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Comprehensive ranking of all Barcelona transfers under Rosell + Bartomeu era

Since Laporta left presidency in summer 2010, some culés say the transfers have not been good enough. Let's attempt to rank the signings since then (for those that don't know, current president Bartomeu was vice president to Sandro Rosell from 2010-2014 before taking the main presidency role following Rosell's resignation in 2014)
Some notes:
33) Arda Turan
I think most fans were okay with this deal when it happened. A La Liga proven player with great technical ability who proved himself under Simeone's system. He was a controversial players but after Suarez cleaned up his act after coming to Barca it wasn't a big worry. Unfortunately things went south quickly for Turan, his performances left a lot to be desired and he never appeared to put forth his maximum effort. By the end of his time here he had fallen out of favour with seemingly everyone at the club and was loaned to Turkey until the end of his contract. Recently he has been accused of violent acts in Turkey and faces severe charges. Good riddance.
32) Douglas
  • From: São Paulo
  • Fee: €4m
  • Year: 2014
I said I take into account the transfer fee, and trust me, I am. Even at 4m though, Douglas is amongst the worst signings in Barca history. At a time where many were calling for a Dani Alves replacement, a young Brazilian RB didn't seem like a bad option. Except even Sao Paulo fans were confused when the deal was announced because Douglas is a remarkably mediocre player who had no business wearing the Barca shirt. He played a grand total of 8 games for Barca before going off on an endless series of loan spells until his contract expires.
31) Alex Song
  • From: Arsenal FC
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2012
On paper, signing Alex Song seemed like a decent idea. Seydou Keita had left the team and we needed a backup CDM to rest Busquets. He came from a great season at Arsenal playing possession football, but when he came to Barca it was clear he wasn't a fit. He wasn't terrible, but he didn't have the quality required to play as a pivot in Barca's system. He left after 2 years of mostly sitting on the bench. That 19m could have been very useful for a Barca team that needed to evolve.
30) Philippe Coutinho
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €135m
  • Year: 2018
After an impressive opening 6 months, Coutinho's performances have dropped drastically this season. His performances have certainly been better than those around him on this list, but being the record transfer in Barca history demands more. Nobody doubts his technical ability, but he has struggled to find a role in Valverde's system. Having thrived under a free LAM role at Liverpool, Coutinho hasn't shown the physical ability to play the Iniesta role in midfield, neither the direct clinical ability to replace Neymar on the front line. Let's hope Coutinho proves to everybody why Barcelona made him their record signing - he still has plenty of time.
29) André Gomes
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €37m
  • Year: 2016
He had a decent league campaign at Valencia and a decent EURO campaign with Portugal before moving to Barca. Decent doesn't cut it at Barca. I struggle to recall a single match where I was genuinely impressed with Gomes, but at the same time I don't remember him having a shockingly poor match. He was consistently mediocre, an option off the bench to rest starters when the result was wrapped up but nothing more. I will say nobody doubted his ability to complete a horizontal pass. For the most part his playing time would have been better spent on younger players. On the positive side, he seems to have found his level at Everton and Barca will be able to make back most of what they paid for him.
28) Paco Alcácer
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €30m
  • Year: 2016
His transfer made sense at the time. A young Spanish forward who had consistently scored goals in La Liga, brought as backup for Suarez. I don't think many of us were complaining when he came. But here we see why only specific players succeed at Barca. Despite his success at Valencia and now Dortmund, Paco did not fit in the Barca system. When he did start games, he went most of 90 minutes beyond sight, not being connected to the play and failing to impact matches bar an odd goal here or there. His finishing wasn't bad, but he did not contribute to anything else. Not a terrible signing but perhaps misinformed, nevertheless Barca made back most of the transfer fee from Dortmund.
27) Aleix Vidal
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €17m
  • Year: 2015
Brought with the intention of playing as a RB, an early injury scuffed Vidal's integration into the team. He impressed playing RB at Sevilla the previous season, and looked comfortable in the position when he first arrived. After his injury he never really looked the same. He was later used as a makeshift winger but really didn't have the quality necessary. Sold back to Sevilla for 10m in the summer, Vidal made neither a positive nor negative impression on Barca fans.
26) Marlon
  • From: Fluminense
  • Fee: €5m
  • Year: 2017
Marlon has only played 3 times in competitive matches for Barca so it is hard to rank him. He is only 23 and has time to develop, but he clearly hasn't left a remarkable impression on the coaching staff. With the arrivals of Lenglet and Todibo with the pending pursuit of De Ligt, it is hard to see a future at Barca for Marlon. Nevertheless, there is still opportunity to make profit on his transfer as he has been a regular in Ligue 1 and Serie A during his loan spells. I think most cules will not mind signing cheap, young players even if they don't work out. He clearly had talent in Brazil and was worth taking a bet on him. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
25) Ibrahim Afellay
  • From: PSV
  • Fee: €3m
  • Year: 2011
After a very impressive time in the Eredivisie, shelling out the 3m for Afellay seemed like a no-brainer. I think we were all excited by his arrival. He never looked out of place when he played, but unfortunately his body held him back as injuries continue to plague his career. He was worth the transfer fee alone when he skinned Marcelo to assist Messi in the CL semi final at the Bernabeu in 2011. What could have been...
24) Yerry Mina
  • From: Palmeiras
  • Fee: €11.8m
  • Year: 2018
Buy Yerry for 12m play him in a few league games where he performs abysmally sell him for 20m profit six months later. Thank you, World Cup. He would definitely be lower on this list if Everton didn't bail us out.
23) Paulinho
  • From: Guangzhou Evergrande
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2017
I think all cules were shocked when Paulinho was officially announced. Buying a 30 year old player from China who had failed in Europe before for 40m was a joke to most of us. Surprisingly he turned out to be a reliable source of goals from the midfield and didn't look out of place. Some might even rank him higher but personally besides his goals I never saw him as a starting quality midfielder for Barca. Perhaps even more surprising than signing him was selling him back to China for profit. This for me goes down as the most bizzare transfer in Barca history.
22) Cesc Fàbregas
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €34m
  • Year: 2011
The origin of "Barca DNA" meme. Another signing that made sense at the time. His connection with Messi at times was incredible to watch, but besides that it never really worked out for him. Fans had high expectations for Cesc as a player that could take Barca to an even higher level, but like Coutinho now, Cesc struggled to create a role for himself in the first team. Eventually sold on a small loss to Chelsea after 3 seasons.
21) Thomas Vermaelen
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2014
When we were desperate for CB coverage nobody was fond of buying an aging injury prone CB who was never top class. While his injuries haven't improved, in a weird way he has been worth the fee. Most 4th choice CBs would not be happy to sit out for so long, but when they are injured they can't complain. When he has played, he has always looked comfortable on his LCB spot. He has even had extended periods of playing time where having his experience was useful. Sadly this will likely be his last season at Barca at the age of 33 as his contract expires in the summer. A good servant.
20) Lucas Digne
  • From: PSG
  • Fee: €16,5m
  • Year: 2016
Maybe the most unremarkable signing of recent history, the middle of the list seems a good fit for Digne. He was brought as backup to Alba. When he played he did "good enough" for what was required. A good locker room player and great professional. Eventually wanted more playing time and was sold to Everton for small profit. Can't dislike him.
19) Jérémy Mathieu
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2014
Brought alongside Vermaelen, Mathieu was another surprising signing. Most Barca fans weren't happy to see 2 older non-elite CBs brought in, but Mathieu was impressive on his first season. He was reliable in defense and even scored some crucial goals on route to the treble. Left on a free transfer 3 years later having done his job.
18) Malcom
  • From: Bordeaux
  • Fee: €41m
  • Year: 2018
You might think I put Malcom too high and was influenced by the recent clasico. But Malcom is the type of signing I like to see the club making. He's young, exciting, reasonable priced, and we could make our money back on him any time if we wanted. Let's hope Malcom can climb up this list over the next few years.
17) Arturo Vidal
  • From: Bayern Munich
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2018
Another transfer that just made sense. He's not young but I think many of us had our views change on him when the price was revealed. You know what you get with Vidal. He's a warrior who is always going 100% and will never let up. In a team full of technically astute ballers, this is a good complimentary profile to have. While he doesn't have the technical ability of some of our other midfielders, he does not look out of place an is an upgrade on Paulinho. His time at Barca won't be long but I think it will be memorable.
16) Jasper Cillessen
  • From: Ajax
  • Fee: €13m
  • Year: 2016
Every time he plays he seems to pull off miraculous saves. He's only played 28 games but already lead us to 2 Copas. We have an opportunity to sell him for good profit, but until then he remains the best reserve GK in the world.
15) Claudio Bravo
  • From: Real Sociedad
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
Only spent 2 seasons at Barca but helped win 2 Ligas in the process. Always came up with crucial saves. Unfortunately he had to make way for MATS. He was not only a bargain at 12m, but sold for profit 2 years later.
14) Nélson Semedo
  • From: SL Benfica
  • Fee: €35,5m
  • Year: 2017
This was one of the most relieving signings I remember hearing about. We were desperate for a RB after Alves left and Semedo was the chosen one. In a window where we were also linked to Bellerin, most of us were so relieved when we got Semedo for a reasonable price. Reportedly one of the most reliable and hardworking players in training, Semedo has gradually developed his skill and lately seems to be Valverde's preference for the RB spot. There's more to come from this man.
13) Clément Lenglet
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €35,9m
  • Year: 2018
Originally signed as a backup, 35m for a young Liga proven left footed CB seemed like a good deal at the time. Little did we know he would become the most important signing of the season. Even if this is his only season as a starter, Lenglet has already made up for his fee by being a exceptionally good stand in for Umtiti. He may not be on the same level as Samu but it is rarely noticeable. To perform on his first season on the most stressful position is remarkable.
12) Ousmane Dembélé
  • From: Borussia Dortmund
  • Fee: €120m
  • Year: 2017
Might be controversial to have such an expensive young player who has only played consistently for 12 months this high, but I'm confident the board got this one right. He has absolutely exploded this season and his performances have made us all a bit more calm for life after Messi. Arguably the most gifted young attacker in the world, this kid is going to be amongst the elite. He was a big risk and he still has a lot to prove, but we have to credit Bartomeu for betting on him.
11) Adriano
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €9,5m
  • Year: 2010
Maybe a player some will be surprised to see so high, but Adriano was the original Sergi Roberto. Signed as a LB, Adriano ended up playing wherever was needed including RB, CB, and even as a winger. For 10m it's hard to beat his value for money. Without doubt an underrated part of Guardiola's Barca.
10) Alexis Sánchez
  • From: Udinese
  • Fee: €26m
  • Year: 2011
Although he was inconsistent during periods, he was entertaining and never lacked effort. He only spent 3 years here before being sold for a profit to Arsenal, but he definitely developed made a name for himself as one of the best wingers in the world at Barca. I will never forget his cracking goal on his last game with us vs Atleti that could have won the league.
9) Arthur
  • From: Gremio
  • Fee: €31m
  • Year: 2018
Okay, why am I including a player in the top 10 who has only played here for 4 months? I think you all know why. Personally, I have never been more confident that a young signing will make it at Barca than when I first saw Arthur play. He was born to play for Barca and has finally fulfilled our need for an orchestrating midfielder since Xavi left. King.
8) Samuel Umtiti
  • From: Lyon
  • Fee: €25m
  • Year: 2016
Umtiti was THE CB signing Barca fans had been calling out for for years. He was well worth the wait as well, ticking all the boxes necessary for a Pique partner - young, left-footed, athletic, good in the air, and great with the ball. Although Lenglet has done well to mask his absence this season, make no mistake that Umtiti is crucial to the future of Barca's defense. Already amongst the best CBs in the world when he's fit and a crucial piece of France's WC run, Barca need Umtiti at 100% to reach their best.
7) David Villa
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2010
Villa's performances spoke for themselves. He cemented his place in the starting XI immediately in what would become the single greatest football team of all time. An absolutely perfect fit with Guardiola football, which is next to impossible to find in center forwards. So many memorable moments; 5-0, Wembley, Milan remontada... El Guaje was truly special. Unfortunately the board didn't see him as such in 2013 when they decided to send him to Atletico Madrid for a measly 2m. In classic Villa style, he made himself a key member of Simeone's team, scoring 13 league goals as Atleti beat Barcelona to the title.
6) Luis Suárez
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €81,7m
  • Year: 2014
Signed after a controversial summer and a lengthy ban from football, there were many doubts about Luis Suarez when he was first signed. After a brief adjustment period, Suarez single-handedly turned Barca's abysmal start to the season into a treble winning campaign. His connection with Neymar and Messi will go down as possibly the greatest front 3 football has ever witnessed. Whenever people doubt him he seems to keep finding goals in him. A rare breed of striker and a risky investment that went about as well as possible.
5) Neymar
  • From: Santos
  • Fee: €88m
  • Year: 2013
When he was first signed, many fans were nervous and unsure of Neymar. Paying so much for a flashy Brazilian who had never played in a top league was a huge risk. After taking a season to adapt to Europe, Neymar quickly defined his name as one of the world's best. His dazzling skills were reminiscent of Ronaldinho and he was nothing short of unplayable for most of his stint at Camp Nou. Of course, it didn't have a happy ending as he was drawn to the money of PSG who doubled the transfer fee record to bring him to Paris. He may not be fondly remembered by all Barca fans, but it's difficult to reminisce about Neymar's time at Barca without smiling.
4) Ivan Rakitic
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2014
I don't think many people expected Rakitic to turn out as well as he did. Since the day he walked into the club he made the starting CM spot his own and hasn't looked back. He has easily adapted to whatever role the manager requires of him thanks to his complete skill set with no real weaknesses in his game. 247 matches played contributing 13 trophies speaks for itself. For a fee of just 18m, Rakitic is certainly one of the bargains of the current era.
3) Javier Mascherano
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2010
Originally signed as a backup CDM, Mascherano ended up earning his claim as one of the best CBs in the world. After struggling in the midfield when he first came, Guardiola decided to place him at CB to stand in the for the injured Puyol and the rest is history. Masche won the hearts of Barca fans through his unrivaled passion and commitment to the team, a Puyol successor if there ever could be one. One of the greatest tacklers of the 21st century combined his defensive skill with his ability on the ball and football IQ to develop into an essential piece of Barcelona's defense until the arrival of Umtiti.
2) Marc-André ter Stegen
  • From: Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
By the time ter Stegen leaves this club he will go down as the greatest keeper in Barcelona history. I said it, and I'm sure of it. His flawless passing from the back along with his monstrous 1v1 ability makes him the ideal goalkeeper for Barca. One of the most consistent performers for Barca since his arrival, MATS impresses us more with every game he plays. 12m is pocket change for the best goalkeeper in the world. A final parting gift from Zubi that will live long in memory.
1) Jordi Alba
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €14m
  • Year: 2012
Announced during his breakout EURO 2012 campaign with Spain, Jordi Alba and Barca were the perfect match since the beginning. Alba fulfills such a unique skillset that makes him the perfect Barca fullback - any other player in the world would be a clear downgrade for his position. Not only has he developed an unbelievable partnership with Messi in attack, but his speed has helped prevent counterattacks countless times. The best part is he seems to get better and better with age. For just 14m, Barca struck gold with this one.
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[Pre Match Thread] Schalke 04 vs Manchester City (Champions League - Round of 16 - Leg 1)

Schalke 04 vs Manchester City F.C.
Competition Champions League – Round of 16 – Leg 1
Venue: Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Date: Wednesday, 20 February
Kick-off : 20:00 GMT | 21:00 CET | 14:00 Central USA
Referee : Carlos Del Cerro
Assistants : Juan Yuste, Roberto Alonso
Fourth official : José María Sanchez Martinez
VAR : Alejandro Hernandez
Schalke 04
Manager: Domenico Tedesco
Line Up - TBD
Substitutes - TBD
Sidelined – Mascarell, Schöpf, Embolo
Form Guide -
All competitions - W W L D W
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
There's nothing like a Champions League knockout match against one of the world's best. We have worked hard to be able to play in a game like this. By logic, we are in with a chance. Of course we aren't favourites, but we have made it to this round [on merit]. Manchester City have an extremely strong team and we need to be strong. We owe it to ourselves and to our fans.
City are very structured in their phases of play. Every player knows what the others are doing. They are particularly good in the 'number eight' position. Yet even if you do your job well, it can make you vulnerable in some respects. Any team can pay the price [against them].
Dominico Tedesco
Manchester City F.C.
Manager: Pep Guardiola
Line Up – TBD
Substitutes - TBD
Sidelined – Jesus, Stones
Form Guide
All competitions - W W W W W
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
This competition is special – the teams are good, you have to control your emotions. You have to suffer and survive the bad moments, but we are confident. We have many dreams in our head.
You can't go through if you are not yourself, if you don't do your best performance. If you want to dream, to go through to the last stages, every single second you have to be incredible: impose your game. To be ourselves, that is what I want to feel.
Pep Guardiola
Book Schalke 04 DRAW Man City
William Hill 10.00 5.50 1.30
Bet 365 12.00 5.75 1.30
Bwin 11.00 5.50 1.30
Tipico 11.00 5.70 1.27
Payout odds in multiples of 1, i.e. odds of 2.60 means a total payout of €2.60 if you place a winning bet of €1.
Odds at 14:00 GMT. Included to show how the bookies rate the outcome probabilities. This is not an endorsement for gambling. Bet responsibly if you really must. Don’t be an idiot.
  • Schalke and Manchester City are facing each other in a third different European competition after the Cup Winners Cup (1969/70 semi-final) and UEFA Cup (2008/09 group stages)
  • In April 1970, Manchester City beat Schalke 5-2 on aggregate in the Cup Winners Cup semi-final - they would later win their first and so far only European trophy with a 2-1 victory in the final against Górnik Zabrze
  • Manchester City are unbeaten in their last seven Champions League games against German opponents (W6 D1) since a 0-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in September 2014 - current Man City boss Pep Guardiola was in charge of Bayern that day
  • Schalke have been knocked out in the round of 16 in each of their last three Champions League appearances - 2010/11 was the last time they made it past that stage, reaching the semi-finals
  • Schalke are unbeaten in their last nine European home games (W6 D3) - they last went longer without a home defeat between July 2003 and November 2004 (11 games). They are looking to win three consecutive home Champions League games for the first time since April 2011, when they reached the semi-final of the competition
  • Schalke scored six goals in this season's group stages, the lowest tally amongst the 16 clubs left in the competition, with five of those six goals coming after half-time. However, only Borussia Dortmund (5) kept more clean sheets than Schalke (4)
  • Manchester City have lost five of their eight Champions League knockout games away from home, winning two (Dynamo Kiev in February 2016, Basel in February 2018) and drawing one
  • No Schalke player scored more than one goal or delivered more than one assist in this season's Champions League group stages
  • No player delivered more assists than Manchester City's Riyad Mahrez in the Champions League group stages this season (4, level with Kylian Mbappé and Memphis Depay)
  • Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has won the Champions League on two occasions as a manager (2009 & 2011, both with Barcelona); a third trophy would equal Zinedine Zidane, Carlo Ancelotti and Bob Paisley's record. He's also reached the semi-finals in seven of his nine previous seasons as manager but hasn't made the final since 2011
Will be updated as more information emerges
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Pre-Match Thread: Arsenal vs. FC Koln - Europa League

Arsenal vs FC Koln
Competition: Europa League
Kick-off: 8:05pm, Thursday, September 14th.
Location: Emirates Stadium
Team news:
Arsene Wenger will rest a host of first-team players when Arsenal begin their Europa League campaign at home to FC Koln, but Alexis Sanchez and Jack Wilshere may feature.
Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Granit Xhaka, Danny Welbeck and Alexandre Lacazette have all been left out of the squad
Wenger says the best way of returning to the Champions League next year is via a top-four Premier League finish.
"We did that for 20 years," he said.
"We got 75 points last year and overall, I am humble enough to be happy to win every competition," added the Frenchman.
"I think the best way to do it is through the Premier League."
Wenger has included Chile forward Sanchez in his squad for Thursday's game.
The 28-year-old - Arsenal's top scorer last season with 30 goals in all competitions - was close to joining Manchester City this summer before the Gunners pulled out of a £60m deal.
Opta stats:
  • This is the seventh consecutive season Arsenal have faced German opposition in Europe - they've faced Bayern Munich in four of those (2012/13, 2013/14, 2015/16 and 2016/17), Borussia Dortmund in three (2011/12, 2013/14 and 2014/15) and Schalke once (2012/13).
  • Arsenal and Cologne faced each other in the 1970/71 Fairs Cup, with the Gunners losing on aggregate on away goals. Arsenal won the home leg 2-1 at Highbury with goals from Frank McLintock and Peter Storey.
  • This is Arsenal's first European match not played in the Champions League since the 2000 UEFA Cup final, which they lost 4-1 on penalties to Galatasaray after a 0-0 draw.
  • Cologne's last European match against English opposition came in September 1995 - they routed Spurs 8-0 in an Intertoto Cup match.
  • In European competition proper, Cologne's last win over English opponents was in December 1976, beating a QPR side featuring Frank McLintock in the UEFA Cup.
  • The Gunners haven't lost a home game on a Thursday since Boxing Day 1974, losing 2-1 to Chelsea at Highbury - they've won eight and drawn three since.
  • Including qualifiers, Cologne will be the 64th different team Wenger has faced in European competition as Arsenal manager - he has registered at least one win over 56 of the previous 63 (89 per cent).
  • Lacazette has been involved in 10 goals in his last 10 starts in the Europa League (eight goals, two assists).
  • Of players to have featured in the Europa League for at least 600 minutes since 2009/10, Mesut Ozil has the best minutes per assist ratio, averaging an assist every 110 minutes. Ozil featured in the 2009/10 Europa League, assisting six goals in eight matches for Werder Bremen.
  • In three of Arsenal's last four European competition campaigns outside of the Champions League, the Gunners have reached the final - 1994 and 1995 Cup Winners' Cups and 2000 UEFA Cup final.
Arsenal are just 4/9 with Sky Bet to make a winning start to their Europa League campaign, with Cologne up against odds of 11/2, while the draw is priced at 7/2. The Gunners are joint outright favourites at 7/1 alongside AC Milan, while their German opponents are given a 33/1 chance. Lacazette and Olivier Giroud head the first goalscorer betting at 11/4 apiece, while Artjoms Rudnevs is considered the visitors' main threat at 10/1 to open the scoring.
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[Match Thread] Juventus Turin - Borussia Dortmund (CL, RO16)

Juventus FC2 - 1Borussia Dortmund
Champions League, round of 16, first leg
Stadium: Juventus Stadium, Turin
Kick off: 20:45 CET (UTC+1)
Referee: Antonia Mateu (Spain)
The Teams
Team Juventus FC Borussia Dortmund
Subreddit /Juve /BorussiaDortmund
Group 2nd place, GD 7:4, WLLWWD 1st place, GD 14:4, WWWWLD
Line-up 4-3-1-2 4-2-3-1
Buffon (GK) (C) Weidenfeller (GK)
Evra Schmelzer
Chiellini Kirch 45'
Bonucci Hummels (C)
Lichtsteiner Ginter 32'
Pogba Sahin
Pereyra 36' 79' Gündogan
Marchioso Reus 18'
Padoin 85' Mkhitaryan
Coman 88' Aubameyang
Morata 42' Blaszczykowski 75'
Bench Storari (GK) Langerak (GK)
Caceres Piszczek 32'
Ogbonna Immobile 75'
Tevez 13' 88' Kagawa
Vidal 48' 85' Kehl
Pirlo 36' Sokratis 45'
Llorente Ramos
Coach Allegri Klopp
Unavailable players:
  • Juventus FC: Asamoah (injured), Romulo (injured), Marrone (injured), Matri (injured)
  • Borussia Dortmund: Kampl (sick), Großkreutz (injured), Subotic (injured), Durm (injured), Bender (injured)
The 2 teams met each other a total of 7 times, including the UEFA-Cup final of 1993 and the Champions League final of 1997. In general, Turin won 4 times, Dortmund twice, once they drew. In the CL alone however, Dortmund won twice and Juventus only once. The total goal difference is 15:10 in favour of Juvents, in the CL however Dortmund claims again the lead with 6:5 goals.
The stats couldn't possibly closer for this old international rivalry that decided 2 international competitions so far. The squads have a total market value of €322m. vs. €318m., average player market values of €11.9m. vs. €10.6m, both have 19 players in national teams, the total amount of club members are just as equal at 111'000 vs. 115'000. The (literally) most valuable players are both estimated at ~€50m be it Pogba or Reus, and neither looks to leave their club any time soon.
Juventus is unbeaten at home for 46 matches running now, the last time someone took a win off away from them in their stadium was a German team - Bayern Munich, in the 2nd leg of the CL RO8 of 2012/13.
  • Juventus FC key players: Buffon, Pirlo, Pogba, Tevez
  • Borussia Dortmund key players: Hummels, Kagawa, Reus, Aubameyang
Betting odds - according to
Win Turin Draw Win Dortmund
2.00 3.40 4.33
0 - 1 goals 2 or more goals 4 or more goals
2.75 1.40 4.33
  • Juventus FC advances to the RO8 - 1.80
  • Borussia Dortmund advances to the RO8 - 2.00
  • Lowest odds for exact results - 1:0 (for 6.00), 1:1 (for 6.00)
Match Updates
0' Kick-off
1' Immobile with the first shot of the game, goes 1m over the bar of his fellow Italians.
3' Dortmund with two smaller fouls, but neither called. Ref seems to not want to interrupt the game too much today.
4' Buffon not as good with his feet as with his hands, causing a throw in. The following throw in ends up being a mare because the ref somehow isn't statisfied, ends up with a throw in for Juventus in the end.
6' Juve with decent passing around the box, getting 2 subsequent corners, but not much more.
13' 1-0 Tevez! Who else could possibly bring Juve the lead? A quick counter attack over Morata, followed by a terrible mistake from Weidenfeller. The goalkeeper let a rather weak shot deflect directly to Tevez who just had to tap it in. Which he did, in best striker fashion.
18' 1-1 Reus, following the 2nd blatant individual mistake of the game. Chiellini slipping and losing the ball (not sure if you can really blame him for slipping here) in the build up and Reus leavues Buffon absolutely no chance in the 1on1 against Buffon. With this, Dortmund has the very least an important away goal.
21' Morata completely free on the penalty spot, but his header is neither placed nor strong, it goes wide. The chance was much better than what he made from it.
26' Marchioso with a header after a free kick, Weidenfeller completely underruning the ball. Dortmund is lucky that Juves headers are ill placed so far, and Weidenfeller should look to get some security back into his game.
28' Pogba with a very rough tackle on Piszczek, but no card. Seems like Juve is picking up Dortmunds higher physicality, the ref might want to keep this in check or it could end poorly. The mood is heating up quite a bit.
32' Dortmund (1/3) - Piszczek, Ginter, Klopp forced to rearrange his defence after Pogba basically got rid of Piszczek.
36' Juventus (1/3) - Pirlo, Pereyra, I'm not sure what happened to Pirlo but I wouldn't be exactly surprised if it was because of a rough tackle as well.
40' Vidal with a studs up tackle on Immobile, again no yellow, and honestly that would be a very orange-y yellow card. This is starting to be a completely pathetic ref performance.
42' 2-1 Morata, out of nowhere! Dortmund took the game over for the last 15min, but a single combination from Vidal to Pogba to Morata leaves the Dortmund defense completely disoriented. No one marking Morata who just has to tap it in.
45' Halftime. Weird game so far, Dortmund started rough but then turned it around to play well. In total two goals from individual mistakes, and Juve scoring twice just as Dortmund is looking stronger. The referee too afraid to show a card in a game where frankly, Vidal is lucky to still be on the field after his challenge on Immobile amongst other stuff, not even starting to talk on all the other unnecessary fouls from either side. Here's to hope the 2nd half is less phsyique and more play.
45' Dortmund (2/3) - Sokratis, Kirch
46' 2nd half is on, my friends!
48' Vidal, and I dare to say: finally. This challenge was just as reckless as the one on Immobile, if he continues this he won't finish the game.
53' Juve with their 5th corner of the game, and that's a dangerous one. Weidenfeller with a minor insecurity letting the ball drop in his knee but he saves it directly after.
56' Dortmund with a combination through the center, ends up with Immobile open on half-right position. His shot is a rather easy one for Buffon. Replay shows that a handball call might've been possible here, I'm not sure so let's wait for a gfy on that. I think most agree there was nothing close to a penalty happening here, if you look at him even moving his arm away.
58' Hummels losing the ball in build up, luckily for Dortmund Juve doesn't push their advantage properly.
60' Pogba with his hand in Kirchs face, ref doesn't bother calling it. Sorry folks but I can't not make it sound like a complete joke what this alleged referee is doing. It was nothing vicious at all, but hand in face is one of the clearest calls out there.
62' Tevez with a great chance from a great position roughly 8m in front of the goal, but he can't quite control it, so his attempt goes very wide.
67' I have to say, Dortmund is rather clueless in the 2nd half so far. Even after a gifted corner, Dortmund doesn't even come close to create a proper chance.
70' Tevez free to shoot from the edge of the box after Dortmund is a bit disordered in their defence, it goes wide by just a few inches. Wiedenfeller doesn't seem to have gotten it.
72' A long ball and a lack of communication between Ginter and Weidenfeller forces Weidenfeller to first smash it away, then tackle down Ginter as I think Tevez was approaching.
74' A shot from Immobile goes roughly 1m over the bar, Buffon recognizing this and not even trying to save it.
75' Dortmund (3/3) - Immobile, Blaszczykowski - Aubameyang going as striker now, Kuba on the right wing, same as last weekend against Stuttgart. The Italian fans whistling Immobile off the field, which is no surprise as they were whistling him throughout the entire game.
77' Ginter slipping basically on the same spot as Chiellini leading up to the temporary equalizer, Tevez taking the attempt but Weidenfeller saves it. The following corner is as dangerous as most Juve corners so far, but it goes over the bar.
78' An incomplete pass allows Juve to play out a 3v3, but offside players force an unideal pass which gets intercepted on a great sliding tackle.
79' Pereyra for a professional foul from behind on Mkhitaryan.
85' Dortmunds central defense disordered yet again, Pereyra gets through open in front of the goal, but his shot misses to post just narrowly.
85' Juventus (2/3) - Vidal, Padoin, even though Vidal cooled a bit down it's a smart decision from Allegri before he somehow gets himself send off.
88' Juventus (3/3) - Tevez, Coman. He who opened the scoring tonight gets to take a shower earlier, Juve looking to defend their lead over the time now.
89' Dortmund with a good chance on a counter, but they completely mess it up and it leads to nothing.
90' It's over, Juventus wins the first leg at home 2-1 against Dortmund.
Highlights - the place for gifs
cppn02 and his gifs, I'll only put major events in the thread, visit his post for more moving images.
Juventus FC 90' Borussia Dortmund
47% Possession 53%
10 Shots 12
55% Duells 45%
412 total passes 463
80% Passing accuracy 80%
8 Fouls 9
4 Offsides 1
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[Pre Match Thread] Bayern München vs Atlético Madrid [Champions League - Semi Final - Leg 2]

Bayern München (0) vs (1) Atlético Madrid
Competition : Champions League – Semi Final – Leg 2
Venue: Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Date: Tuesday, 03 May
Kick-off : 19:45 BST | 20:45 CET | 13:45 Central USA
Referee : C. Çakιr
Assistants : C. Satman, T. Ongun
Fourth official : S. Ok
Bayern München
Manager: Josep Guardiola
Line Up – Neuer, Ribéry, Martinez, Lewandowski, Costa, Alonso, Boateng, Lahm (C), Vidal, Müller, Alaba
Substitutes - Ulreich, Tasci, Thiago, Rafinha, Götze, Coman, Kimmich
Sidelined – Robben (groin), Badstuber (ankle)
Form Guide
All competitions - W W W L D
Champions League - D W W D L
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
We mustn't think about how many goals we must score. We need think first about defending well and controlling the game. We want possession and we want goals. Atleti defend very well, but they are also going good up front. It is complicated to play a team like them. They know each other so very well. We will create chances, if perhaps not too many.
It will be my last game in the Champions League here in Munich and I have always been treated absolutely wonderfully. In Germany you play a little differently, and I tried to adapt some things. I have learned a lot here. We have achieved a lot during my time here, but it is always really difficult to make the final of this competition.
Josep Guardiola
Atlético Madrid
Manager: Diego Simeone
Line Up - Oblak, Juanfran, Godin, Gimenez, Filipe Luis, Gabi, Augusto, Koke, Saul, Griezmann, Torres
Substitutes - Moyá, Savic, Lucas, Thomas, Carrasco, Correa, Vieto
Sidelined – Tiago (broken leg)
Form Guide -
All competitions - W W W W W
Champions League - D W L W W
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
Football is a fantastic sport and there's a variety of ways to play it, depending on the players at your disposal. Our work over the last few years is paying dividends now. We have experienced guys mixed with some new players and they are all really great to work with them. That is reflected by our results. We were sharp in the first leg and we will see how sharp we are tomorrow; and how sharp Bayern are. Every game is different. We want to win, that's our plan. We want to play well and enjoy our success. But above all, what matters most is that we make the final.
Diego Simeone
Before the first leg, the teams had played only twice before, in that 1974 European Cup final – both sides' first. Atlético were seconds away from taking the trophy at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels when Luis Aragonés gave them a 114th-minute lead, only for Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck to level six minutes later.
The sides on 15 May 1974 were:
Bayern: Maier, Hansen, Beckenbauer, Schwarzenbeck, Breitner, Roth, Zobel, Kapellmann, Torstensson (Dürnberger 75), Müller, Hoeness.
Atlético: Reina, Melo, Heredia, Eusebio, Capón, Adelardo, Aragonés, Salcedo (Alberto 85), Ufarte (Becerra 60), Irureta, Gárate.
Two days later, the teams returned to the Heysel Stadium for what would be the only final replay in European Cup history, and this time Bayern ran out 4-0 winners thanks to two goals each from Uli Hoeness (28, 82) and Gerd Müller (56, 69). It was the first of what would be three successive final wins for Bayern.
The sides on 17 May 1974 were:
Atlético: Reina, Melo, Heredia, Eusebio, Capón, Adelardo (Benegas 59), Aragonés, Salcedo, Gárate, Alberto (Ufarte 65), Becerra.
Bayern: Maier, Hansen, Beckenbauer, Schwarzenbeck, Breitner, Roth, Zobel, Kapellmann, Torstensson, Müller, Hoeness.
Book Bayern DRAW Atlético
William Hill 1.55 3.80 6.50
Bet 365 1.57 4.00 7.00
Bwin 1.60 4.00 6.50
Tipico 1.57 4.00 6.50
Payout odds in multiples of 1, i.e. odds of 2.60 means a total payout of €2.60 if you place a winning bet of €1.
Odds at 14:15 GMT
Bayern München
  • Bayern drew 1-1 at home with VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday. The result, coupled with Borussia Dortmund's 5-1 victory over VfL Wolfsburg, means they must wait until next weekend for another chance to clinch their fourth successive Bundesliga title.
  • The Mönchengladbach fixture was Guardiola's 100th Bundesliga game in charge of Bayern. His record reads: W80 D11 L9.
  • Jérôme Boateng (out since 22 January, groin) made his return against Mönchengladbach, playing 68 minutes.
  • Guardiola's side face Dortmund in the German Cup final on 21 May.
  • Lahm has made more UEFA Champions League appearances than any other German player. The 32-year-old played his 104th game in the first leg against Atlético, surpassing Oliver Kahn's tally of 103.
  • Robben (adductor) has been out since 13 March.
  • Badstuber fractured an ankle in training on 13 February and will miss the rest of the season.
Atlético Madrid
  • Atlético have won their last seven games in all competitions.
  • The Rojiblancos have kept six successive clean sheets in all competitions. Jan Oblak has 23 to his name in the Liga this term, more than any other goalkeeper in Atlético's history, overtaking Thibaut Courtois's 20 in 2012/13 and 2013/14.
  • Godín aggravated a hamstring injury during Atlético's 1-0 win at Athletic on 20 April, two weeks after recovering from the same problem, and has missed the last three matches as a result.
  • On Sunday Godín and Yannick Carrasco (out since 23 April, ankle) were both passed as fit for the trip to Munich.
  • Griezmann has scored 30 goals in all competitions this season, his most recent strike coming in the 1-0 defeat of Rayo Vallecano de Madrid on Saturday.
  • Tiago (out since 28 November, leg) is still sidelined.
Bayern München
WIN: 2-0, or by any other two goal or higher margin
Atlético Madrid
DRAW: (regardless of score)
WIN: (by any margin)
LOSS: 2-1, or any higher series by a one goal margin
BAYERN "WIN": 1-0 after Extra Time
I will update the line-ups as the information emerges.
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[Pre Match Thread] - Bayern München vs Juventus - [Champions League - Round of 16 - Leg 2]

F.C. Bayern München vs. Juventus F.C.
Competition : Champions League - Round of 16 – Leg 2
Aggregate Score - Bayern München 2 - 2 Juventus (Leg 1)
Venue: Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Date: Wednesday, 16 March
Kick-off : 19:45 GMT | 20:45 CET | 14:45 Central USA
Referee : J. Eriksson
Assistants : M. Klasenius, D. Wärnmark
Fourth official : M. Culum
F.C. Bayern München
Manager: Pep Guardiola
Line Up – Neuer, Benatia, Ribéry, Lewandowski, Costa, Alonso, Lahm, Vidal, Müller, Alaba, Kimmich
Substitutes - Ulreich, Thiago, Rafinha, Bernat, Götze, Rode, Coman
Sidelined – Boateng (adductors), Badstuber (ankle), Robben (cold)
Form Guide
All competitions - D W L D W
Champions League - L W W W D
Weekend Result - Bayern 5-0 Bremen (Thiago Alcántara 9 90, Müller 31 65, Lewandowski 86) - Kingsley Coman set up two for Thiago Alcántara and the first of two for Thomas Müller, with Robert Lewandowski – on as substitute – scoring Bayern's fourth as they ended a two-game wait for a Bundesliga win.
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
We have to accept the result of the first leg. I would have preferred 5-0 but now we have to deal with it. Juventus are Juventus, with their own special spirit. The situation is the same as ever: Juve will be very strong opponents.
I know the Italian mentality, it has won them so many trophies. They wait for their moment. They know how to defend and how to score goals. After the first game, my appreciation and respect for Juve is even greater.
Juve can defend with ten men, with concentration and focus. I don't like this style of play, but I am impressed by the way they do it. They can also keep the ball with players like Paul Pogba, and they can attack. Juve can always score goals. We really will need to be at our best to win. We're all looking forward to this 'final'.
Josep Guardiola
Juventus F.C.
Manager: Massimiliano Allegri
Line Up– Buffon, Alex Sandro, Barzagli, Bonucci, Lichtsteiner, Evra, Khedira, Pogba, Hernanes, Morata, Cuadrado
Substitutes - Neto, Rugani, Asamoah, Sturaro, Pereyra, Zaza, Mandžukić
Sidelined – Cáceres (Achilles), Marchisio (calf), Dybala (calf), Chiellini (calf)
Form Guide
All competitions - D W W W W
Champions League - D D W L D
Weekend Result - Juventus 1-0 Sassuolo (Dybala 36) - Dybala's 14th league goal of the season proved enough as Juventus saw out the match to become the first team in history to keep ten consecutive Serie A clean sheets.
Pre-Match Press Conference Statements
We have to play a perfect game tomorrow. If we are not able to do so, it will be very difficult. We know Bayern are a team that normally take control of the game, 60 to 70% of the time.
Of course it is a pity that we have some injury problems. But we cannot risk anything with those lads, there are many other, very important, games for us in Serie A and the Coppa Italia.
Mandžukić is an extraordinary player. We will decide tomorrow if he will play or not. He trained well, but we do not know yet if he is going to play from the start. There are two players missing – this is not a drama, but of course it is sad. A drama for me is something else in life ...
It is possible Bayern are underestimating Juventus. But I don't think so, they have lots of respect for us, as we do have for them. We have to be very careful and try to be the better team tomorrow. It is as simple as that.
Massimiliano Allegri
F.C. Bayern München vs Juventus F.C.
4 WINS 3
13 GOALS 8
Book Bayern DRAW Juventus
William Hill 0.4 3.4 7.5
Bet 365 0.4 4 8
Bwin 1.4 4.6 8.5
Tipico 1.4 4.7 8.0
Bayern München
  • Bayern were in unstoppable form at home in the group stage, winning their three games against GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Arsenal FC and Olympiacos FC with an aggregate score of 14-1.
  • They have won their last three home matches against Italian opponents including a 2-0 success against AS Roma in last season's group stage. Their overall home record against Serie A sides is W9 D5 L5.
  • Bayern last lost a two-legged European tie against German opposition when going down on away goals to FC Internazionale Milano (1-0 a, 2-3 h) in the 2010/11 UEFA Champions League.
  • Their overall record in knockout ties against Italian sides is W4 L6.
  • Bayern lost the 2010 UEFA Champions League final against Inter (0-2) in Madrid.
  • Bayern have won all but two of the 20 UEFA ties in which they drew the first leg away from home, the exceptions being against Liverpool FC in the 1980/81 European Champion Clubs' Cup semi-finals (0-0 away, 1-1 home) and AC Milan in the 2006/07 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals (2-2 away, 0-2 home).
  • The Bianconeri had mixed fortunes on the road in the group stage, winning at Manchester City FC (2-1), drawing at VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach (1-1) and losing at Sevilla FC (0-1).
  • Massimiliano Allegri's side beat Borussia Dortmund home (2-1) and away (3-0) in last season's round of 16. Their overall away record against Bundesliga clubs is W9 D6 L8.
  • Juve's record in two-legged ties against German sides is W13 L3.
  • Juventus have lost two European Cup finals against German sides – against Hamburger SV (0-1) in 1983 and Dortmund (1-3) in 1997. They beat Dortmund 6-1 on aggregate in the 1993 UEFA Cup final.
  • Juve have won all but one of the seven UEFA competition ties in which they drew the home first leg, including the last six. The sole exception is the first, against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in the 1971/72 UEFA Cup quarter-finals, when a 1-1 home draw preceded a 2-1 away loss.
  • The Italian side have won both UEFA competition ties where the home first leg finished 2-2; against Borussia Dortmund in the 1994/95 UEFA Cup semi-finals (2-1 away) and Djurgårdens IF in the 2004/05 UEFA Champions League third qualifying round (4-1 away).
F.C. Bayern München
  • Draw 0 - 0
  • Draw 1 - 1
  • Win 1 - 0, or by greater margin
Juventus F.C.
  • Draw 3 - 3
  • Win 3 - 4, or by greater margin
  • Draw 2 - 2 (EDIT 93' - OF COURSE IT HAD TO BE THIS!)
I will be updating the information regarding line ups etc. as it emerges
EDIT: Line Ups are out!
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JaguarGator9's Weird Stat Thread- Super Bowl Edition

After weeks of weird stats, it’s now time for the grand finale of the season. Of course, I’m talking about the Super Bowl. First off, I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing with this series after the Super Bowl with regards to the offseason; I’ll definitely have one of these threads for the NFL Draft, but with everything else, I’m not sure. I’ll come up with something, though- I want to keep producing this content in the offseason the same way that I do in the regular season, because it helps me get through those six dark months (and if it helps you guys too, then great).
We’re going to divide this one up into a few different categories. Part I is going to be between the Broncos and the Panthers. Part II is going to be some weird stats from Super Bowl history. And, part III is the grand finale. It’s the big kahuna. It’s the part that I’ve been holding from you guys for a very long time. It’s the weirdest stat not just that I’ve ever come up with, but quite possibly, of all-time (sounds like an exaggeration now, but when you see it, you’ll see what I mean). I’ll explain how you can relate the halftime show to how good or bad the game turns out to be. But, we’re saving that for a bit. Let’s start off this thread with the Broncos/Panthers history.
Part I- Broncos vs. Panthers
Year Broncos Leading Rusher Panthers Leading Rusher
1997 Terrell Davis Fred Lane
2004 Reuben Droughns Nick Goings
2008 PJ Pope DeAngelo Williams
2012 Willis McGahee Jonathan Stewart
Year Broncos Passing Yards Panthers Passing Yards Winner
1997 233 113 Broncos
2004 224 163 Broncos
2008 158 253 Panthers
2012 295 198 Broncos
Year Previous Year’s #1 R&B Single
1997 Let It Flow (released as a double-A side with another Toni Braxton song)
2004 In Da Club
2008 Lost Without U
2012 Love on Top
2016 See You Again
Year Previous Year’s #1 Christmas Single Artist Winner
1997 2 Become 1 Spice Girls Denver
2004 Mad World Michael Andrews & Gary Jules Denver
2008 When You Believe Leon Jackson Carolina
2012 Wherever You Are Military Wives & Gareth Malone Denver
The last #1 Christmas single in the UK was “A Bridge over You” by the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir, which consists of both males and females. Advantage to the Broncos here.
Year Last Super Bowl Played Was New England There?
1997 XXXI Yes
2004 XXXVIII Yes
2008 XLII Yes
2012 XLVI Yes
2016 XLIX Yes
Year Last Super Bowl Played Facility
1997 XXXI Louisiana Superdome
2004 XXXVIII Reliant Stadium
2008 XLII University of Phoenix Stadium
2012 XLVI Lucas Oil Stadium
2016 XLIX University of Phoenix Stadium
Year Jags Record Did They Meet?
2004 5-11 (2003) Yes
2012 5-11 (2011) Yes
2016 5-11 (2015) Yes
Seeing as these two teams will meet again next regular season, this trend will continue.
Year Masters Champion Nationality Winner
1997 Tiger Woods USA Denver
2004 Phil Michelson USA Denver
2008 Trevor Immelman South Africa Carolina
2012 Bubba Watson USA Denver
For the record, the most recent champion of The Masters was Jordan Speith, an American. Advantage to the Broncos here.
Year Champions League teams Countries Involved Winner
1997 Borussia Dortmund & Juventus Germany/Italy Denver
2004 FC Porto & AS Monaco Portugal/Monaco Denver
2008 Manchester United & Chelsea England Carolina
2012 Chelsea & Bayern Munich England/Germany Denver
The most recent Champions League final was held between FC Barcelona (Spain) and Juventus (Italy), so once again, advantage to the Broncos here.
Year Did Chicago Release a Studio Album? Winner
1997 No (The Heart of Chicago- 1967-1997 was not a studio album) Denver
2004 No Denver
2008 Yes (Chicago XXXII: Stone of Sisyphus) Carolina
2012 No Denver
Chicago has not released an album in the first month of 2016. Advantage to the Broncos here, once again.
Part II- Super Bowl History
Super Bowl Winner Entrance Song Year Loser Entrance Song Year Old or New?
XXXIX NE Crazy Train 1980 PHI Thunderstruck 1990 Old
XL PIT Right Here, Right Now 1999 SEA Bittersweet Symphony 1998 New
XLI IND Won’t Get Fooled Again 1971 CHI Ladies and Gentlemen 2006 Old
XLII NYG Stronger 2007 NE Crazy Train 1980 New
XLIII PIT Right Here, Right Now 1999 ARZ Ignition 2007 Old
XLIV NO Sirius 1982 IND Won’t Get Fooled Again 1971 New
XLV GB Get Ready for This 1991 PIT Right Here, Right Now 1999 Old
XLVI NYG Written in the Stars 2010 NE Crazy Train 1980 New
XLVII BAL Where the Streets Have No Name 1987 SF California Love 1995 Old
This worked with 100% accuracy up until Super Bowl XLVIII. Keep in mind that Super Bowl XXXIX was the earliest video that I could find of entrance songs, and prior to Super Bowl XXXVIII, teams got introduced as individual players, and not as teams
Attendance at the Super Bowl Super Bowls to Fit This Criteria Margin of Victory
70,000 or less I, XXVI, XXXII, XXXVII, XL 14.5 pts
70,000-72,000 VIII, XXXV, XXXVIII, XLII, XLIII, XLVII, XLIX 8.71 pts
72,000-73,000 XVIII, XXIV, XXVIII, XXXI, XXXIV, XXXVI 20.83 pts
73,000-75,000 XX, XXII, XXV, XXXIII, XXXIX, XLI, XLIV 19 pts
75,000-77,000 II, III, XII, XV, XXIII, XXX 12.66 pts
77,000-81,000 IV, V, IX, X, XIII, XXXIX 6.66 pts
81,000-100,000 VI, VII, XVI, XIX, XXVII, XLVIII 21.4 pts
100,000 or more XI, XIV, XXI, XXVII, XLV 13 pts
Levi’s Stadium can be expanded to approximately 75,000 seats, so we’re either getting a Super Bowl in that 20.83 pts range or in that 19 pts range. Not good.
Super Bowl Team that won the toss Result of the flip Venue
XXIX 49ers Heads Joe Robbie Stadium
XXX Cowboys Tails Sun Devil Stadium
XXXII Packers Tails Qualcomm Stadium
XXXIII Falcons Tails Pro Player Stadium
XXXV Giants Tails Raymond James Stadium
XXXVII Buccaneers Tails Qualcomm Stadium
XXXIX Eagles Tails Alltel Stadium
XLI Bears Heads Dolphin Stadium
XLIII Cardinals Heads Raymond James Stadium
XLIV Saints Heads Sun Life Stadium
XLVIII Seahawks Tails MetLife Stadium
Notice a theme here? The last 11 coin tosses that took place in outdoor venues were won by the NFC team. The last time that an AFC team won the coin toss outdoors was all the way back at Super Bowl XXVII, when the Bills won the toss. The last time that an AFC team won the coin toss outdoors AND won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XVIII, when the Los Angeles Raiders did it.
Super Bowl AFC Champion Margin of Victory NFC Champion Margin of Victory Winner
XXXIV Titans 19 Rams 5 Worse
XXXV Ravens 13 Giants 41 Worse
XXXVI Patriots 7 Rams 5 Greater
XXXVII Raiders 17 Buccaneers 17 N/A
XXXVIII Patriots 10 Panthers 11 Worse
XXXIX Patriots 14 Eagles 17 Worse
XL Steelers 17 Seahawks 20 Worse
XLI Colts 4 Bears 25 Worse
XLII Patriots 9 Giants 3 Worse
XLIII Steelers 9 Cardinals 7 Greater
XLIV Colts 13 Saints 3 Worse
XLV Steelers 5 Packers 7 Greater
XLVI Patriots 3 Giants 3 N/A
XLVII Ravens 15 49ers 4 Greater
XLVIII Broncos 10 Seahawks 6 Worse
XLIX Patriots 38 Seahawks 6 Greater
The Broncos won the AFC Championship this year by 2 points. The Panthers won the NFC Championship by 34 points. The stats favor the Broncos, especially when considering the fact that teams that win the conference championship by more than 17 points since the turn of the millennium are 1-4 in the Super Bowl.
Year of Stanley Cup Victory Next Super Bowl Margin of Victory
1971 VI 21
1973 VIII 17
1992 XXVII 35
2010 XLV 6
2013 XLVIII 35
Year of World Series Appearance Next Super Bowl Margin of Victory
1969 IV 16
1973 VIII 17
1986 XXI 19
2000 XXXV 27
Part III- The Weirdest Stat of All
Well, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve been holding off this stat for a long time; I think I’ve been holding this one off ever since I started the Weird Stat Thread. This is the big one, and it’s one that I’ve had in my back pocket for a very long time. By a very long time, I’m talking about the fact that I’ve been keeping this stat since December of 2013. However, because it’s very hard to explain verbally (and you’ll see why), and because I’ve never had a platform like this before, I’ve never been able to share it to the world.
Now is the time. After more than two years of waiting and refining the stat, it’s finally time to reveal it. It doesn’t tell you who will win the Super Bowl, but it can tell you how good or bad the Super Bowl will be. You can tell how good or bad the show is going to be simply by the halftime show. Keep in mind that this is not a stat based on opinion; I’m not saying that if the halftime show is good, then the Super Bowl will be good, or vice versa. This is a stat based off of numbers, and strange numbers at that. Let’s break this stat down into parts.
History of the Halftime Show
I’m not going to dive too much into the history of the show, because I’ve done that for an entire series. If you want to check that out, then here’s the link to the most recent one on the Katy Perry halftime show. I bring this up because it’s important in our understanding of the stat, and in terms of when the cut-off date is going to be. Most of the Super Bowls prior to Super Bowl XXV featured marching bands, Disney performances, or really bad magic tricks. However, from Super Bowl XXV-on, each halftime show featured at least one artist. That doesn’t mean that the shows were good; I still think that the Super Bowl XXV halftime show is the worst of all-time. However, from Super Bowl XXV-on, there was at least one recognizable name in each halftime show. For this reason, our cut-off date is Super Bowl XXV.
The Stat and the Guidelines
How the stat works is incredibly confusing and took a very long time to figure out, but let’s see if you can follow along with me on this one. Here’s the simple form of it:
Take the first singer that performs in the halftime show (ex: Katy Perry was the first performer in Super Bowl XLIX, not Lenny Kravitz or Missy Elliott). Now, take the longest song that the artist has ever recorded in their lifetime up until that point. By knowing the length of that song, you can determine how good or bad the Super Bowl is going to be
Sounds confusing? In more broken down terms, we’re taking the first artist that is performing at the halftime show. After taking that artist, we’re looking at their entire discography and picking out the longest song that this artist has. If that song is a certain length, the game will be good; if it’s not, then the game will be bad. However, for this stat to work, we need some qualifiers.
Now that we’ve got the guidelines down, it’s time to look at the songs.
The Table
Super Bowl First Artist Longest Song Song Length Margin of Victory
XXV New Kids on the Block My Favorite Girl 5:28 1
XXVI Gloria Estefan Here We Are 4:50 13
XXVII Michael Jackson Will You Be There 7:40 35
XXVIII Clint Black We Tell Ourselves 4:39 17
XXIX Patti LaBelle Music Is My Way of Life 8:12 23
XXX Diana Ross Love Hangover 7:48 10
XXXI Blues Brothers Sweet Home Chicago 7:53 14
XXXII The Temptations Papa Was a Rolling Stone 6:52 7
XXXIII Stevie Wonder Another Star 8:29 15
XXXIV Christina Aguilera Somebody’s Somebody 5:03 7
XXXV *NSYNC That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You 4:52 27
XXXVI U2 Lemon 6:59 3
XXXVII Shania Twain From This Moment On 4:52 27
XXXVIII Janet Jackson Any Time, Any Place 7:09 3
XXXIX Paul McCartney Hey Jude 7:11 3
XL The Rolling Stones Miss You 8:36 11
XLI Prince Purple Rain 8:43 12
XLII Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers House in the Woods 5:32 3
XLIII Bruce Springsteen Jungleland 9:36 4
XLIV The Who Won’t Get Fooled Again 8:34 14
XLV The Black Eyed Peas They Don’t Want Music 6:47 6
XLVI Madonna Physical Attraction 6:40 4
XLVII Beyonce Dance for You 6:18 3
XLVIII Bruno Mars It Will Rain 4:18 35
XLIX Katy Perry Lost 4:59 4
Analysis of the Table
Let’s take a look at the longest song lengths, because right now, this is just a bunch of numbers. However, when you look at it more closely, these numbers are heavily related.
Longest Song Length Occurrences Games Decided by Single Digits Average Margin of Victory
Less than 4:55 5 0 23.8 points
4:55-7:11 11 11 3.7 points
Greater than 7:11 9 1 15.33 points
If the longest song by the first halftime show artist fits the range of 4:55-7:11, then expect the game to be really good. If it doesn’t… expect a blowout, or, at the very least, a 2-possession game. The only one that didn’t fit the 4:55-7:11 range and ended up being a single digit game was Super Bowl XLIII. Every other game was decided by double digits. Want to know why you had a string of good Super Bowls in a row, and then, you had a blowout at Super Bowl XLVIII? Blame Bruno Mars for that.
What Does This Mean for Coldplay?
The odds are likely that Coldplay will be the first performer at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, since they are the headlining act. What’s the longest song in their discography that comes off of a studio album? Unfortunately for us, Coldplay released a live album in 2003 called Live 2003 (original name, I know), and one of the songs on that album is “Everything’s Not Lost.” This song clocks in at 8:48, which fits in the “Greater than 7:11” range. Remember that in the 9 occurrences of this, only once has the game finished in single digits, and the average margin of victory is more than two touchdowns.
Based on that stat, expect a really bad Super Bowl, unfortunately. Hopefully, it’s not the case; I’d much rather be entertained for another Super Bowl than to have my weird stat be correct and watch another blowout. That being said, the numbers have held true for more than 25 years. This isn’t good for Super Bowl 50. One way or the other, you may be looking at a blowout.
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 08/08/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


Hibernian have announced the signing of midfielder Emerson Hyndman on loan from Bournemouth until January.


Sky sources understand Rangers have rejected West Brom's £3m bid for James Tavernier and will not consider selling until their valuation of the full-back has been met.



Morecambe survived relegation to the National League by the skin of their teeth last season and have beefed up their forward line in a bid to avoid a repeat performance this season.


Manchester United legend Paul Scholes does not believe his former club have the quality to challenge Manchester City or Liverpool in the Premier League this season.
"When you look at Manchester City, possibly Liverpool, I don't think they [United] have the quality of those two teams at the minute. Liverpool have made some really good signings. United finished above them last season," said Scholes, speaking in Hong Kong.
"I just don't see United getting closer to City. City are a really good side, great manager, some great players, a way of playing that they all know about and Manchester United seem to be not too sure what's going on.
"You don't really know the team, you don't really know the players, you don't know how they're going to perform from one week to the next. So I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see them challenging for the league this year."


The Transfer Centre rounds up of all the latest summer transfer stories from Sky Sports News.


Hartlepool goalkeeper Ryan Catterick has joined Guisborough Town on a short-term loan deal.



New Southampton goalkeeper Angus Gunn says working with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City played a big part in his development.


Here’s the latest from Sky Sports News’ Richard Graves…
“It’s certainly never dull is it around Newcastle United, especially in the transfer window. You feel they are probably still in the market for another striker, despite bringing in Salomon Rondon on a season-long loan. They also need to strengthen in defence. Federico Fernandez, the Swansea City defender is certainly one name that has been linked with Newcastle. In terms of attacking options Liverpool striker Danny Ings is another name.”


Rangers boss Steven Gerrard entertained journalists in his news conference by acting as translator for new signing Nikola Katic.


SSN reporter Roger Clarke gives us an update from Tottenham's training ground in Enfield:
"It will be interesting to see what Spurs do next, with Villa seemingly digging their heels in. They are saying Jack Grealish is not for sale.
"So do Spurs go back in with an improved offer and hope they can force Villa's hand going into TDD? Or do they look elsewhere?
"But Grealish seems to be the one they really seem focussed on and have been all summer..."


Alexis Sanchez says he has put last season behind him and it is all about winning things with Manchester United this term.


Efe Ambrose is confident Hibernian can brush off the loss of Scotland midfielder John McGinn and produce another memorable European performance against Molde.
McGinn was absent from training on Tuesday and Wednesday after going down to Birmingham for talks as Aston Villa battle Celtic for his signature.
"I don't think it's going to affect us," the former Celtic defender said. "We are a team, not an individual. We know it's been coming so we will just focus on the game, that's the most important thing for Hibs.
"We know if John is here he is a plus for the team, he is a good player. So we are without John but we are still here and we still have the quality of player to do well.
"So we focus on the game and leave John to deal with everything that is going on around him.
"We wish him well but in football players come and go so we are not going to be distracted by his transfer."


Hibernian are in talks with Bournemouth over the loan move for Emerson Hyndman, according to Sky sources.
The American has previously played in Scotland while on loan at Rangers in 2017.
Hibs want to get the deal done before the UEFA Deadline tonight so he can play in the Europa League qualifier against Molde at Easter Road tomorrow.


Here’s an update from Sky Sports News reporter Vinny O’Connor at Everton's Finch Farm training ground:
“It’s good news for Evertonians at the moment. This deal is close, very close. Bernard flew into Manchester airport earlier this afternoon.
"Not only was he met there by our camera, but he was also met by Everton’s player liaison officer as well. He made the short trip to Everton’s Finch Farm training ground. He arrived at around 4.15pm and he’s been in there ever since.
"He’s going through the formalities of a medical and they also have to go through the process of sorting out a work permit as well. No real problems are anticipated, certainly from the information we are getting at least. The way this is going to pan out it seems is that once this deal is signed and sealed the likelihood is that Everton will announce Bernard tomorrow, well into time of the 5pm deadline."


The latest from our friends at Football Whispers as we approach tea time...


West Brom have made a £3m bid for Rangers captain James Tavernier, according to Sky sources.
The 26-year-old full-back has made more than 140 appearances for the Ibrox club since joining from Wigan Athletic in 2015 and scored a penalty for Rangers in their opening day draw against Aberdeen on Sunday.


Sky Sports News reporter Kaveh Solhekol gives us an update on Manchester United's pursuit of Jerome Boateng and Harry Maguire, among others...


Alexis Sanchez says Man Utd must sign players of Arturo Vidal's calibre if the club are to compete for trophies this season.
"At United we have to sign big players, with experience," Sanchez told Sky Sports. "Barcelona just signed Arturo Vidal, who is a great player and my team-mate from Chile.
"He is an example of the type of players we need to sign in order to win trophies and compete at the highest level.
"From what I've seen in training, Fred is a player who always wants to get forward, he is always trying to get forward and from a personal point of view I think we'll be able to combine well and it will be good for my game."


Joe Bryan has undergone a medical and looks set to join Aston Villa in the next few hours, SSN understands.
Villa manager Steve Bruce has reportedly fought off interest from a number of Championship clubs for the Bristol City defender.
The fee for the 24-year-old is thought to be in the region of £5m.
Bryan made 48 appearances in all competitions last season and was involved in Bristol City's season-opening 1-1 draw at home to Nottingham Forest on Saturday.


Real Madrid boss Julen Lopetegui says he wants Croatia midfielder Mateo Kovacic to stay at the Bernabeu.


Birmingham have completed the signing of goalkeeper Lee Camp on a free transfer from Cardiff.
The 33-year-old, who spent the second half of last season on loan at Sunderland, has penned a two-year contract with the Sky Bet Championship club.
Camp is set to become Birmingham's first-choice goalkeeper, casting doubts on the future of both David Stockdale and Tomasz Kuszczak.


Bournemouth defender Brad Smith has joined MLS club Seattle Sounders on a season-long loan.
The Australia international made 11 first-team appearances for Bournemouth after moving from Liverpool in 2016, and missed the majority of last season with a hip injury.
Bournemouth retain the option in January to recall Smith from Seattle, who are currently eighth in the Western Conference.


Man Utd are keen to bring Jerome Boateng to Old Trafford – but only on loan, rather than on a permanent basis, SSN understands.
Jose Mourinho still has the German international as his No 1 choice recruit – but privately behind the scenes at United there are fears over a permanent contract for a player with a chequered history of injuries.
Boateng, 29, suffered muscle and tendon injuries over the past three Bundesliga campaigns, missing 27 games in total since December 2016.
With one day left of the summer window, Mourinho is running out of time to find a new central defender. Privately, United believe Harry Maguire is not for sale at Leicester and as things stand, Yerry Mina’s chances coming to Old Trafford looks increasingly slim.
Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward has made funds available to Jose, but is determined not to pay over the odds in the current market.


Wolves are closing in on a deal to sign Belgium international Leander Dendoncker, according to Sky sources.
SSN understands the Anderlecht midfielder travelled to England on Wednesday to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical with the Premier League club.
Dendoncker has made more than 170 appearances for Anderlecht since his debut for the club in 2013.
The 23-year-old has represented Belgium on six occasions and was included in Roberto Martinez's final 23-man squad for the World Cup in Russia, in which the Red Devils finished third.


Brazil midfielder Bernard has arrived at Finch Farm to undergo his medical at Everton.


Middlesbrough have completed the signing of West Ham striker Jordan Hugill on a season-long loan.


Hibernian will be without John McGinn for the Europa League encounter with Molde after Neil Lennon resigned himself to losing the midfielder following bids from Celtic and Aston Villa.


Watford are interested in a loan deal for Southampton’s James Ward-Prowse, according to Sky sources.
However, SSN understands the young English midfielder is not available on loan and the Saints will rebuff any such advances for the player.


Sporting Lisbon, Fenerbahce and Besiktas are all in talks to sign Leicester striker Islam Slimani, according to Sky sources.
Slimani was Leicester’s record signing when they paid Sporting £28m for him two years ago.
The Algerian spent the second half of last season on loan at Newcastle.


Axel Witsel rejected a move to Man Utd this summer, the player's agent has claimed.
Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund completed a deal to sign Witsel from Chinese side Tianjin Quanjianearlier this week.
"There were other candidates. Manchester United wanted him, Napoli too," Paul Stefani told Belgian outlet HLN.
"But I told Axel: 'At Dortmund you are the number one, at Manchester you are one of the many... and at Napoli too'."


Jack Grealish is very disappointed and disillusioned that Aston Villa are refusing to sell him to Spurs, according to Sky sources.
We understand the midfield player was promised he could leave before Villa’s new owners arrived at the club last month.
Grealish has not given up on moving to Spurs and he is still hoping that Villa will let him move.


As we wait for new signings at Huddersfield, the locals enjoy a game of crown green bowls...


Olivier Giroud says he is set to hold talks with Chelsea over a new contract.
The France World Cup winner joined the Blues from Arsenal in January, but his current deal expires at the end of this season.
Giroud attracted interest from Atletico Madrid earlier this summer.
"No, I am happy here at Chelsea. I just arrived a few months ago and am just starting to settle well,” Giroud told the Standard.
"I still have one year (of my contract) to go with Chelsea, plus maybe another one. I'm going to discuss that with the club at the right time. There is no rush."


Good news for Everton fans as Brazil international Bernard has arrived at Manchester airport ahead of his expected medical at Finch Farm, which the midfielder is expected to have in the next 48 hours.


Watford goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann has moved to Kilmarnock on a season-long loan.
The 24-year-old former Austria U21 international, who joined the Hornets in July 2017, will spend the entire 2018/19 campaign with the Scottish Premiership side who are managed by Steve Clarke.


Lyon manager Bruno Genesio admits Nabil Fekir could still leave the club as the summer transfer window comes to a close.


Why is Tottenham transfer target Jack Grealish worth £25m? We have compared his stats against the average Premier League midfielder to find out..
Read the feature HERE


Rangers confirm midfielder Greg Docherty has joined Shrewsbury Town on a season-long loan deal.
Docherty, who joined the Light Blues from Hamilton Accies in January, has made 14 appearances so far in his time at Ibrox.


Jordi Cruyff has been named manager of Chinese Super League side Chongqing Lifan.
The former Manchester United player ended a successful six-year spell at Maccabi Tel-Aviv earlier this year, which included stints as sporting director and head coach.
The 44-year-old succeeds Paulo Bento, who lost his job with Chongqing Lifan last month.


Sky in Germany are reporting that defender Jerome Boateng turned down a move to Manchester United for football reasons but, we are told he wants to move to United and Jose Mourinho wants to sign him.


One source has told us United have already had two bids turned down by Leicester for Harry Maguire. The second bid was worth about £60m.
Leicester are in advanced talks to sign two centre backs – Filip Benkovic from Dinamo Zagreb and Caglar Soyuncu from Freiburg – at a combined cost of about £35m.
As far as Leicester are concerned, Maguire is not for sale; they signed him for £17m from Hull City last summer and he has four years left on his contract.
Leicester are expected to offer him a new deal after his impressive performances for England in the World Cup this summer.


Sky sources: Leicester defender Harry Maguire is still hoping Manchester United will sign him with just one day to go before the window closes


Football agent Jon Smith says FIFA's deregulation of agents has created a 'watery' situation when it comes to player representation.


Sky sources: Defender Callum Connolly will join Wigan Athletic on a season-long loan from Everton


Aston Villa are in pole position to sign John McGinn despite renewed interest from Celtic, according to Hibernian head coach Neil Lennon.
Hibs midfielder McGinn spent Tuesday in talks with Aston Villa but Celtic are believed to have matched the Sky Bet Championship club's offer after having several previous bids rejected.
Lennon said: "He went down to Birmingham, I think he is having a medical there. A fee has been agreed. I don't know if personal terms have been agreed yet.
"I think Celtic have matched the offer but I think Villa are in the driving position at the minute."


West Brom have rejected an offer from Watford for Craig Dawson, according to Sky sources.
It is understood the offer was an initial loan year-long loan for a fee of £750,000.
The offer also included an option to buy Dawson for £2.5m instalments over four years adding up to a potential total of £10m.


Here's your latest Transfer Centre bulletin from Sky Sports News at lunchtime


Chelsea are in advanced talks to sign Athletic Bilbao's Kepa Arrizabalaga and Maurizio Sarri has been impressed by what he's seen of the goalkeeper.


Paul Pogba has not made any wage demands to keep him at Manchester United, according to Sky sources.
On Tuesday, a newspaper report claimed he had demanded a £200k-a-week wage rise to stay at Old Trafford following interest from Barcelona.
However, we have been told that Pogba has made no wage demands.


Sky sources: Jordan Hugill has arrived on Teesside to undergo a medical with Middlesbrough.
This will be a season-long loan deal for the striker, who signed for West Ham for £9.5m in January.


This one is slaloming a tad, isn't it?
SSN understands that Grealish is disillusioned that his dream move to north London now looks doomed and remains desperate to play for Mauricio Pochettino and to test himself at the highest level for a top four Premier League club.


Sky sources: Jack Grealish remains keen to move to Spurs and is desperate to test his skills in the Champions League.
Grealish, who trained with the Villa squad this morning, was due to complete a £25m move to Spurs until Villa's new owner, Nassef Sawiris intervened.


Leicester City are closing in on the signings of Caglar Soyuncu and Filip Benkovic, SSN understands.
Soyuncu, 22, could cost up to £20m. The Freiburg defender has won 15 international caps for Turkey and Leicester are confident a work permit won’t be a problem.
His agent, Mustafa Dogru, has confirmed on Twitter that they are in negotiations with Leicester over a deal, but he’s stressed there is no agreement yet.
Croatia U21 international defender Benkovic is in Leicester today discussing personal terms. He is expected to undergo a medical later today.


Sky sources: Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic to have medical at Chelsea today ahead of a loan move.


Olivier Giroud says he and Eden Hazard have spoken to Nabil Fekir about the possibility of joining Chelsea and would “welcome him” at the club.
The 25-year-old Lyon man looked set to join Liverpool from Lyon earlier this summer before negotiations between the clubs ended.
"I spoke to him when we were together in the French national team, when his move to Liverpool fell through," Giroud told Foot Mercato. "Then we discussed Chelsea, and I even think that Eden said a couple of words to him.
"We would obviously welcome him, he is a super player, but I don't know if this is something that could happen as the window closes on Thursday."


We profile Kepa Arrizabalaga as the Spanish goalkeeper edges closer to a big-money transfer to Chelsea...
Read the feature HERE


Big news coming out of Villa Park.
Sky sources: Jack Grealish will not be sold to anyone in this transfer window, despite interest from Tottenham and 'other clubs' this window.
Sources are telling us Aston Villa's new executive chairman Nassef Sawiris has told Tottenham and any other potential suitors he is not interested in their money.


Aston Villa's new owners says Tottenham's £25m bid for Jack Grealish has been rejected outright.


Sky sources: Middlesbrough remain in discussions with Yannick Bolasie as they attempt to persuade him to move to The Championship.
Everton winger Bolasie has been told he’s surplus to requirements at Goodison Park; Crystal Palace are interested but Boro is a more likely destination.
Middlesbrough are discussing both a permanent transfer and/or a loan with a view to a permanent deal. Bolasie is valued around £15m.


The latest from our friends at Football Whispers as we approach midday.


Sky sources: Huddersfield Town defender Jordan Williams undergoing a medical at Barnsley ahead of a permanent move


Sky sources: Middlesbrough are in talks with West Ham over a loan move for Jordan Hugill. The Middlesbrough-born striker only signed for the Hammers for £9.5m in January.


Quite a complicated one, this, but let me explain...
Athletic Bilbao have announced that Kepa Arrizabalaga has bought himself out of his contract.
This is the done thing at Athletic Bilbao; the same happened with Ander Herrera, Javi Martinez and Aymeric Laporte.
It essentially means Kepa is now a free agent and will join Chelsea. The Blues will have paid the money to Kepa, his agent or the company who owns him in order to buy himself out of the contract.
Make sense? Good.


Athletic Bilbao have confirmed goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga's release clause has been activated.
Sky Sports News reported yesterday Chelsea were advanced talks to sign Kepa.


Real Madrid head coach Julen Lopetegui refused to comment on the strong rumours linking Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois with a move to the Bernabeu.
"I always say that I'm not talking about players who are not at Real Madrid. Keylor (Navas) is our goalkeeper and there are no other goalkeepers I can talk about except Keylor, Kiko (Casilla), (Andriy) Lunin and Luca (Zidane).
"Keylor is phenomenal, he has our full confidence and is an extraordinary goalkeeper. He's delighted to belong to Real Madrid and we're delighted with him."


Ipswich have signed centre-back Toto Nsiala and midflieder Jon Nolan from Shrewsbury Town for a combined fee of £1.75m.
Both players have signed three-year deals with the club having the option of a further 12 months.


Celtic look set to complete a long-term loan deal for Australia World Cup youngster Daniel Arzani later today.
The 19-year-old midfielder, who made three sub appearances in Russia, has passed a medical and joins Celtic on a two-year loan, having completed his transfer from Melbourne City to Manchester City, SSN understands.


Bayer Leverkusen striker Joel Pohjanpalo has signed a contract extension until 2022, the Bundesliga club have announced.
The 23-year-old Finland international, who is currently recovering from an ankle injury, has made 18 Bungesliga appearances for the side and scored seven goals.


Huddersfield are now in talks with Montpellier winger Isaac Mbenza, according to Sky sources.
Sky Sports News understands Terriers boss David Wagner is keen to add another wide player to his squad after selling Tom Ince to Stoke.
Mbenza scored 10 goals in 43 appearances last season as Montpellier finished comfortably mid-table in Ligue 1.


Derby have completed the signing of Martyn Waghorn from Ipswich.
The 28-year-old striker signs for £5m on a three-year contract.


It now looks likely Jerome Boateng will stay at Bayern Munich or move to PSG.
If PSG are able to present an interesting total package for him, he is likely join them. A decision is expected within the next two weeks.
Boateng has a great relationship with Bayern’s new coach Niko Kovac; they are both from the same district in Berlin and Boateng feels Kovac appreciates him as a player.


And here's why...
Jerome Boateng’s decision not to join Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford was because he doesn’t believe Manchester United can win the Champions League this season.
Sky in Germany understand that Boateng spoke to Jose Mourinho earlier this week to explain that he was honoured by United’s interest in him.
However his aim remains to win one more Champions League title – and he feels United are not strong enough to do so in the forthcoming campaign.


Defender Ben Mee has signed a new three-year contract at Burnley.
The 28-year-old is now committed to at least 2021, with the option of a further 12 months.


Winger Adama Traore has completed his move from Middlesbrough to Wolves on a five-year deal.


Brighton and Hove Albion have completed the signing of midfielder Emily Simpkins.
The 28-year-old joins the club on a free transfer after leaving Doncaster Rovers Belles this summer, and has signed a one-year contract.


Sky sources: Bernard is currently travelling from Brazil and is expected to arrive on Merseyside this afternoon ahead of a medical at Everton.
Sky Sports News understands that Everton manager Marco Silva has played a key role in the last 24 hours, in persuading Bernard to join the club


Midfielder Clucas saw his move to Burnley collapse over the weekend, and Wolves have moved quickly to try to bring him to Molineux.
A formal approach is expected later today.


Wolves are keen to sign midfielder Sam Clucas from Swansea before tomorrow’s deadline, SSN has been told.


It is understood Thibaut Courtois is currently in Belgium awaiting permission from Chelsea to fly to Madrid to undergo a medical.
Real have offered to loan midfielder Mateo Kovacic and pay £35m for the Belgium goalkeeper, but Chelsea are yet to accept the deal.
Courtois is keen to move back to Madrid, where he spent three years with Atletico, due to family reasons.
The 26-year-old, who has less than year remaining on his current contract at Stamford Bridge, did not report back for training on Monday after being given extra time off following the World Cup.


Real Madrid are expecting Thibaut Courtois to arrive in Madrid on Thursday ahead of completing a move to the Bernabeu, according to Sky sources in Belgium.


Thomas Agyepong has joined Hibernian on a loan move from Manchester City.
The 21-year-old is now awaiting the completion of the necessary visa process before joining up with Neil Lennon’s squad.
The winger signed for Manchester City in 2015 from the Right to Dream Academy, spending his time since then on loan at Twente and then two seasons at NAC Breda.


  • Watford have made a £10m offer for Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse (Daily Mail)
  • Everton are confident they can sign Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma on loan if they are unable to complete a move for Yerry Mina (Daily Mirror)
  • Burnley have offered £10m for Abdoulaye Touré, the Nantes midfielder (The Times)
  • Fulham have offered £8m for Hugo Mallo, the Celta Vigo right-back (The Times)


Spurs fans: here's what you'd be getting. The best of Jack Grealish from the Championship in the 2017/18 season.


Atletico Madrid have completed the signing of former Blackburn striker Nikola Kalinic from AC Milan.
The 30-year-old, who made 42 appearances for AC Milan last season - scoring six goals - completed his medical in Italy on Tuesday.
Sky Italy report the deal is in the region of €15m (£13.5m) including bonuses.


Moving to Tottenham is perfect for Jack Grealish, says the panel on The Debate show.


Nabil Fekir was left out of the Lyon's squad to face Chelsea last night admid reports of a move to Stamford Bridge.
He did come close to signing for Liverpool this window and Lyon Manager Bruno Genesio can't rule out a late move.
"It's too early to say. He wanted to leave at the end of last season, but came back to training yesterday and was happy.
"Who knows? There may be opportunities that come up before the end of the window. For now, he is a Lyon player."


The latest from our friends at Football Whispers this Wednesday morning...


Maurizio Sarri has hinted Eden Hazard will stay at Chelsea after he held positive talks with the Belgian.
Hazard had been the subject of interest from Real Madrid this summer but Sarri confirmed he has had talks with Belgium star the attacker more than once, suggesting the 'problem' surrounding his future has been resolved.
Sarri said: "I don't see a problem in this moment. I have spoken with Eden two or three times in the last two days.
"He has spoken of everything. I think this problem - the Hazard problem - is not present now."


There are plenty of newspaper reports surrounding Manchester United the day before the window shuts, and the majority of them concern Paul Pogba.
It would be the biggest shock of the window if he was to leave... but the clock is ticking.
  • Pogba wants a £200,000-a-week pay rise to stay at the club, according to The Sun.
  • Meanwhile, the Daily Mail report that Pogba has told United team-mates he wants to leave and has already agreed a £350,000-a-week contract with Barcelona.
  • The Daily Star say United are furious with Pogba's agent Mino Raiola for trying to engineer a move to Barcelona for the France star.
  • Sky in Italy say United have rejected an offer for Pogba from Barcelona of £45m plus Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes.
  • But United apparently have no desire to part with Pogba, who has just returned to training after winning the World Cup with France.


Wayne Rooney hopes Manchester United can mount a Premier League challenge against Manchester City but admitted they need two more signings to do so.
"I hope someone can catch them - it would be nice, so hopefully Manchester United can. I think maybe another signing or two.
"I am sure Jose [Mourinho] has been getting the team right. I know there has been a lot of talk about pre-season in the press but I am sure behind the scenes, Jose has been giving them the right amount of work."


Central Coast Mariners coach Mick Mulvey says Usain Bolt will be treated as any other player when he joins the Australian A-League club this month on an "indefinite" trial.
Mulvey will make the final decision over whether Bolt is offered a contract as the Jamaican sprinting great pursues his long-held dream of playing professional football.
"If it was up to him he'd be coming in without any hoopla but that's impossible for a person of his stature. I'm really happy and really looking forward to having him train with the club.
"I'm sure when he arrives he'll give a good account for himself and we'll see what happens from there. If it works, he will be offered a contract."


The latest transfer bulletin from Sky Sports News this Wednesday morning...



Jurgen Klopp says he's excited about the transfer window but has 'no idea' if there will be any further signings at Liverpool.




And welcome to Sky Sports live Transfer Centre, bringing you all of the latest news and rumours from the window.
It's Wednesday, August 8, and we're in the bizarre position of having just a day-and-a-half of the window left. It's sure to be a frantic day, and we'll bring you absolutely everything until close of play this evening.
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Betting Tips - 13/9 !!!! (Soccer)

It's one of those weekends which have a huge earning potential. Loads of great games in all the leagues around europe and many carrying great value. You just have to hope the teams you place your money on don't fuck up.

English Premier League

Sunderland Vs Spurs
Spurs should be very confident going into this fixture and should get the 3 points. Before losing 3-0 to liverpool at lane spurs were unbeaten for 8 games in total. Spurs under new manager Pochettino have looked great with always improving Eriksen and in form Lamela, also new signing Eric Dier.
Sunderland haven't won a game against spurs for a long time with previous fixtures ending 5-1 and 2-1 to spurs.
Sunderland sit with 2 points from 3 games (Above ManU though) with taking a loss in previous match against QPR who are not at all good themselves.
Soldado and walker are the spurs absentees which won't be any problem.
Spurs can't afford to take anything less than 3 points from here and are very capable of beating sunderland at stadium of light.
Spurs to win @ 2.1
Also odds available on DNB spurs are great(1.5) , so you can include DNB spurs in other accumulators as well
Chelsea Vs Swansea City
Title contenders Chelsea welcome swans at stamford bridge after completely thrashing every team they have met up till now. Chelsea have looked amazing and also completing an almost impossible task of thrashing everton at goodison park in the previous game.
No fresh injury concerns for chelsea, though swans sit with a perfect score themselves they are not going to get a single point from this fixture. Sorry gylfi.
Also Chelsea would like to confirm 3 points in this game before making the trip to etihad to face man city in the next fixture.
Chelsea to win @1.28
Liverpool Vs Aston Villa
Liverpool after amazingly beating spurs at lane 3-0, now face Aston Villa at anfield.
Skretl and sturridge are injured for liverpool and benteke is the long time absentee for villa.
Absence of sturridge is not going to be a problem as they now have Mario Balotelli who will be eager to open his scoring.
Liverpool is a much better team than aston villa and should very well beat aston villa in this high scoring match.
Fun Fact - Liverpool have failed to beat villa at anfield for 3 years. last one being a 2-2 draw. But this is going to change this year.
Liverpool to win @ 1.3
Southampton Vs Newcastle
Southampton play a very impressive pressing game and despite losing many star players, they are still a force to be reckoned with.
Jay rodriguez is the only absentee in southampton squad and de jong and ryan taylor are for newcastle.
Southampton were brilliant in the game against liverpool despite losing 2-1 whereas newcastle is in a very bad position, not having won a single game in EPL.
In Past meetings, saints won 2-0 and 4-0 in this fixture.
Southampton to win @ 1.75
DNB Southampton
Stoke City Vs Leicester City
Stoke welcome leicester at their home.
Stoke have done an impossible job of beating man city at etihad and thus making us all lose money.
They entertain newly promoted side leicester who have also done a pretty good job of earning some points from tough games.
No injury concerns for stoke and you can go for a straight win for stoke here but if leicester scores a goal anyhow don't expect stoke to do the hard work of scoring again. So be careful and opt for a DNB here as both of these teams are very much satisfied with a draw.
DNB Stoke
West Brom Vs Everton - Avoiding this match because of lot of injuries in the everton squad including lukaku and eto'o.
Arsenal Vs Man City
This is the game to watch this weekend with Arsenal welcoming title contenders Man City to their home.
I would advice avoid betting on this match because there are plenty of much predictable matches this weekend where the money can be earned easily without taking huge risk.
Still i will say what i think.
Arsenal except that great comeback to get a draw when they were 2 down at goodison park haven't had a convincing game in which they have played well.
They are still playing way below their caliber and have been under par in most of the games whereas man city except that 1-0 loss to stoke have looked quite furious and ready to win the title again.
Walcott and giroud are absent for arsenal whereas jovetic and fernando are the absentees for city.
This fixture have been very opposite of high scoring which everyone would expect, with every one of them ending with less than 3 goals for a long time.
All in all, i think manchester city is the better team and will surely like to bounce back from the disappointing loss and take 3 points home before the next match with chelsea which can be very crucial in deciding the title winner this season.
DNB City


Bayern Munich Vs Stuttgart
German giants Bayern Munich play Stuttgart at their home.
Stuttgart is no match match for bayern and to make it even worse they are in a very bad form losing to a newly promoted side Koln at their home.
But this all shows in the odds awarded for this match. Use it in your accumulators.
Bayern Munich -1
Dortmund Vs Freiburg
Injury ridden Dortmund face perennial bottom dweller Freiburg.
The starting of the season has not been convincing from dortmund's perspective plus now they are missing Reus, Blaszyzkowski, Immobile which is going to be a great loss.
They have saved Kagawa from ManU and now he can go back to playing and will start at injured reus's position.
Striker Karim Guede of freiburg is still serving suspension for the red card he got in 1st match.
Still Dortmund should be good enough to beat freiburg at their home.
Dortmund -1
Accumulator 1:
Spurs , Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern munich @ 4.23
Accumulator 2:
DNB Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen @ 3.7
Sorry for the leverkusen typo, their match was on friday, i meant to write Borussia Dortmund
Accumulator 3:
Chelsea, Bayern Munich, DNB Spurs, DNB Stoke @ 3.16
Best of luck!!!!
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Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich Free Betting Prediction Day 28 of the German Bundesliga starts next Tuesday, in the late afternoon, and soon with one of the greatest classics of today in German football, nicknamed “Der Klassiker”. Borussia Dortmund will receive a visit from Bayern Munich, at Signal-Iduna-Park, behind closed doors, at a stage when […] Get our Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich free betting tips with the latest team news, injuries & suspensions. Bundesliga match betting previews with odds and free bets… The 2019/20 football season started perfectly for Borussia Dortmund as they beat Bayern Munich 2-0 in the Super Cup, with goals from Paco Alcacer and Jadon Sancho leading All odds taken on November 7, 2019. Despite starting the game in fourth place, on 17 points, Bayern are still odds-on favorites, with Dortmund out to just under 4/1. Odds and betting preview for Bundesliga Matchday 31 Bayern Munich vs Borussia Monchengladbach on June 13, 2020. Bayern without Lewandowski & Muller Live betting odds for FC Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund at Allianz Arena on Saturday 9th, November 2019. Up to date betting odds of over 40+ bookmakers available.

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