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In 2014, Commission Junction’s parent company, ValueClick, was rebranded to Conversant. Conversant then rebranded Commission Junction to CJ Affiliate. As a result, people refer to the network by both names: CJ Affiliate (its official name) and Commission Junction (its name for 16 years). In short, both names are correct. Get out of bed and see that you have $957.60 in your bank account from a single affiliate sale. If you want to learn how to start a blog and take part in this market projected to hit $6.8 billion in 2020, keep reading.. This list includes affiliate programs to join in standard categories like web hosting, website builders, VPNs, travel, finance, fashion, beauty, and fitness. While the dataset underneath Commission Junction is unquestionably one of the very best in the industry, I have for a long time felt that the site was confusing and difficult to use. Your question confirms this and doesn’t surprise me one bit. The problem is that in many ways, CJ (as the industry calls it) is really like an online store for affiliate links and graphics, but without it being Once you are signed up, complete your profile to ensure you get fast approval for any affiliate program via CJ. Now, click on get links and you can either search for your target affiliate program via Advertiser list as shown in below image, or you can click on general categories to browse new affiliate programs. You can sign up and get links immediately from the Amazon Affiliate program right here. If you want to find affiliate programs for specific companies, I would start with Flex Offers. Many of the largest companies work with them (for instance many of the golf companies I work with), and building a relationship with a larger affiliate network can

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