The alliance of Demi, Bailey, and Paris immediately start considering their future options, and realize that staying in tribal lines could be disastrous for them, as Prat and Seppe making the end could lead them to being overshadowed. Given the cohesiveness of the previous vote, plus Steve's willingness to work with them, they rope in the members of their swapped tribe, Monique and Tortia, and ask if they're willing to integrate into their alliance. Both fans are overjoyed, as it gets them farther, as well as gets them meatshields to tank their votes. Wanting as many options as possible, Monique starts to bond with Seppe, who plans to use this backdoor talk to paint a target on her back. Seppe and Prat want Steve to be the first person to go at merge, given his reputation with immunity challenges, and they give this plan to their tribemates at the swap. Jace is glad they aren't targeting him despite his bad idol play, and everyone swapped onto Renmen decides that is the optimal plan. Bailey wins the first immunity challenge, barely beating Steve, and Seppe and Prat's plan to get Steve out slowly starts working. Prat tells Paris of their plan, thinking he can trust her, but Paris wants Steve as an ally to cut at a later time. As a result, Paris asks Tortia and Monique who they see as the biggest threat, and they both say they want Tianna out, as it weakens those in opposition to their original alliance, and it takes out a major physical threat. With the two fans quickly roping in Mac from their original alliance, Tianna is voted out in a 7-5 vote, just one tribal short of the jury.

Episode 10:
With the fans down 8-7, Kyle doesn't want to lose any numbers, so he decides that now is the option to make a move. Bailey, Demi, Prat, Kyle, and Paris win reward, and on reward, Kyle listens into Bailey, Demi, and Paris bonding, and knows for sure he can use this to try and get Steve to turn on them. Monique wins the next immunity challenge, narrowly beating Steve, and with Steve at risk to get voted out, Kyle makes his move. He tells Steve that looking at it from a logical standpoint, Steve has no shot at making final three if the final four is between him, Bailey, Demi, and Paris. Steve realizes this, thanks Kyle for telling him, and states he is ready to stop coasting on immunity wins and make a move. He asks Kyle if voting for Bailey would be a good idea, and Kyle says he can rally up the fans to get the numbers needed. Immediately, Kyle tells Bailey about what Steve is planning, and not wanting to go home, Bailey trusts him and tells the rest of the favorites about this. Through utilization of the connections that the fans and faves had at swap, Seppe and Demi are able to get everyone on board with voting Steve, except for Mac, who is approached by Kyle, asking if he wants to take part in a gamebreaking move, and he immediately says yes, wanting something on his resume. Right before tribal, Steve shows Kyle and Mac his idol, and Kyle recommends playing it just in case. At tribal, Steve plays his idol, which shocks everyone, negating 8 votes, and making Bailey the first juror in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 11:
Kyle's plan worked, and now Steve is public enemy number one between both the fans and the favorites, as Kyle sits back and watches the chaos ensue. Wanting to ensure he makes it past another day, Prat goes looking for the idol and finds it, hoping he can make good use of it, similarly to how he did in Caramoan. Prat, Tortia, Monique, Jace, and Mac win reward, and Prat makes sure that everyone is on the same page in voting for Steve. Everyone is in agreement, but Steve wins the next immunity challenge, sending the whole tribe into chaos. The faves naturally want a fan out, and Seppe is pushing for Monique, but Prat fights him over it, knowing that Monique is close with Paris and Demi. Eventually Prat gives up and Seppe asks the girls about their willingness to get a Monique out, and they are hesitant at first, but they do believe that this vote could break up a major bond from a day one alliance, and leave the fans disunited, and more able to manipulate. Seppe also tells this plan to his swapped tribe, who are all members of the minority while Monique and Tortia were in power, and are ready to take out the people on top of the fans tribe. Mac also is willing to flip on them, as he believes his swap alliance to be way more cohesive. Kyle gives them a decoy plan to vote Mac for being a physical threat, and as a result, Monique is blindsided, becoming the second juror in an 8-2 vote.

Episode 12:
Tortia feels blindsided, but knows that if Steve didn't win immunity, Monique would still be in the game, and the girls would be in the top 5 together. Demi apologizes to Tortia for the move, and Tortia understands where she came from, and is still willing to put her trust into Demi. Kyle wins immunity, and Jace suddenly feels like he has no say in the game, and the favorites are dictating the vote. This causes him to isolate himself from the tribe, leading people to lose trust in him. Prat and Seppe immediately start throwing Steve's name out as long as they can, and they successfully manage to rally Jace and Kyle to vote with them, but Mac feels unsure, as he wants to keep working with Steve. He decides to just throw a vote for Seppe out instead. Steve, however, isn't going without a fight. Demi, Paris, and Tortia realize that as long as Steve is in the game, they're less likely to get votes, so the three of them rope in Steve to vote out another physical threat in Mac. Due to Mac's sole vote for Seppe, votes between Steve and Mac tie at tribal council, and Steve is sent to the third jury seat in a 4-3 revote, with nobody flipping.

Episode 13:
The number of fans and faves is tied 4-4, and Seppe, scared that singular vote cast against him could lead to many more, wins immunity. Kyle, not wanting to go to rocks has a talk with the faves about how he is willing to turn on Mac if it lets him live another day, and the favorites are into that plan, since Mac is a physical threat, but Demi convinces everyone that Kyle isn't to be trusted to begin with, as he could be lying to their faces. Seppe slips to Mac that Kyle wants him gone, and Mac, not knowing what he did wrong, is aided by Jace and Tortia, who are also done with Kyle's antics. Kyle becomes the fourth juror in a unanimous 7-1 vote.
Seppe wins his second immunity in a row, and he is now on Paris and Demi's radar as a challenge threat. Demi and Paris decide to detach from Seppe and Prat, and want to vote out Mac for being good at challenges, and a potential meatshield, alongside Tortia. Seppe and Prat want to make use of the fact that Jace is an easy to vote off outsider that has no leeway, and cant take control from anyone with an alliance, Mac, finally wanting Jace gone, decides to vote with Seppe as thanks for warning him about Kyle. This leaves Jace in the middle, who decides to vote Prat, informing Paris and Demi about a potential Prat blindside. The girls consider it, but still see Mac as a bigger threat. Wanting a better relationship with Prat, Demi tells him of Jace's plan. As an emergency plan, Prat misplays his idol, negating only Jace's vote. Votes for Mac and Jace tie 3-3, and yet again, nobody switches on the revote, sending Mac to the fifth jury seat in a 3-2 revote.

Episode 14:
It is the final six, and it is getting dangerously close to where Demi fell last time, so she takes no hesitations on being the most social person on the island. She wins reward and shares it with Seppe to specifically strengthen their relationship, and uses the nourishment from the reward to win immunity. Due to Prat misplaying the idol, Paris goes out looking for it, and manages to find the idol. Tortia, knowing there likely isn't a chance the fans can recover from this, makes final three deals with both Demi and Prat, and claims she is willing to take out Jace, as he is the easy vote with no allies left in the game. The favorites agree with her judgement, and Jace unanimously becomes the sixth juror in a 5-1 vote.

Tortia is the last fan standing, and she is proud of this feat, as she gets to be the deciding vote between the feuding duos of Prat and Seppe, and Demi and Paris. She wants to get to the end with Prat and Demi ideally, as Seppe and Paris' strategic games could potentially make her lose. Demi wins the next immunity challenge, and both Prat and Seppe need her to be the next one to go. Paris and Demi celebrate, as Paris shows Demi her idol, saying that both of them are guaranteed final four, and the two decide that with the idol, Seppe will be ensured to go home. Tortia ends up deciding to vote with Demi and Paris, without knowing of Paris' idol. Paris plays her idol, negating two votes, and Seppe becomes the seventh juror in a 3-0 vote.
Demi continues her challenge streak, winning reward, which gives her an advantage in the challenge, which then helps her win the final immunity, guaranteeing her a spot in the final three. Prat assumes he will be the one to go, but Tortia has other plans, as she sees Paris as a huge strategic threat that has to go, or else she can win the whole thing. She talks with Prat, saying she will vote with him against Paris, and they will still uphold their final three deal they made prior. Votes tie between Prat and Paris 2-2, and they tie again 1-1 on the revote, meaning that a firemaking challenge will occur. After both players feverishly build their flame, Prat ultimately burns his rope first, eliminating Paris from the game.
The final three plead their cases to the jury on why they deserve the million dollars. Tortia uses the fact that she was the first and only first time playing fan to have ever made final three, and she deserves the win because she outlasted the rest of her tribe, and integrated into the favorites group when she needed to. Prat argues he started from the bottom at his second tribal, but worked his way to the top by integrating with his swapped tribemates, and earning his way into the final three through the firemaking challenge that sent a huge strategic threat packing. Meanwhile, Demi argued she played the social and physical games down to a T, fostering relationships with everyone, sticking with an alliance that formed day one all the way to the end, being in control of who goes home the majority of the time, and winning three immunity challenges and four reward challenges, adding up to 7 total challenge wins. While Prat and Tortia's underdog stories were nice, Demi is praised by the jury for the relationships she fostered. Demi Bourbon is crowned the winner of Swoldow's Survivor: Barbados in a 5-2-1 vote.
Steve wins fan favorite due to his impressive idol play, and how his singular immunity win broke the tribal dynamics.

Potential All-Stars:
The favorites, Tortia, Jace, Mac, Kyle, Monique

Potential Pre-Jury Gems:
Tianna, Olivia

Another great season, with an incredibly deserving win by Demi. I'm glad that many of the favorites got to redeem themselves, including Prat, Paris, and Seppe who all improved in placement. The favorites tribe in general was extremely fun to write, and might've been the strongest group yet, we've had for that tribe. Our next season will be going back to measuring certain archetypes and pitting them against eachother. With the addition of a mandatory firemaking challenge at final 4, our next season will be Swoldow's Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.
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DANGAN FRONTIER - CHAPTER 4 - Broken Crown (Part 3)

During the trial, Aiko and the rest of the cast had been backing Hayato into a corner. His incredibly aggressive replies out of nowhere, his bullying towards Finnick, and the events that seemed to transpire were turning him into a bigger and bigger suspect. And Aiko was about to deal the finishing blow, having found out that Hayato looked to be the only one capable of doing this - to stab Zuki, and kill Monokuma accidentally.
“Open your sports bag.” She said.
“You now have to live with the fact that you not only deceived the nine of us, but have left us to die. Is that what you're willing to give up at this point?" Maria added, trying to have Hayato confess on the spot.
"He's not a bad guy! He's never been a bad guy! He didn't do it! You're all just ganging up on him! Give him a chance to show you, and prove you all wrong!" Masashi said earlier, still trying to believe in Hayato’s innocence, almost in the verge of tears. Too bad Hayato then replied to him about his true feelings with a nasty grin... Words that left Masashi speechless.
But Hayato… After his small grin quickly vanished, his expression turned into one of fear…
“No! You wouldn’t do this! Don’t look inside!
But it was too late, for Monokuma, giggling in a way he only could, had already snatched Hayato’s sports bag away from him, leaving him alone only with the water canteen he was clutching with his hand, shivering. With a final laugh, the bag landed next to Maria and Finnick’s feet.
As Finnick and Maria went to open the bag, this was what they found. (Art by Kuro!)
It was clear as day. Hayato’s racquet had been snapped in two, and bandaged together with a bandage belonging to him.
“Confess now, Hayato. It is clear you stabbed Zuki using one of the ends of the broken racquet. We only have to uncover the bandages to see blood.” Maria said. quickly guessing what had stabbed Zuki. A cylindrical object of 0.3 inches in diameter…
But, before Hayato could even reply, shivering as he was, Finnick was undoing the bandages already.
And he found…
Well, you already know the rest, right? Hayato then confessed right on the spot, shedding tears of sadness, saying that he loved his “bro” so much that he simply couldn’t take it anymore! He stabbed Zuki and then killed Monokuma! For he was nothing but a sad, lost yandere obsessed with his bro to unhealthy levels. He only needed a diary to become just like the flagship of all yanderes, amirite? Zuki then busted out of the train into the trial grounds! She happily laughed, exclaiming how much better she felt. Full of laughs and smiles, Zuki then said sorry to everyone else for being so attached to Monokuma. She said that she would not trash talk, be a divider in chief or agitator in chief. That she wouldn’t be out there blow-harding, talking a big game without backing it up. She said the next version of Zuki Hurai would need to be a lot quieter but send a signal that this cast of students was prepared to act in the security interests of each other – to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. Hayato was then executed, being dealt a thousand blows with badminton cocks, similar to a certain other fella with baseball skills. Get it? A talent-related execution? Cocks in the face? Haha. How funny. How tragic. I bet the next chapter happens on a boat. Every Killing Game has a boat, right? I’ve heard boat-related KGs are very popular recently. Long live originality. Anyway. Please clap. I said please clap.
Who was clapping?
Hayato was clapping.
He saw Finnick’s face, a face full of surprise… And he started laughing along as he clapped. A maniacal laugh like you had never seen from Hayato before.
Because both tips of the racquet snapped in half had no blood. And neither did any of the bandages found in the bag.
Finnick didn’t think twice before lashing back at Hayato. “Fuck off, Hayato! You cle-” But, as he was saying that, he stopped… Because he smelled the ends of that broken racquet. And, indeed, they didn’t smell like blood or mud at all. And the water supply was cut off that day. It would have been impossible to leave no traces. Even the bandages were clean, as well as the entire bag, and the plastic bottles...
“Hahahahahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA!” Hayato replied, laughing in a way that almost looked like some macabre singing.Finnick, are you okay~ Finnick, are you okay~ Are you okay, Finnick~He sang, now clearly imitating Michael Jackson… “Well done, smartypants. All of you. HE-HEE!He shouted, eerily similar to the way he shouted against his opponents in a badminton game. “But I guess the truth is out of the bag… Literally. What do you think now, hmmm? What?”
“Tell me, Maria. What was that about deceivin’ nine people and livin’ with the guilt of killin’ them all on the spot? Oh yeah. I dunno. I could ask you the same fuckin’ thing, smartypants.Hayato replied, his words full of a tone that you could clearly describe as… Full of adrenaline pumping through his veins. “Cause if you get the killer wrong and don’t find the whole truth... Then it makes no difference to me.”
“Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to say one thing.” He said, a smug grin plastered on his face. “When I left to the Forest Room to do my abs… I forgot my sports bag in the Souvenir Shop. So anyone could have done that shit y’all claim I did. Hahahahahahaha! Hehehehe! HE-HEE! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!He said, his poses and intense shouting taking a much, much more sinister tone than anything he had ever done before. Did anyone really see Hayato without his sports bag…?! No one could remember well, since Zuki was filling everything with mud and the people left the room in a hurry… Damnit!
“I knew you all hated me.” He said. “But I didn’t expect ya to go as far as to pin me for this. Can ya imagine how shocked I was after seein’ that shit in my sports bag all of a sudden? But oh well… I’ve moved on from all of this. Hey! At least my bro here didn’t think I was the killer. Hahahahaha! Killer? Well, that might be too strong of a word. Sorry. I meant to say ‘killa’. HE-HEE!
“All of you… Such a bunch of hypocrites and snakes. I guess I can make one exception or two. But Zuki… If I had the chance… Ya think I would have stabbed her seven times where it didn’t even kill? No. I am no coward. I would have gone for the heart. Anyway. I didn’t kill Monokuma. Hahahahahaha… Hehehehe… MMMM! OOOH! YEAHHH! HE-HEE! YAW!
Doubt started filling your minds as Hayato did nothing but to laugh, clap and sing, drinking happily from his water canteen… How could the trial ever finish like this? The truth was not fully out there yet. And until everything had been revealed… Then this trial was not over.
Lost Frontier Rail Line Class Trial: RESUME
Truth Bullets:
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Passion for life, Enthusiasm for work

Passion for life, Enthusiasm for work
—— Recorded the “2020 Table Tennis Competition”of production center of SmartGen.

The special start of 2020 was destined to be written into history (Although the global anti-epidemic cost was heavy, we were also witnessing this special history).
SmartGen, as a manufacturing company, resumed work on February 12 on condition that we ensure our security. 100% of production capacity was restored in March.
After a long“ Spring Festival Holiday”, you are embarrassed if your weight does not increase. Why? How sorry for those dead chickens, ducks, fish, pigs. Not losing weight in April, sad for a year. It's a difficult problem before us that burn excess calories. During the epidemic, those widely spread terrorist rumors always strike our fragile heart that wants to lose weight. However, the best resistance to the virus is to improve immunity. what should we do? Don’t worry, the company has already taken action.
At the same time, in order to boost the mental outlook of employees, production center of SmartGen eliminated difficulties and properly formulated a safety plan, held the "2020 Table Tennis Competition" in due course.
The competition was quite fierce, one word summary: DEI (Mandarin means comfortable. Please forgive the editor of Henan dialect. However, only Henan dialect can express my excitement at the moment!)
Friendship first, competition second. No matter you are professional or amateur, all comers are welcome to sign up. Therefore, the level of the participants is quite large, and all kinds of weird moves attracted the audience to laugh.

Some people even improvised a song.
A little ball, running on both sides. you push and i block, nobody wanted.
Turn left and right, jump up and down. Running on the ground.
The little ball always jumped, and vanished from our sight at final.
When we searched in the sky, it appeared .
The little ball was so lively, it made people laugh easily.
It jumped with various posture, and everyone laughed around him.

Come on, follow my perspective, let us relive this passionate days.
Valiant and spirited, our male and female athletes debut:
Look, it's time for the knockout round!
It's him and her, a bunch of little Nezha.
Although the house sparrow is small, but be fully equipped. What NBA have,we also have. It’s cheerleaders show time.
(Request WeChat of those bachelorette!!)
Finally, after a long time of knockouts, the exciting finals began! !
This is men singles final, you push and i block, the scores is changing. Everyone is nervous.
This is women singles final. Bright and brave, superb skill. Who will be the winner? It's really anxious, because i make a bet with a bowl of spicy soup.
Finally, the suspense is over.
Let’s feel the breeze of king together!
At the award ceremony, not only trophy, but also prizes! (jealous.......)
Tremendous strength, facial attractiveness. I will say nothing. I will also participate in the competition next year.
The production center of SmartGen undertakes the task of manufacturing. Busy work, tight time and heavy tasks. Outside of work, the table tennis competition played a huge role in relieving fatigue and stretching the body and mind.
Passion for life, enthusiasm for work.
The competition has come to an end, winning or losing is not the goal. What is the most valuable asset of SmartGen is that employees invest their lives and work happily with a healthy mind and body.
In the future, the company will hold more employee activities.
Let’s moving, exercise, and be ready anytime.
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The Cryopod to Hell 115: Specter's Return

Author note: The Cryopod to Hell is a Reddit-exclusive story with over three years of editing and refining. As of this post, the total rewrite is 206 parts long and 868,000+ words. For more information, check out the link below:
What is the Cryopod to Hell?
Official Discord Server.
Support me on Patreon! Every dollar helps, and you get access to lots of art and other cool stuff!
Want to read the whole story without waiting? Click here. It's free!
I will be reposting the full story on HFY until I've caught up with the current timeline. During that period, I will update the reposted parts to edit them more cohesively, as well. Once I catch up, new parts will be posted on HFY and RedditSerials, alongside my main subreddit as they become available.
Thank you for reading, and enjoy.
(Previous Part)
(Part 001)
The sound of shifting rocks and dirt greets my ears as I enter the mind of someone familiar. Pitch-black darkness surrounds me.
Whump. Whump.
I take one step forward whenever the ground rumbles in front of me. Something bumps against my right arm, but Nerissa, my current host, ignores it.
The succubus fans herself as she stumbles along in the darkness. "Phew... Artorias, it's getting hot down here. Can we go up for air?"
Artorias's reply comes after a short pause. He shoves another load of earth ahead of us. "No. We're not out of the angel's territory yet."
"How much... much further is it?" Nerissa asks. "I hate the heat."
Artorias practically growls out his reply. "Well, summon some ice and cool yourself off. We have at least a few more miles to go."
"I can't. My body is too hot for that."
"I don't know what to tell you. If we go up, the angels will spot us. We'll end up mincemeat on the carving block. You know how good their vision is."
I loll my head forward in frustration. "Yeah. I know. Agares, how are you holding up?"
The demon to my right grunts. "I'm fine. The heat doesn't bother me. It's the cold I hate."
"Hah... guess we're opposites, huh?"
"Something like that."
After a moment, Artorias resumes punching the dirt away. We continue traveling forward at an agonizingly slow pace as Nerissa mops sweat from her forehead.
Agares nudges me. He keeps his voice low. "If you're tired, you can ride the sled. There's some room left."
"N-no. I'm fine. I just... I need some air. I wouldn't want to burden you like that."
I can barely make out Agares waving his hand dismissively. "Eh, suit yourself. How are your ribs holding up?"
"Still feels like a cave bear mauled me. Michael certainly didn't... didn't pull any punches."
Agares nods. "Sorry to hear that."
Minutes pass. We all continue walking in silence. I glance back at the ice-sled and frown. "Agares, I think it's starting to melt."
"Yup. It's getting harder 'n harder to pull every second."
"I can't make any more ice unless we surface. If it breaks down..."
Artorias continues punching the air to create our tunnel, but he tilts his head back. "If that happens, then we'll leave them behind. Once we make it to the Lair, we can send someone back to pick them up."
"What? No! We can't- ah... can't do that..." Nerissa gets a little too excited, sending a sharp stinging pain through her chest.
"Well, I cannot dig and carry our injured at the same time. You can't lift anything right now, either. Agares only has two arms. We don't have many options-"
Artorias pauses.
"Oh. Damn."
Panic creeps into Nerissa's voice. "What? Is something wrong?!"
"No. We've already arrived. I misjudged the distance to the Lair. I didn't realize it extended this far south."
With one last punch, Artorias shoves more dirt aside, and flickering torchlight floods the darkness, illuminating the three of us, along with the sled full of unconscious demons.
Blissfully cool air rushes into the tunnel. Nerissa gasps and stumbles forward, savoring the sensation of the breeze against her skin.
Seconds later, half a dozen demons appear at the opening. The battered and beaten survivors that managed to escape Heaven glance at us curiously before lightbulbs appear above their heads.
"Oy, ain't that Agares? And Satan's lady, too?"
"Artorias! Welcome back!"
"Whose bodies are on the ice thingy?"
Questions barrage us. Artorias pushes the nosy demons aside. "Out of the way. We've got injured here. Agares and Nerissa faced off against two Archangels and nearly died. Belial, Lucifer, Bael, and Diablo are in bad shape, too. They all need healing."
Agares rubs his head. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Treat the others first."
We step into the underground tunnels of the Demon Lair and arrive amid mostly dead space. Where before there were dozens of demons meandering in the halls, only the five or so that greeted us are here, now.
I look left and right. "Where... where is everyone?"
A young, scraggly-looking demon flicks his eyes up and down my cut-apart body. "Nyek! Big meeting at Death's Head to see who'll be the new boss! Satan's dead, so someone else has to lead!"
The young demon looks away from me and turns his attention to Artorias. "Where've you been, bro?! I killed like, ten angels all by myself! You should've seen it! I was all, 'wham, pow, koochaw!' And the angels were like, 'no, no, don't hurt us, please!' It was sick!"
Artorias blinks. He nods at the younger demon. "Yes, I'm sure you did a good job, Barbatos."
"I did, I did! I kicked all their asses!"
A large, obsidian-skinned beside Barbatos whacks him over the head. "Silence. All you did was cry and plead for mercy. If any angels perished, they did so out of embarrassment."
Barbatos rubs his head. "Y-you don't even know, Smealum! You weren't there at all!"
"Enough," Artorias says, cutting both of them off. "Barbatos. Show everyone to Hellga's healing chambers. Help Belial first. Once she's fixed up, she can heal the others."
Artorias turns to Agares and me. "As for you two, head to Death's Head after Hellga does her thing. I'll tell everyone at the meeting to wait until you arrive."
Nerissa raises her hand hesitantly. "Uh, um... Smealum? Satan... is it true... is he dead? Is there a chance he survived the battle?"
Before the dark-skinned demon can reply, Barbatos jumps in. "No way! That idiot got offed by Raphael! He went down like a total chump! Raphael sucked 'im into this weird portal and came back a minute later, barely injured. Satan got his ass handed-"
Artorias swings his arm out and backhands his brother, knocking the annoying little grunt on his ass. "Barbatos! Keep your trap shut. I won't listen to any insults regarding our former leader."
Barbatos glares at his older brother. "Hey! What's the big idea?! You can't tell me what to do!"
"I can and I will, as your older brother." Artorias crosses his arms. "Got something to say about it?"
Barbatos starts to retort, but he keeps his tongue in check. "Tch. Whatever." He turns to scowl at Agares and me. "Come on, then! I ain't got all day!"
Sighing, I shrug at Agares as the little whiney brat turns and stomps away. "It's not like we don't know where to find Hellga..."
Artorias turns to walk in the opposite direction from Barbatos. "Apologies for my brother's words. He can be... difficult. I'll see you all in a bit."
I nod. "Thank you, Artorias. We wouldn't have made it without you."
The muscular demon commander pauses for a moment before heading away. "My condolences for your loss."
I merely nod and turn away, offering no reply.
Nerissa's gaze shifts inward.
Satan... what will we do without you?
A gorgeous demoness with long black hair and slinky, cat-like legs kneels beside Belial, dabbing ointment all over her body. "Oh, my. This seductress took quite the beating! How about you, Nerissa? Are you doing alright?"
I nod. "Yes. My ribs are killing me... but I'll survive."
"Not if those get infected, you won't. Those bones are poking through your skin!"
The demoness barely wears anything. She isn't a succubus, but she has curves in all the right places. Barbatos and Agares' eyes follow her ass as she struts from one side of Belial to the other, bending down occasionally to rub healing solution on her broken body. Her leopard-print lingerie seems wildly inappropriate for a place of healing, but demons have a very different culture compared to humanity.
Agares slurps some drool from his mouth. "Damn, Hellga. You're a sight for sore eyes. Almost makes getting my ass beat by Michael worth all the trouble."
Hellga turns and winks at him, flashing a cheery smile in the process. "Oh, Agares! You're such a sweetheart!"
The lizard-demon blushes. He turns away, unable to meet her gaze.
Barbatos, on the other hand, grins like a lovestruck idiot. "I bet there ain't anyone sexier than you, Hellga! What's a guy gotta do to get you in the Relief Chambers, eh?"
"My chastity is what makes me beautiful, boys! You can look, but if you touch, I'll have to break all your bones! And after that, I'll heal you and break them again! Hahaha!"
Hellga resumes her doctoring of Belial's wounds. After a moment, she furrows her brow. "Okay, that's about it. Now to wake her up."
Lucifer, still unconscious, lies a few feet away from Belial. Diablo and Bael, likewise, can barely take shallow breaths. Their bodies, weak from a hundred years of torture, hardly give them enough energy to breathe.
Hellga presses her index and middle finger against Belial's forehead. Frowning, she closes her eyes for a moment to transfer mana to the unconscious succubus.
Belial jerks awake with a start. "Haah... haah..."
Her breathing comes in uneven spurts for a moment before leveling out.
"Wh-what happened? Where am I- ahh... ch-chest hurts... my legs, too."
Hellga leans back and flashes a pleasant smile. "I gave you some mana. Heal yourself if you can. After that, you've other wounded to heal in the tertiary chambers."
Belial shakily raises her hand. "Okay. Just... just give me a moment."
A minute later, she motions with her hand. Her internal organs rapidly heal, along with her battered bones and skin. Soon, the succubus leans forward and sighs. "Whew. Devils. I need to sleep for a week. I've never felt so tired in my life."
"Definitely. But first, you're going to help me. Up and at 'em!" Hellga grabs Belial and yanks her to her feet. "Here, have some more mana. Heal Lucifer, and then we'll continue to the other survivors."
Belial blinks. Her eyes widen. "Ah! That's right! What happened after Michael-"
"You'll see for yourself, in due time," Agares says, holding his palm up. He sighs and scratches his head. "Satan died. That's all we know so far. Those of us that are left are going to have a meeting in a little bit. The sooner you get everyone healed, the sooner we can sort out what's happened."
A sense of gloom descends upon us. Belial walks over to me. "Are you doing okay, Nerissa? I know you and Satan were..."
Nerissa turns away. "I'm fine. We.. we were only together for... a little while."
My words ring hollow. Belial crosses her arms. "Mmm. If you say so, we'll talk later, okay?"
Belial leans forward and winces as she examines the cuts and bruises covering my body. "Walking around naked with these wounds is going to lead to an infection."
I shake my head. "My body hurts too much to... to wear anything. The last thing I want is clothing ag- against my skin."
Belial nods. She quickly weaves magical signs, mumbles something under her breath, and presses her palm against my shoulder.
The pain that hits me a moment later makes me pass out for a few moments. I wake up on the ground, writhing and whimpering as my ribs suck back inside my chest. My skin rapidly repairs itself, and within a minute, I can only shudder at the phantom pain coursing through me.
"Nnn... it's true what they say about your healing being worse than the injuries."
Belial tosses some bearskin clothing over to me. "Sorry. I tried not to make it hurt too badly."
After gathering her strength, Nerissa pulls herself up and gets dressed. While she slips into underwear and clothes, I find myself wondering why it is she's so comfortable standing naked and getting dressed around other demons. I'd feel weird if people saw me in the nude. She doesn't seem to care at all and has no inhibitions whatsoever. It's strange.
Again, it's probably demon culture, but I can't help thinking there might be more to it than that. Maybe I'm just a prude.
Nerissa fluffs her blue hair and sits on a cot, rubbing her hands together while Belial heals Lucifer and the others.
Eventually, Belial finishes. Lucifer rises and dusts herself off.
One quick chat later, and Lucifer nods.
"So that's what happened. I can only hope Valac survived his battle against the Archangels. His power dwarfs Satan's. If he leads demonkind, I believe we will soundly crush the angels."
Nerissa scoffs. "You think Valac has something Satan doesn't? Please. I appreciate Valac saving some of our people, but Satan gave his life to save Diablo and Bael. That's what makes him a true leader."
Lucifer groans. "Or a moron. We lost how many grunts trying to save two captured weaklings?"
The four-breasted demoness violently gestures toward Diablo and Bael lying side-by-side in adjacent cots. "Look what we have to show for it! Thousands dead, and these two saved! Wow, Satan was such a military genius!"
Agares clears his throat. "Ahem. Let me butt in. Satan wasn't just trying to save Deebs and Bael. We also went there to try and kill a few angels, and to see how we compared to them. That's why a few hundred of us stayed behind, just in case the angels annihilated our attack force. The broodmothers would allow us to birth more demons over time."
Lucifer rolls her eyes. "A test. Of course. You'd believe anything our beloved leader said. Oh, well. When Valac arrives, he'll bolster our forces. I can only pray he's smarter than the gobbler of meat we had before. Tch. What idiot would think facing an Archangel one-on-one was a good idea?"
Nerissa bows her head. Her cheeks flush red as images of Michael's emotionless face appear in her memories.
"Y-yeah. Probably not the best idea someone could come up with."
Belial leaves us as she heads off to heal the other demons.
"I'll finish as quickly as possible. Just give me a few minutes."
Footsteps echo down the hallways as several hundred demons march behind me. Agares, Belial, and Lucifer take the lead, and I follow them. All the demons Belial healed are in good spirits, which is remarkable considering the devastating losses they've suffered.
Barbatos chitters to another young demon. "Chee! My brother thinks he's big stuff, always going on about the rules and how important they are. Can you believe that? It's like we're livin' with the bloody chickens all over again."
The other demon raises an eyebrow. "But... weren't you born after leaving Heaven?"
"I lived there in spirit!"
Nerissa ignores him. Soon, the corridor begins to expand. We arrive at a massive underground room the size of a small stadium. Two thousand demons plunk on the floor in the middle and along the walls, each chattering to their neighbors about this and that.
Artorias stands at the entrance. He turns to look at us as we arrive. "Ah. There you are. Took you long enough."
Belial sighs. "Sorry. Healing two hundred demons with our remaining mana reserves took a while. It will be a while before I can heal again. I hope the angels don't discover us now, or we'll be goners."
Artorias nods. "Well, as long as you guys can talk, that will be satisfactory. I think this is everyone. We can begin the meeting."
Artorias's expression darkens. He gestures for Agares and Lucifer to follow him. The three of them head off toward the front of the room.
I sit down beside Belial and some other demons. We watch as Artorias claps his hands together.
"Everyone. I know you've heard the rumors floating around. Grigori did his best and held open the portal to the very end... but, unfortunately..."
Nerissa frowns. She turns to Barbatos. "Rumors?"
The young demon shrugs. "Dunno."
Artorias sighs. "...Valac perished. Camael and the Valkyries attacked him with their full might and scorched him with divine flames. There's no easy way to say it... so, there it is. He's dead."
Nerissa's jaw drops. The entire room erupts into frantic whispering as demons nudge each other, asking if they've heard the news or not.
"Quiet, please. Quiet." Artorias holds up his hand to silence the room. "The long and short of it is that with Satan and Valac gone, we need new leaders. I don't think anyone can argue that they were by far the strongest out of all of us... but we can't dwell on the past."
Artorias rests both of his hands on Agares and Lucifer's shoulders. "Lucifer created the Broodmothers. Her combat skills are excellent. Agares, too, is an excellent fighter. Both of them have the vision necessary to lead us-"
A voice cackles around the room, interrupting Artorias's speech. Above us, a specter materializes in midair. Valac hovers and laughs wildly.
"Listen to Artorias, telling such a lie! Only a fool would think this king could die!"
Valac sweeps his arms outward, as if to call forth our gazes.
"How quickly rumors spread of my defeat, but in the end, the angels fell for my deceit."
Lucifer stares up at Valac. "What are you on about? What deceit? What happened to you?"
Valac lowers himself to the ground. He towers above all the other demons, like a living wall of bone.
The Reaper stabs a finger at Lucifer. "Silence, wench! Your performance against Michael was lame! Three against one, but you lost in shame! Against you, the Archangel's blade did maim, but it was our honor which Agares reclaimed!"
Agares quickly shakes his head. "Err, no- I didn't do all that much..."
Valac raises a finger to silence him. "Now, now Agares, there's no need to protest. From a distance, I witnessed your combat prowess. You stood your ground against the legendary Michael, then followed with a duel against his brother, Gabriel. All of that, and you fought alone, while these defeated women lay prone."
Agares bows his head. "W-well, I mean... I kinda, just..."
Lucifer scowls at Valac. "Hold on a moment. I thought we were working together. Where do you get off insulting me like that? Michael was unstoppable! It was hardly a fair fight!"
Valac chuckles. "Oh, what's that? Unstoppable, you say? Without any effort, I could keep them at bay. Admit it, Lucifer, you're weak like an ant. I thought you'd be useful, but your strength is scant."
Lucifer clenches her hands into fists. "Valac, you... bastard. After everything I've done for you, you're going to sit there and pretend you succeeded without my help?!"
The demoness's third eye begins to glow. Valac holds up his hand. "Careful, now, there's no need to get cranky. Don't do anything brash; you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
"Screw you!!"
Lucifer's eye shifts to red. A moment later, a shockwave shoots out and slams against Valac's body. The Grim Reaper flies backward, and several demons barely get out of the way in time as he hits the wall with a terrific CRASH! Lucifer starts to motion with her hands to summon a magic spell, but she pauses and frowns. Valac's body goes limp as he falls from the wall and slaps to the floor.
Just like when the angels 'killed' him in Heaven, the Reaper's bones seem to evaporate, leaving his rags to flop in a pile.
"What? I killed him?" Lucifer's jaw slackens as she stares at his dead body in surprise.
A moment later, the air beside Lucifer shifts. Valac appears and swings his fist out. "SURPRISE!"
He pounds the side of her head with terrific force, sending the demoness flying. Lucifer rockets to the side and tumbles into the crowd of onlookers. Her body becomes a fleshy projectile, battering dozens of demons aside. Yelps of shock go through the mob.
A moment later, the room goes dead silent as everyone gazes at Lucifer's unconscious form.
"You are weak, as I stated before! There's nothing worse than a mouthy little whore."
"Lucifer!" Agares jumps into action and runs over to her. He quickly pulls her out of the crowd and checks to see if she's breathing. After a moment, the reptile-demon scowls at Valac. "What's wrong with you?! You nearly killed her!"
Valac crosses his two lower arms. "She attacked me first, and I countered in self-defense. To blame me for her weakness would make no sense. Ah, well, women can't help being dense, but perhaps I can offer some recompense?"
The Reaper holds up his top-left arm. With a quick flourish, he summons his lantern. A moment later, he vanishes in a puff of smoke and reappears beside Agares. Before the young demon can protest, Valac shoves him aside and reaches his skeletal hand out. Valac grabs Lucifer's face, and goes silent.
Agares stares wide-eyed as Lucifer's body twitches. Despite being unconscious, she writhes for a moment, then suddenly awakens and begins thrashing like an enraged octopus.
"Mgm!! Mmm!" She grabs Valac's arm and tries to yank it off her face, but the Reaper slams her head against the ground. He pets her hair with another hand, sending shivers down my spine.
Only when the Reaper nods and finishes his magic does he release her and pull away. Lucifer gasps and slumps to the side. She claws at her neck, as if trying to tear something out of her throat.
"Ah... ahh! What- what did you do?! There's something... something inside me!"
Valac chuckles. "Hehe. Satan's magic is gone, and now I've set you free. Well? Aren't you going to thank me?"
Nerissa shifts uncomfortably. Valac must have done to Lucifer what he did to me. He grabbed me by the face and... put something in my body. It felt like... like a worm.
Lucifer shudders to her feet. The demoness eyes Valac warily. "Why would I thank you? You've done nothing for me."
Valac places his lower palms against each other and fans his upper arms outward. "Ah, but you are wrong, for I have given you a gift. Take a look inside yourself; for your powers, I did lift."
The demoness stares at him for several seconds. When she doesn't immediately praise him, Valac launches a fist at her face. Startled, Lucifer jerks to the side, avoiding his fist with impressive speed. Valac continues swinging at her, using all four of his arms, but her body moves far faster than before, to the point that I have trouble following her actions.
Up, down, left, right. Lucifer moves astoundingly fast, avoiding all of Valac's punches. Valac finally stops, and she retreats several steps, gasping for breath the whole time.
"Haah, haah! What happened? I... I dodged before I even saw you move!"
Valac wraps his hands behind his back. Satisfied with the looks of astonishment from the demons filling the chamber, he spins on his heel and struts away from Lucifer.
"Listen carefully, you little feeders. There's no need to gawk and stare. Accept me as your leader, and with you, my power, I will share. While Lucifer's increase has proven quite ample, she has had but a meager sample. Countless souls are mine to grant, but more will come once Satan's post I supplant."
Artorias, having watched Valac's rampage the whole time, raises his hand. "A question, Valac. What are these 'souls' you speak of?"
Valac tilts his head back. "Oh, you don't know? I thought you were bright. Souls are the essence of every being; that which gives them might. To wretched demons like us, creatures of the night, souls are the gifts that keep on giving; our eternal light."
Artorias purses his lips. "So, you're saying souls are inside of everyone? They make us stronger?"
Valac nods. "Indeed, how sad I am that you do not know. Were Satan a better leader, upon you this knowledge he might have bestowed."
Artorias narrows his eyes. "Satan knew of that which you speak? He knew about these... these souls?"
"Indeed. Satan was a soul manipulator, just as I. He kept his powers a secret, and left you all to die. After all you'd been through, he showed you no respect. A pathetic excuse for a demon; what more could you expect?"
Barbatos jumps up beside me. "Holy crap! I want souls! Where can I get some souls?!"
Valac's cheerful tone hardens. "Silence, you insipid little shit. Speak only when spoken to, or your lip I'll split. Times have changed. Satan is your leader no more. I am your King now; many changes I have in store."
Slowly, Valac begins pacing back and forth. "No longer will demons regard one another as equals. Such lies will poison us and prove to be lethal. Satan was a caring demon, one who took too many risks. With him gone, our evolutions must become brisk. Sit back and listen; take my knowledge to heart. My conquests will soon be yours, but only after my wisdom, I impart."
Valac begins weaving a series of words together, describing his recent triumphs. He goes into exhaustive detail about the thousands of Titans he's killed, and how they fear him at every turn. His rhyming grates on my mind the longer he speaks, but as long as I'm in Nerissa's body, I can't protest.
Finally, the Grim Reaper stops. He rests a hand on Artorias's shoulder and gazes out at the crowd.
"Any questions?"
The room is so silent that I could hear a pin drop.
Nerissa raises her hand.
"I have one. If you're so strong and so far above the rest of us... if the Titans fear you and you held your own against the Archangels... then what purpose do we serve? Can't you kill all of the Titans and Angels by yourself?"
Her question hangs in the air for several long seconds, like a rotting apple moments before it falls off a branch.
Valac rubs his hands together. The movement seems unusual, given what little I know about him. He looks nervous, almost as if he isn't sure how to respond.
The moment passes. Valac rises to his full height and cackles. "Nyehehe! I don't, foolish little girl! Listen to you, pretending you're a pearl! I could chew up every demon and spit them in the dirt, but I'm offering you all a chance for your powers to exert. A war is coming, one I'd sooner not avert. We'll draw a line in the sand, and our dominance, assert."
Cheers ring out in the hall. Nearly all the demons in the room yell wildly and clap their hands, excited at Valac's tales of dominance and power. Several of them eye Lucifer, imagining how strong they'll be when they join Valac's side.
Nerissa doesn't clap. She crosses her arms and frowns as Valac turns away.
He's lying. Satan told me about Valac. He's a self-serving demon, one who doesn't give the damnedest about others of his kind. Satan cared about all of us. That's why he sent my sisters and me to rescue Diablo and Bael. Valac would never do such a thing.
As the cheers ring out, Valac raises a hand.
"Quiet. I have one last thing to say. It regards our future, and how our fortunes could decay."
The applause dies down. Most of the onlookers lean forward and listen intently for Valac to deliver some bad news.
"Fate, unyielding, is the cruelest mistress. Her ways are filled with death and distress. Some of you may look ahead with a hunch or a guess, but I see perfectly our path to progress."
"I have foreseen that a threat will soon arise — a Titan, unlike any other, with rage burning in his eyes. His power, terrifying, has the potential to dwarf even mine. We must all work together to eradicate his bloodline."
Artorias frowns. "How do you know this specter of tomorrow will be a Titan? Furthermore, why not kill him now if you know who he is?"
Valac shakes his head. "The rivers of time branch out in all directions. His face hides among a thousand others to evade detection. Seeing the future is not an exact science. It resists my gaze and offers endless defiance. If his face I could see, I would kill him in an instant while cackling with glee."
Satisfied, Artorias nods. "I understand. I think everyone here has made it known who they want to rule demonkind. I don't know if you'll be better than Satan... but it's clear you have experience dealing with Titans."
Lucifer shivers. "I don't trust him, even if he did give me a little boost. Nobody hits me and gets away with it."
Nerissa jumps to her feet. We pump our fist boldly. "Yeah! I don't trust you either, Valac! You're hiding something from us!"
"Nerissa!" Belial hisses at me from below, but I ignore her.
Valac's head turns from left to right as he evaluates Lucifer and me both.
"Watch your mouths when you talk to your king. Anger me, and I'll make both of you dance on my string."
Valac seethes for a moment before turning to Agares. The reptile-demon stands a few feet to Lucifer's right and grows visibly uncomfortable when Valac's gaze sets on him.
"You there, Agares the Brave. I haven't forgotten you, nor the lives you've saved. Your battle against Michael left me impressed; A mighty warrior like you deserves only the best. Your reward is near; come close and kneel. Your body will strengthen, and your skin will steel."
"I... I haven't really, uhm..."
Agares glances at me. Guilt washes over his face, as if to say, I don't deserve special treatment.
However, he loses his nerve. Swallowing, he kneels before Valac and flinches as the Reaper reaches toward him.
Instead of violently grabbing Agares' face, Valac merely rests his hand on the demon's scalp. Agares winces after a moment as one of Valac's worms enters his mind, but he utters no audible complaint.
When Agares stands, Valac claps his hands together. "There it is, your powers have awakened. Make sure that during battle, you remain unshaken."
"Y-yeah," Agares mutters. He shuffles backward as Valac beckons to the crowd.
"Let's get a move on; I haven't got all day! Once everyone is empowered, we've Titans to slay!"
The room explodes with two thousand cheers. "Yeah!"
All the while, Nerissa watches disapprovingly.
Dammit. I wish Satan was here. With Valac leading us, I see only misfortune and loss in our future.
Next Part
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