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[Theory] Victoria, Yen, and the Truth About Talulah's Father

Disclaimer: spoilers for Ch 6-7. Huge thanks to the AK lore room people (love you Tofu).
Hey, old Wei, we’re… what do you call it, sworn brothers?
So please, take care of her and my daughter.
Oh, feels like it’s unnecessary to tell you these. It's not like you can't take care of your own sister, right?
I've already thought of my daughter's name. Call her...
… Talulah.
Don't take it to heart. I understand.
I understand everything.
Wei Yenwu.
He’s the ruler of Lungmen. He’s the one who ordered the slums purge. He’s the one who went to throw his life away for Lungmen’s safety. He’s a very controversial character, which is why I think Hypergryph did a great job with him—you can argue that he’s righteous, or you can argue that he’s irredeemable. In a way, he reminds me of Kiritsugu Emiya, both morally grey, and both are willing to sacrifice the few for the many.
I believe that Wei started out as an idealist. He wanted to build a city where everyone could live in peace, but the arrival of Duke Koschei, the pressure from Yen, and the rooted prejudice against the infected turned him into the man he is today. First he was forced to kill his sworn brother, Edward Atlas, and when the fate of Lungmen and Talulah were placed on a balance, Wei chose the former.
But Edward’s death was never explained apart from a few words from Wei and an exchange between Wei and Koschei. All we know is that “the secret orders of a unicorn” and “the wrath of a true dragon” may be involved, and all Koschei did was spread some information here and there.
So, what happened? Why was Victoria involved? What is this “true dragon” that Koschei spoke of?
A question I've always had on the back of my mind was, with how much the story is pushing Yen to be a major player in the conflict, how would it fit into the plot when we've been too busy focusing on Lungmen, Chernobog, and Victoria?
And now I can proudly say, I think I have found the answer.
That’s right, I was wrong before. The “true dragon” wasn’t referring to Victoria.
It was Yen.

Part 1: A Brief Lesson on History

Yen is a reference to China. We can tell from the characters’ race and names, its locations and organizations, and the giant head of a Chinese dragon as its symbol. However, Yen is not modern China, but rather something like an amalgamation of a nation with all sorts of historical elements blended together.
For centuries the Great Yen never declared war against the outside world, but this does not mean that the Great Yen doesn't have the capabilities for war. Rather, I should say, those countries with weak militaries cannot understand where Yen's prosperity came from.
Yen is referred to by Wei as “Great Yen”, and it’s not without reason. During imperial China, certain dynasties placed a “Great” in front of its title, but not all of them had that privilege. According to the book “YongZhuang Sketch” written during the Ming dynasty, the practice of placing a “Great” before the title only came into existence in the Yuan dynasty (Yuan really was “great” in terms of its size), and the “Great”s before then were only used by foreign countries and territories as a sign of respect. Thus, the only dynasties that officially used “Great” in its title were the Great Yuan, the Great Ming, and the Great Qing dynasties. Thus, we can determine that Yen should be a reference to one or more of these dynasties.
Next, we have Leizi. In her profile, we got the names of three organizations: the Censorate, Dali Temple, and SuZheng Yard. The last organization doesn’t exist in real life, and the closest thing is the PingZheng Yard which was created during the BeiYang government. On the other hand, the Censorate, an agency whose purpose was to investigate government officials for corruption and other crimes, existed until the Ming dynasty. Dali Temple, an agency that manages prisons, was renamed into Dali Yard in 1906 during the Qing dynasty, which eventually became the Supreme Court of the Republic of China.
And the sword Chixiao is even further back. When Liu Bang started his uprising by slaying a snake with Chixiao, it was about 600 years too early for the creation of Dali Temple. And according to legends, Chixiao was lost during the Western Jin dynasty, which was still about 200 years before.
… So that didn’t really tell us that much other than that Yen has elements from all over the place. However, we’re not done yet. Through the process of elimination, we can deduce further.
Wei stated that Yen hasn’t declared war for centuries. That eliminates the Qing dynasty, for its relationship with foreign nations wasn’t exactly… the best. I won’t go into further details for the sake of the word count, but for more information you can look into the siege of the International Legations. It also wouldn’t make sense for Yen to be the Yuan dynasty, since Yuan was ruled by the Mongols, and it’d be odd to have Lung nobles (like Ch’en’s father) and still use a Chinese dragon head as its symbol when the two cultures are so vastly different.
That leaves us with Ming, the last dynasty ruled by the Han people.
With that out of the way, we can base the following parts off of this conclusion.

Part 2: An Investigation on Wei Yenwu

So, why on Terra does Wei have Chixiao?
I can't believe I overlooked this last time.
As I have covered in this previous theory, Chixiao is the sword of kings. There is absolutely zero reason for it to end up in some random city overseer's hands. Recall that in Wei's profile in the info tab, his physical condition was said to possibly be the result of his previous employment. In Ch 7 we also learn that it was Wei who taught Ch'en swordsmanship and Arts, and that Wei was Chixiao's previous owner.
I’ve always had my doubts on whether Chixiao was really forged by Raythean. For a sword with such a significant historical name slapped to it, it feels odd for it to be forged by a foreign company. Kal’tsit also expressed her surprise that “they” (whoever it may refer to) are still forging these kinds of weapons.
Why did a Higashi princess marry some random city overseer? Why would the Yen inspectors compare Wei’s private army to Yen’s royal guards? What’s this rumor about Wei’s background? Most importantly, who is this brother he keeps mentioning?
\Indescribable theorycrafter noises**
Let’s break this down.
There’s a Chinese proverb that, directly translated, means “the gates and the houses match”, which means that in marriage, the two parties should be of equal societal status. This is a common tradition in both ancient China and Japan, but if you think this is only a saying, oh boy. There were literally Chinese laws that forbid or punished people of different statuses from marrying. For example, during the Tang dynasty, if a servant were to marry a woman from a higher status, they would be put into forced manual labor for a year and half and half a year respectively, while those who knew about it but didn’t report it would be beaten with a stick.
Ah, history. How lovely.
Fumizuki is a princess of Higashi. Under no circumstances should Higashi and Yen agree to have her marry Wei unless Wei was at least of equal status. When Wei came to Lungmen and took it back from Koschei, Fumizuki was already by his side, meaning that the marriage, or at least their relationship, should be known beforehand (what would a Higashi princess be doing running around with a Yen noble if they weren’t already married?).
And what’s the male version of a princess? A prince.
???: Taihe, have you heard that rumor?
Inspector: About Wei Yenwu's origins?
Taihe: Don't talk about the people above you.
???: Apologies. Though, compared to the royal guards, how were the black raincoats?
The obvious answer would be “Why are you comparing Wei’s private forces to the military literally tasked to protect the emperor?”
By the Ming dynasty, the royal guards already had squads armed with rifles and cannons, making them one of the best-equipped forces in the world, and they numbered over 160 thousand people. Comparing some city’s security forces to them would be like comparing the light of a match to a bonfire.
And this “rumor” about Wei’s background is even more odd. “Don't talk about the people above you” sounds to me like “Shut up before we get in trouble.”
More fuel to the fire of mystery.
Fumizuki, after your experience in Lungmen, you should know that my brother will never allow me to declare war on Ursus.

"Don't feel guilty. I know. We're sworn brothers, right? Brothers... know everything."
Sworn kins destroy each other.
"I hate you. I hate them too. I should've loved you, but now I hate all of you."
Blood kins destroy each other.
"Why me? Why is it me? Who can sit steadily in this seat? Why do I have to sit in it?"
Closest kins destroy each other.

I'll send you to a hidden place. My brother... he wouldn't chase you all the way there no matter how much he hates me... he wouldn't. Right, he wouldn't.
Brother, huh.
I should point something out here: the word for “brother” Wei used specifically refers to a younger brother with the same mother. The father could be the same person, or they might be different. It would be too difficult to accurately determine which exactly is the case, and since it doesn’t have much room for discussion, all we need to know is that Wei and his brother are related by blood.
Let’s analyze these lines.
Wei didn’t say his brother “wouldn’t want” him to declare war, but rather he “won’t allow” him to declare war, the connotation being that Wei’s brother has actual rights to decide whether to declare war or not. Only the emperor of Yen would have that kind of authority.
The line “Don’t feel guilty” combined with the “sworn brothers” part lead me to believe that this is in fact Talulah’s father, Edward Atlas speaking. With the quote at the very beginning of Edward asking Wei to take care of Talulah, telling Wei not to take it to heart, and how he understands everything, Edward likely knew he had to die.
A blood kin is, obviously, kins related by blood. Since each of these lines should refer to a different person, and the next line is reserved for a certain special someone, I believe this is referring to Wei’s sister, and the “they” (a “they” used specifically for females) are Ch’en and Talulah. A mother should love her daughters, but because of the circumstances and what Wei did, she now hates them.
Now, the last two lines are certainly interesting.
There’s a “seat” that someone apparently don’t want to sit in. And the first time I saw this line, I immediately interpreted it as “the throne”.
The throne of the emperor is not something for the unprepared or the faint of heart. You have an entire country’s worth of problems to take care of every day; you have all your relatives trying to gain something from your authority, or even try to usurp you; you have your ministers trying to extend their power by influencing you; you have foreign nations that you have to deal with every so often, whether the relationship is beneficial or not; and you have your own sons who pretty much are all eyeing same seat you’re sitting in.
It’s no wonder why most emperors in history don’t live long.
Of course, there were sons who didn’t wish to inherit the throne. But there's a problem. According to the tradition in most dynasties up until Qing, the first son of the queen has the most right to inherit the throne, and the eldest son out of the emperor’s concubines follows after. As the firstborn, even if you don't want to, the ministers will practically force you to become the emperor. No matter what, Wei’s status should be higher than that of his younger brother’s. The hatred for Wei seems to be resultant from this too, but there shouldn’t be a reason for his brother to be the emperor in the first place.
But I have an explanation.

Part 3: Piecing Together the Puzzle

We have the clues. We just have to hang them up in the reception room.
Here’s Koschei’s line again:
My role is not important. Your brother's tragedy may have been the secret orders of a unicorn, the wrath of a true dragon, but whether it was I who leaked the news or not, no, it doesn't matter.
What matters, Wei, the only truth that matters—with Chixiao in your hands, you killed your brother. With your own two hands.
Chixiao, the dragon slaying sword. Whose life has this sword claimed? Blood kins, sworn kins, closest kins.
Dragon slaying sword? You people forged this sword only to kill your own kind.
I’ve interpreted “true dragon” as Victoria in my previous theory linked above, but now I believe I was wrong.
In imperial China, the emperor is sometimes referred to as “the son of the true dragon” or simply “the true dragon” in order to solidify their status as someone higher than the common folks. There were even legends about dragons being involved in some emperors’ birth.
If you followed Arknights in the early days, their official weibo would occasionally post messages from “the Recorder”, telling the story of a person who encountered Rhodes Island in their journey. As I was compiling these weibos a few days ago, I ran into a particular message:
Wei Yenwu
“I need that child. Do me a small favor.”
(A man with the head of a true dragon said this to me. I think I involved myself with someone I shouldn’t.)
A very specific word to use, don’t you think?
Let’s look back at Koschei’s lines again. I’ve said that according to the hierarchy, Wei should’ve inherited the throne, rather than his brother. This line tells us why:
Chixiao, the dragon slaying sword. Whose life has this sword claimed? Blood kins, sworn kins, closest kins.
If there’s anything I learned from the entire exchange between Koschei and Wei, it’s that Koschei talks like an insufferable jackass. He carefully picks his words just to make you suffer the most. He taunts you when he knows he’s well out of your ability to do anything. He was quite literally toying with Wei. He mentioned “Blood kins, sworn kins, and closest kins” to get under Wei’s nerves, and not without reason.
Because Wei has slain a blood kin. Someone closest to him.
We’ve seen the sworn kin. Wei killed Edward. We’ve yet to see the blood kin.
A king should be judged the same way as a commoner if they commit a crime (although I don’t think the same applies here). I believe that because of this incident, Wei was outcasted from the royal family and his brother became the emperor. He changed his name, went off to Lungmen, and started a new life there.
I’m going to make the prediction again: I think Wei Yenwu isn’t his real name.
You’re probably wondering by now about how Victoria fits into all this. And, to be fair, I did too. I’ve mentioned in my previous theory that “unicorn” refers to Scotland, which is in Great Britain/Victoria. I spent a few days looking through operator profiles, trying to figure out why Koschei would lump the two together, to no avail.
Then I realized. Partial Necrosis.
Ch'en: The Lungmen special forces were secretly mobilized. We don't know if the residents in the area are still alive.
Swire: Ah? What did you say? How could this happen...
Ch'en: Don't try to fool me, you know the truth. At least you’ve heard of it. You must know.
Swire: … How would I know?
Swire: Wait, you know too?
Ch'en: I don’t know. But your grandfather definitely does.
Swire: What? I don't understand anything you are talking about! Fuck, can you be more straightforward?
Swire: My grandfather is still lying on his sickbed, he can't even talk properly!
Ch'en: Can a disease keep him from controlling Lungmen? You should know better than me what kind of person your grandfather is!
And with that, our question is answered.
Why would Lungmen, said by Wei to be “a key part of Great Yen”, allow a Victorian noble to have so much influence? Why would Wei let it happen? Why would Yen let it happen?
Remember what place Lungmen is based off of?
Hong Kong. A colony of Britain until 1997.
For the purpose of this theory, I’ll be dubbing this relationship as “the Yen-Victoria alliance”. From Swire’s profile, especially the part about the kidnapping where Wei and her grandfather planned the rescue together, we can say that Wei and Swire’s grandfather, and by extension Yen and Victoria, are on friendly terms.
Next, we have a snippet from Reed’s profile.
“Over twenty years ago, the Draco bloodline was considered to be extinct, and no one could threaten the Aslan’s rule over Victoria.”
The Ursus-Lungmen conflict happened twenty years ago. By then, Dracos should be considered extinct already.
But Edward, Talulah’s father, was a Draco, and Dracos were supposed to be the ruler of Victoria.
That’s the thread that ties this all together. It was just like Koschei said: he leaked the news. The news regarding the existence of a Draco, and that he’s Wei Yenwu’s sworn brother. The only one who can uproot the current situation in Victoria.
Naturally, Victoria would want Edward gone. And Yen, with Wei’s brother as its emperor and using this as an excuse, could accuse Wei of treason—for conspiring with someone who could threaten the relationship between it and its ally. If that happens, Wei would lose everything. His ideals about building Lungmen will forever remain a dream.
At the same time, the easiest way to prove your innocence would be to kill Edward.
Everything makes sense now. Edward understood the situation. For the sake of Lungmen, and for the sake of Wei, he allowed himself to be killed.
That, my friends, is how Yen ties into everything.
Putting my bets on this symbol appearing sometime later in the story.
Of course, this is only my theory on what the truth is. It’s just a theory, after all.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed Code of Brawl, and I’ll appreciate it if you will check out more of my stuff here.
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Chiefs Win! A Stunning Prophetic Message

The Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 Super Bowl victory is chalked full with amazing prophetic messaging for us. Every name, number, date, and time has something to add. I will not go through them all because sometimes more is not better, but can diminish attention on main things that the Lord would have us focused on. The main message is clear—we have entered into a new day for the kingdom of God and its’ advancement on planet earth. The next to be promoted and advanced are those that understand His narrative for the nations themselves.
Kansas City Chiefs Defeat San Francisco 49ers 31-20: Jubilee Teams and Jubilee Time
It was and is a good sign that both these teams were in the Super Bowl. It is an accomplishment of note even by the losing team. Both speak into a JUBILEE time of prosperity. This was part of the prophetic message from LSU winning the College Football National Championship, as they were led by player of the year, Joseph Burrow (a Joseph prosperity call). The 49ers refers to the gold rush in California, and Biblical Jubilee actually had a 49th year and 50th year component. It was repeatedly noted that Kansas City’s last Super Bowl win was 50 years ago. So 49 and 50 were both highlighted but the 50 wins. That is a good thing as well to confirm that it is not almost Jubilee, but presently yet another full Jubilee. This is quite evident in how our nation’s economy is currently doing, but it is to confirm we are not going to retreat from that in 2020. I have already seen an upcoming 35,000 on the stock market at some point, and long term the worldwide economic upgrade will be significant. The coming economic shifts will be staggering and unprecedented. The world has lived essentially under lack and in survival mode. The world will begin to learn to live in general prosperity. There is a test of lack and an entirely new thing is the test of abundance. Lucifer failed the test of abundance. God does not really have a person or a people He can trust until they have passed the test of abundance. It tests a spirit in an entirely different way but it is more revealing of who a person is. The world’s wealthy under some definition is essentially 5%. As this extended Jubilee grows into a Jubilee Age we will see the wealthy suddenly become 15% and then 25% and then 50% and then 70%. This is the reality for all sheep nations, and there will be 153 of them. It not going higher than 70% is indicative of nations that remain goat nations, and the fact that Jesus said, “the poor you always have with you.” Remember this is 2020–2 Chronicles 20:20 speaks of hearkening to His prophets and you will prosper. I am giving you the prophetic decree—the test of prosperity is progressively what is next. It will be many decades before it finishes maturing. For those wanting things to fall apart so Jesus can come—deal with it, this is next. :)
The 22, 222, 2222’s ( Isaiah 2:2, Acts 2:2, Isaiah 22:22) Trump, the Holy Spirit and Reformation
The Chiefs won on 2/2 of 2020. It was coach Andy Reid's 222nd victory. I was in LA last weekend and as I was coming in I was getting some pretty strong clues from heaven that the Super Bowl signified and important shift, and that Kansas City was going to win. My flight coming in was #2222. My car rental ended in 220. I had about 3 other strong 222’s. The repeat patterns are to draw our attention to a message.
Isaiah 2:2 NASB says, “Now it will come about in the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as CHIEF of the mountains…and all nations will stream to it.”
Acts 2:2: “Suddenly there was a sound from heaven like the ROARING of a mighty wind, and it filled the house where they were sitting.”
Isaiah 22:22 NLT says, “I will give him the key to the house of David- the HIGHEST POSITION in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them, when he closes doors no one will be able to open them.”
These scriptures are all powerful and most relevant for this time. The Isaiah 2:2 is my original foundational word for everything to do with the 7 Mountain message, as well as my initial Seven Mountain Prophecy book. It is about a time (“last days” go on for a very long time) when not just individuals get saved but entire nations seek for solutions from the activated reformers from the house of the Lord. It is something that can be called “revival” but it is much greater. We have never seen reformation and transformation such as is coming, and so for lack of example we call everything “revival.” The upgrade is mainly important so that we don’t settle for less than what He is doing. For the house of the Lord to be established as CHIEF of all mountains we have to finally value being salt and light on the 7 Mountains.
Acts 2:2 will have many manifestations beginning immediately. This is what birthed the New Testament church back then and what is now birthing us into the Kingdom Age of our day. My prophetic word for this year was titled: “A Year of Roaring Justice and Raging Hope.” The mighty wind ROARING in at this time is not just to have good church meetings, but to also address the justice matters that revived reformers know must be addressed. Great hope (expectation of good) will be it’s result.
Isaiah 22:22 talks of a key that opens and closes and is connected to the HIGHEST POSITION. This all connects to what God is doing through how He is using President Donald Trump. It is no coincidence he is Commander-in-Chief. His name Donald essential means “chief ruler.” I am still shocked at the believers who can’t discern that Trump is God-sent. It was understandable at first as he came in disguised, but now with what his stands and legislation have proven over and over about himself, it is indisputably obvious that Trump is advancing a Kingdom Agenda. It is even more obvious that those in high places who oppose him are anti-Kingdom of God. The only reasonable explanation for good people not recognizing President Trump as the most strategic human kingdom asset in generations is brain washing and mind control. Your mind has been pickled through overexposure to a dark agenda, narrative assault, which deceives you into thinking YOU are the one seeing clearly. Any time you are judging a president for “meanness” and peccadillos that preceded when he came to the Lord or the presidency—and ignoring that this is the most pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-religious freedom, pro-poor, pro-enslaved by human trafficking President in history—then you know that is mind control stuff. Come on snap out of it! Yes, some Trump supporters are almost cultic in their affection for him, but you may be under an occult-like spell to not see he is a gift from God—to this nation and the nations.
The Chiefs win is to let you know the Commander-in-Chief is going to keep winning in 2020. Of course, God is our ultimate Commander-in-Chief, but to not recognize when He sends and activates a key Kingdom asset is offensive to Him. He verbally chastised Israel for not recognizing when He sent (imperfect) prophets, and it has never been a small deal to refuse His messengers/prophets/kings. Let me make this 20/20 vision clear, God loves you unconditionally, but you are displeasing Him if you are not recognizing His intentionality with putting Donald J. Trump as your president. God has been displeased with both Republicans and Democrats, so don’t think this is political at all. In fact, I think President Trump will one day tell us he strongly considered running as a Democrat. If the Democrats hadn’t veered so radically to the left he really might have. Now get ready though, Trump is going to get his Acts 2:2 visitation—and he is going to get louder. The Holy Spirit has a roar too—especially when defending the defenseless.
Kansas City 31 and Proverbs 31
The winning score being 31 is no accident. Proverbs 31 is the famous chapter on “the virtuous woman.” The whole chapter is worth going over in detail, thinking of “the virtuous woman” being Christ’s Bride here on earth. The word “virtuous” in verse 10 is a Hebrew word “chayill” which means “strength, might, efficiency, wealth, army, force, power, riches, substance.” Put all those words together and that is the “score" that is required to defeat the enemy. Arise and shine into all of that. Remember the halftime 10-10 stalemate? That is where many of us have been. John 10:10 says, “the thief comes but to steal and destroy,” but then, “I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” Remember the Chiefs couldn’t get past 10 until the last half of the last quarter? Well the new 31 score is now declared over your life, and with it take on the new responsibilities. Verses 8,9 of Proverbs 31 says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ENSURE JUSTICE for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get JUSTICE.” A “justice” focus always goes beyond traditional “revival.” You want to “score” enough to be on the winning side? Embrace reformation and the 7 Mountain assignments.
(2020 Election Can Go 3 Ways: Vote, Pray, Love)
The final score was 31-20. Proverbs 31:20: “She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy.” Love in action on the 7 Mountains is what is required to post a winning “score.” I was given a shocking set of numbers from the Lord as it relates to the coming 2020 Presidential Election. Do what you want with them. I heard that President Trump could win either with 51%, 57%, or 71% of the vote, with a corresponding 32%, 37%, or 48% of the vote. If God’s people prioritized voting he could win with 51%—if we added the priority of praying he could go to 57%—if we would truly love we could see a 71% win. This last one is the one we are least committed to, but could do the most. It was specifically loving across racial lines and not just loving those like yourself. Part of the reason much of the black community and the latino community have traditionally rejected the Republican Party is that they have never felt the love. White Republicans have traditionally thought it enough to be “pro-life” and that is highest ground possible. It is not good enough. If we don’t reach across racial lines and seek to hear first before speaking we will have another squeaker election. It wouldn’t hurt us to be at the forefront of championing justice issues that they face. A Proverbs 31 virtuous church would do that.
("All Her Household are Clothed in Red")
Proverbs 31: 21 says of the virtuous woman, “all her household are clothed in scarlet (red).” Red has been the key color I have spoken of for some time. It was obviously the Chiefs color. LSU was from Baton Rouge, meaning Red Pole. Justify the horse won the triple crown carrying red as it’s dominant color. It has been over and over. Yes the Republican color is red, but all the red is not really about the Republican Party. It is about the blood of Jesus setting the agenda for everything presently transpiring on planet earth.
Proverbs 31: 23: “Her husband is well known at the city gates, where he sits with the other civic leaders.” If we understand that our husband is Jesus it yet again confirms the reformation call. The New Testament word for church EKKLESIA was not a religious word. It was essentially civic leaders serving on the 7 Mountains, or at “city gates.” This is where He builds “My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” (Mt.16:18)
Final Proverbs 31 passage is 31: 31. “REWARD her for all she has done. Let her deeds PUBLICLY declare her praise.”
The winning score so that the mountain of the house of the Lord can be CHIEF is 31. Prosperity and rewards are prepared for us, but He wants our activity to stretch beyond private or church life. Reformation is about the Kingdom going PUBLIC. “So let your light shine BEFORE MEN that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Mt. 5:16)
Bob Jones and Kansas City
Many have already noted a prophetic word Bob Jones gave repeatedly years ago that when the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl it would be a sign of something really good. Some remember that it was “revival.” Some remember it including that “apostolic chiefs” from the Body of Christ would rise (which if understood correctly is what I am saying. True apostolic always goes beyond the church world). Others remember it also being about a better day of destiny for Kansas City. I like all the above.
I have seen several posts that state that Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, and Paul Cain all were buried on 2/22 (same numbers as Coach Reid). This is amazing if true, but I have not been able to 100% confirm it—but if this is true I agree it’s an added message to us. One way or the other I want to speak into the Kansas City and prophets angle of it all, as I believe it’s very important.
The fact that Bob Jones is being greatly remembered at this time is very significant. He was the prophet that reminded us repeatedly, especially over his last years, that it was all about growing in love. He told us how that was the one question he was asked when he died in the 70’s and went to heaven. “Did you learn to love?” This is still the key message for us all and you will note how I tied that into a big election win versus a small election win. Yes vote, yes pray, but loving, especially those not like you, is the harder but greater thing. Voting and praying can both be self-righteous acts, but loving is not. Any “revival” that doesn’t foment love is not a very good one. More than traditional revival, we need a baptism in fire that leads to a love revolution. May this “revival” in fact be a “lov-a-lution.” We will bet to 31 points if so.
Kansas City: Intersection of Isaiah 35 and Psalms 67
Kansas City as a city is also important and very strategic for kingdom purposes at this time. I noted in August 2017 when we had the total solar eclipse over the United States that the only city that was simultaneously in the 67 mile wide path of totality and intersected with I-35 was metro Kansas City. I shared how that 67 mile-wide path across the whole nation, including through 7 Salem’s (peace and prosperity), was a path for open heavens in the prophetic. It started in Oregon right by the Elijah List headquarters and went through key prophetic cities such as Omaha, Kansas City, Nashville, and ending in Charleston, South Carolina. Isaiah 35 speaks of a “highway of holiness” and Psalms 67 speaks of a God who has been merciful to us and His face has shined on us—and HIS WAYS are known in the earth. Reformation is about His ways being known.
The fruit of these two chapters will now explode over Kansas City as never before. It will be a kingdom outpost for the prophetic, for intimacy with God, and a planning and sending outpost for Reformers. Shiloh, IHOP, and YWAM were to respectively and locally birth these streams, but they must all now meld in function and advance. Kansas City is at the very heart of our nation and God is now unclogging the arteries and gracing Kansas City to be a very vivid and visual display of a Proverbs 31 city. That blood is to be pumped to the whole nation and the whole Body.
Final Words
There was so much more to say but it could be an overload. The Chiefs won on the 33rd day of the year with 333 days remaining because…it’s LEAP YEAR. When Jesus was 33 is when Acts 2 took place and the Holy Spirit invaded. Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call me” and I will “show you things you know not.”
LIV was the logo that also tells us in roman numerals it was Super Bowl 54. Isaiah 54 starts with, “Sing oh barren sing,” because fruitfulness is coming. The LIV also says LIVE—this is a time to contend for LIFE everywhere.
Star Quarterback/MVP Pat Mahomes is 24 years old, and it connects to Psalm 24 that I recently shared regarding #24 Kobe Bryant. Ancient doors are opening and the King of Glory is coming in. Pat is also the only person ever to throw for 50 touchdowns in a season in both the NFL and in college. He also did it in high school. 50 again, the number of Jubilee, but also the number of days they waited in the Upper Room. Pentecost means 50 days.
I have not covered the Hunt family who owns the Chiefs and who honor Jesus above everything. The halftime show was to remind us of the work ahead and why we can’t just have our light in church. We can become the sponsors that make sure a better product is out there, or we can constantly complain about who has enough money to sponsor. Darkness will always prevail where light refuses to show up. It is now time for Isaiah 2:2—let’s arise with His light in every area of society.
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Chrysalis (15)

Previous chapter
First chapter
The Sky Level of the Nayatan Prime's arcologies was a city over the city, a second urban layer suspended above the wispy clouds. A collection of expansive terraces, lush gardens and broad walkways; all of them wrapped by the shimmering purple breaker fields that deflected the strong cold winds always present at such heights, particularly at night.
Daokat was on one of those terraces now, an artificial esplanade bathed in the bright blue and yellow lights of the hundred automated vid-cameras that fluttered all over the crowd, their small spherical bodies zipping here and there, pausing for a few seconds at a time when they detected anything interesting enough to record. A conversation, maybe. An interview to one of the delegations, or just a brief scene to broadcast to the live audience of billions of sentient beings that were watching the event, all across the many worlds of the Galactic Federal Council and its associated states.
After all, it wasn't every day that new Accords were signed.
He was taking a respite a few steps away from the thick of the crowd, away from the relentless socialization, mingling and political games going all around the place. Instead, Daokat turned his gaze towards the breathtaking sights surrounding the terrace as he leaned over the railing, safe in the knowledge that the breaker fields would prevent any accident. He was looking at the endless city sprawl and its arcologies, the sea of artificial lights spreading underneath like a reflection of the night sky.
It was strange. He had guessed he would feel a sense of vertigo, but the Sky Level was so high above the main ground that there was a disconnection. Much like when traveling in an aerial vehicle, it didn't feel like being someplace high so much as being someplace disconnected from the ground. As if Daokat's mind was unable to intuitively grasp the actual height, refusing to acknowledge the true scale of the arcologies.
A vid-camera hovered nearby, turning to snap a few three dimensional pictures of him before flying back towards the crowd. Daokat sighed. He knew he should get back into the thick of things soon. Even if his work in the negotiations for this new Accords was already over, there was always a new treaty to work on. Always someone to talk to, someone to greet or be introduced to.
But it just felt good to take a respite after the nightmarish, difficult negotiations of the past weeks. He had been working non-stop ever since attending that dinner at the Empyrean Palace with Nakstani, in what now felt as a lifetime ago. So yes, he had definitely earned a respite, and upon arriving to this core world two days ago he had decided to take his time in Nayatan Prime as some well deserved vacations, spending most of his time wandering around the Sky Level not unlike any other tourist.
And trying not to think too hard about the mountains of work he knew awaited him as soon as he returned to his new post. Daokat hoped that whatever new diplomatic crisis was already gestating between the Terrans and the Xunvir Republic, or the Xunvir Republic and its internal tribes would be considerate enough to wait a few more days before demanding his full attention.
He couldn't complain, though. He knew many of the other diplomats in the esplanade eyed him with envious looks. Daokat had been put in charge of the Council's special mission to the Orion Arm, a task force responsible for the diplomatic relations with both Terrans and Xunvirians. Its main goal was to prevent future conflicts and build bridges between the two species, which wasn't easy given the history of mass murder and genocide.
But despite the colossal amount of work, he knew it was a good position. Being the leader of such a delegation in the Galaxy's top hot spot meant Daokat was just one step below the-Zakarnine himself in the pecking order.
And it meant he got invited to things like these, he thought as he got a glimpse of Dassan Layur in the crowd, the celebrity philosopher being followed by a cohort of admirers.
"Meat, really?"
Daokat turned to look at his approaching assistant. Faissin was an odd piece, almost an opposite picture of Daokat himself. Where Daokat was slender Faissin was short and stocky, his skin scaly rather than smooth. Even his species were known for their straightforwardness, rather than any sort of diplomatic politeness. So of course, Daokat had jumped at the chance of recruiting him for the task force.
He looked at the plate of food in Faissin's hands. It was some sort of Terran recipe, or a reproduction of one at any rate. Thick slices of meat covered by a brown sauce, with some green and white vegetables thrown in for good measure.
"It's synthetic, you know," Daokat said. "No animals harmed."
"That doesn't make it any less gross," he muttered. "And why do we have Terran recipes anyways? They don't even eat food."
"You know Faissin, nobody is going to tell you their secrets..."
"If I don't eat their food first, I know!" Faissin grumped. "Who told you that, by the way? You're always repeating it."
Daokat smiled. "Ah... someday I'll tell you. But it's true. Turns out food diplomacy is more important than it seems at first, so make sure you eat some Xunvirian recipes too once you're done with that plate. We don't want to send the wrong message."
"And I don't want to vomit," Faissin said. Then he let out an exaggerated sigh. "All right... whatever you say. You're the boss."
A sudden agitation in the crowd attracted Daokat's eyes. It was hard to tell from where he stood, but it looked like the-Zakarnine was giving out some sort of public statement. Daokat caught a glimpse of the Grand Minister's chitinous head, most of the vid-cameras orbiting nearby and broadcasting his words.
Faissin followed his gaze. "We do all the work, he gets all the glory."
Daokat nodded. "Politics... that's the way it is."
"Doesn't it bother you?"
Daokat mulled on that for a few seconds. Did it bother him? His conversation with the Terran during its attack of Xunvir had received quite a few compliments once it went public, but much of the galactic population's attention had gone towards the aftermath of the attack itself. The smoking craters where avenues and residential apartment complexes had once stood, the flooded cities and underground refuges filled with drowned corpses... they made for much more impressive pictures. And while people intellectually knew that if not for him it could have been much worse, that didn't stop them from focusing on just how bad it had actually been.
Then, negotiations with the more reasonable new Terrans had started. Daokat had been pivotal there, of course, acting as an intermediary between the two species, and coordinating the team of diplomats that eventually became the task force he now leaded. But the-Zakarnine had been the spokesperson towards the rest of the Galactic Council. So while Daokat's work had been acknowledged by High Governance and privately rewarded, in the public eye it was the Grand Minister who got the accolades for ending the war.
He knew he wouldn't have been happy with it in the past, back before his time with Nakstani. Back when he had wanted to land a delegate position at this same core world. But... public recognition somehow didn't feel so important now.
"No," he replied at last. "Not really, we each have different roles to play. I'd rather be out there making things happen than here giving speeches. And it also means that the-Zakarnine is in our debt. A Grand Minister can grant some powerful favors, you know. So having a grateful one on our side is better long-term than a few minutes in the limelight."
"I don't know," Faissin said. "Seems like having my ugly mug in the vid broadcasts would impress that Xatakian I met yesterday."
Daokat blinked. "I thought you already had a partner of your own species, Faissin."
He took a bite off his plate. "Yeah. Didn't say I was gonna marry her too, did I?"
Daokat smirked. Faissin's... colorful personality had caught him by surprise at first. That his jokes were delivered in the same matter-of-fact vocal tone that he always used, with no tell tale facial signs whatsoever had been confusing. But now Daokat knew enough to recognize when Faissin wasn't being serious... or so he thought.
"Heads up," muttered his assistant. "We've got a gearbox incoming."
Daokat followed his gaze to see that a member of the Terran delegation was walking towards them. He frowned slightly. These new Terran bodies looked organic enough that it was easy to forget they were machines underneath. There was no telling as to how long the range of their artificial ears was, so he should remind Faissin to watch his words when there were Terrans nearby.
Daokat couldn't help but to feel a slight discomfort at the sight of the approaching machine. He knew it wasn't rational, but he couldn't erase the images of the mechanical soldiers advancing along the ruined buildings of Yovit. The same leisurely pace, the same arm swing and positioning of their feet.
Except, of course, that the one approaching them now wasn't some automated drone in a massive army but a sentient creature of its own right. And while the overall body shape was the same, looking at it closer it was clear its appearance was vastly different from that of the assault soldiers. This machine had been designed for social interactions rather than combat. Its lines were smooth and it had an actual face, delicately modeled after the original organic species they had... evolved from.
All in all, this Terran could easily pass for an organic creature, if not for its polished, alabaster white outer surface. Or... skin, if it could be called that.
"Daokat!", the Terran said offering his right hand, the corners of his mouth gently moving upwards. "I'm glad you are here! Always happy to see a familiar face."
Daokat nodded and took the machine's hand in his own, shaking it as per the Terrans' greeting ritual. The surface was cold to the touch, he noticed.
"Likewise." Daokat turned towards Faissin. "Ah... this is my assistant..."
"Faissin, right?" the Terran said. "I've heard of you, of course. It's nice to finally meet you in the flesh too. Or... in the carbon fiber and polyelectrolyte polymers, in my case. I'm Thomas. Just that, I was lucky enough to be in the first generation so I don't need to worry about last names."
Faissin greeted the machine, shaking his hand just like Daokat had done. The Terran glanced towards the flood plate in the assistant's left hand.
"Roast duck, right? Do you like it?"
Faissin shot a quick glance at Daokat before replying with enthusiasm and a broad smile. "Uh... I can tell you I have never tasted anything quite like it!"
Thomas nodded and Daokat let out a soft breath. Faissin could be a wild card at times, but apparently he had enough common sense to control those impulses when he needed to, after all.
"And isn't that strange," Thomas was saying, "that you guys get to taste human food even before we do. We've had some developments in making artificial taste sensors, but fine-tuning them is more complicated that it seemed at first."
Daokat nodded and listened with an absent mind as Faissin and Thomas went over the merits of Terran cuisine.
All things considered, he was lucky both the Terrans and Xunvirians had agreed to sign these Accords, recognizing each other's right to exist, establishing formal borders and agreeing to a cease-fire. But it was clear this was just a first step, and the conflict was still far from over. Now, Daokat's team would need to set out to untangling the mess of crossed accusations and demands for reparations.
On one hand, the Terrans might have stopped their aggression, but they had also refused to cede any of their conquered systems or to de-escalate their gargantuan military forces, pushing instead for harsher official sanctions to the Xunvir Republic in response to Earth's destruction. And Daokat was well aware that, even though most of these new Terrans supported a peaceful resolution, there was also a small but loud faction among them that would rather resume the war of extermination started by their progenitor.
On the other hand, the Xunvir Republic demanded reparations of their own for the attacks against their colonies and the grievous damage done to their capital world. The fragments from the massive starship had caused millions of casualties when they impacted the planet, and a deep environmental damage that was hard to quantify. All things considered, though, it looked like the Xunvir capital would still recover faster than Anacax-Farvin. Even if the direct loss of life had been greater, both the communication and transport systems had survived, unlike in the case of the industrial world.
That these new Terrans such as Thomas hadn't had any willing role in those attacks didn't seem to faze the Xunvirians, though. Hate and distrust towards the new species was on the rise among the Xunvir Republic's population, and many victims of the attack reclaimed some sort of retribution.
It was a never ending cycle, Daokat thought. The pain proverb all over again.
He knew it wouldn't take long for a new crisis to ignite, so it was essential that new treaties and agreements were firmly in place before that could happen. Tying both species' interests together and to those of the Council, so that rekindling a military conflict would be seen as the wrong move by all parties.
He was betting for some sort of compromise, having both species meet midway. The first step would be convincing the Xunvir Republic to agree to a complete or partial demilitarization as a sanction for their past actions. It shouldn't be too hard, given that their fleet had already been decimated and that they wouldn't be in a position to re-militarize for at least a few years. They were already trusting the Council's fleets to protect them, so it would amount to have that new reality written down as part of the new treaty.
Applying a similar sanction to the Terrans was out of the question, of course. Given their past, the new species would never agree to any sort of reduction of their defense forces. But Daokat thought that having them show some goodwill towards the Xunvirians might suffice. Maybe they could use their drones to clean up the field of debris around Anacax-Farvin, clearing the way for the freighters to deliver the food the planet desperately needed.
It wasn't easy, but Daokat knew he still had some time before his work would be put to the test. Thankfully, both species seemed more focused on the reconstruction of their respective societies than outwards aggression. At least for the time being.
The Xunvirians in particular were simply unable to engage in any new military conflicts or expansionist behavior. It was something Daokat was grateful for, because otherwise he knew the tribes loyal to the Xunvir Republic's government would have already engaged in civil war as a response to the Anacax tribe's defection. But lacking the means to fight, and with most of the population too tired of war and destruction, they were forced to talk to one another and find some diplomatic solution to the internal fracture.
All things considered, the truth was Daokat liked dealing with the Terrans better. Unlike the Xunvirians and their fatalism, the Terrans were... not naive, but optimistic. Their outlook firmly placed in the future rather than in the past, even though they could also be stubborn and unyielding at times.
But at any rate, they seemed willing to work with the Council in ensuring the negotiations were fair, even when trying to push for their own agenda. It was all Daokat could ask for, after all.
Thomas leaned over the railing, gazing at the city and the arcologies. "I must say, this is quite the impressive place," he commented.
"See anything you'd want to replicate for Tau Ceti?" asked Daokat, smiling. A few weeks ago he had the chance to pay a visit to the orbital habitat that the Terrans had turned into their de-facto capital city. He hadn't been sure what to expect, exactly. Maybe a large starship-like maze of rooms and corridors. But no, the habitat felt like a city. A city still under construction, perhaps, but a city nonetheless. A roofed, dense grid of streets and avenues, complete with unfinished parks, open areas and congested traffic, thousands of automated drones and transports crawling and flying all over the place.
And that was only the habitable part of the enormous structure. He knew most of it was devoted to industry and resource processing. It was hard for his mind to grasp the true extents of the factories, hangars, warehouses and assembly lines extending in all three cardinal directions.
Thomas snorted. "Like they'd listen to me. No... I'm afraid Tau Ceti's Orbimax has fallen prey to the hands of the all-powerful engineering consortium. A lost battle for mere mundanes like me, if ever there was one. Last I heard they are proposing a two centuries-long plan to turn it into some sort of megastructure spanning the entire asteroid belt around the star. Nevermind that we hardly need that much space. A... ringworld, I think it's called."
Daokat nodded, feeling amused at Faissin's facial expression, his eyes wide open. It was a common reaction in people who were exposed for the first time to the Terrans' particular conception of 'engineering'. If there was something to take away from their bold plans, it was that just like the Xunvir Republic had been on the decline for a long time, the Terrans were clearly a species on the rise.
High Governance seemed to agree with that sentiment. An internal report placed the probability of the Terrans becoming the undisputed regional superpower of the Orion Arm at more than seventy percent within the next ten years... Ninety-five percent when looking at the next twenty years.
Those were high enough chances that the Council simply couldn't afford not to do their best to approach the nascent species and attempt to build a friendly relationship with them. Specially in light of all that had already transpired.
It wasn't easy, though. There were many roadblocks Daokat had to navigate around, ranging from the Terrans' own nature as artificial sentient minds -something that, technically, was forbidden by the Council's own laws- to the distrust the new species had on their neighbors, and the consequences of the First Terran's past actions.
Which reminded him of the massive starship and how the war had ended...
"Ah... Thomas," Daokat said, turning to face the machine. "There's something I wanted to ask you about, related to the battle of Xunvir."
The Terran gave him a quick nod, inviting him to keep talking.
"So... I've been going over the First Terran's actions right at the end," Daokat continued, "and there's something that doesn't quite fit, something that struck out to me when reading the after battle reports."
"Oh?" Thomas said, his smile still present. Though Daokat's augmented irises noticed a slight, almost imperceptible deepening of his frown.
"Yes. It was something that went unnoticed at first, but that was revealed when the Council cross-referenced the recordings of the battle by the surviving communication satellites in orbit around Xunvir. Apparently there was a short, intense burst of extra EM activity coming out the ship just a few seconds before it self-destroyed. Our analysts thing it was some sort of transmission, though nobody I asked is sure of exactly what it was, other than the profile matches the pattern of..."
"Daokat...", Thomas interrupted in a calm, contemplative tone. "Now, I wasn't at the battle myself, so I didn't receive that transmission, whatever it was. But you have to remember that our progenitor was a very troubled, confused mind. And right at the end it was under an enormous amount of stress and self-doubt, all the while piloting a heavily damaged ship. The most likely explanation for that EM burst you're talking about is a simple malfunction, an incoherent activation of the ship's damaged communication arrays, or maybe a glitch in the processing units that contained its mind."
"Ah, I see. But if you..."
"Of course," the Terran said, "I'll make sure to request our own reports and send them back to you for analysis, so that you can have all the information on the matter. But rest assured, I can guarantee you that our progenitor died when the ship crashed into the planet, right after liberating our minds. For better or worse, it's definitely gone."
Daokat nodded. "Well, thanks for the clarification, Thomas."
The Terran did a waving motion with his hand. "Of course, don't worry about it." Then, he looked towards the center of the esplanade. "So... aren't you two going back into the crowd?"
"Maybe later," Daokat said. "We're taking a rest, enjoying the views... you know."
"Sure. Well, I'll see you later then, or tomorrow at the departure ceremony."
Daokat nodded. "Sounds good. Goodbye Thomas."
The machine waved and walked back into the crowd, right towards the rest of the Terran delegation. Daokat saw Thomas approaching another of his species' delegates, a female Terran whose name he didn't know. Her head's fiber strands fell over her shoulders and down to the middle of her back, with rhythmic pulses of blue light traversing them. It was a hypnotizing sight.
It was also a good sign, Daokat thought. It meant the machines were embracing their individuality, customizing their bodies to better reflect their different personalities. Paradoxically, the flashy displays of color and strange skin patterns was something that brought them closer to the rest of the galaxy's organic species, that moved them away from the plain uniformity of the assault drones.
"Hmm..." said his assistant.
Daokat turned towards him. "Your thoughts, Faissin?"
"I don't know... Thomas seemed very eager to remind us that the First Terran is dead."
Daokat nodded. "You noticed that, too."
"Sure. Think they're lying?"
He saw the Terran female steal a quick glance at them before resuming her conversation with Thomas.
"No," Daokat said, his mouth twisting in a cunning smile. "I don't think they are lying, I know they are."
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jad abumrad has been created

By Charles Dickens CHAPTER XVII. Philanthropy, Professional and Unprofessional. FULL half a year had come an gone, and Mr. Cris- parkle sat in a waiting-room in the London chief offices of the Haven of Philanthropy, until he could have audience of Mr. Honeythunder. In his college-days of athletic exercises, Mr. Cris- parkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisti- cuffs, and had attended two or three of their gloved gatherings. He had now an opportunity of observing that as to the phrenological formation of the backs of their heads, the Professing Philanthropists were uncom- monly like the Pugilists. In the development of all those organs which constitute, or attend, a propensity to "pitch into"your fellow-creatures, the Philanthropists were remarkably favoured. There were several Profes- sors passing in and out, with exactly the aggressive air upon them of being ready for a turn-up with any Novice who might happen to be on hand, that Mr. Crisparkle well remembered in the circles of the Fancy. Pre- parations were in progress for a moral little Mill some- where on the rural-circuit, and other Professors were backing this or that Heavy-Weight as good for such or such speech-making hits, so very much after the manner of the sporting publicans that the intended Resolutions might have been Rounds. In an official manager of these displays much celebrated for his platform tactics, Mr. Crisparkle recognized (in a suit of black) the coun- terpart of a deceased benefactor of his species, an eminent public character, once known to Fame as Frosty-faced Fogo, who in days of yore superintended the formation of the magic circle with the ropes and stakes. There were only three conditions of resemblance wanting be- tween these Professors, and those: Firstly, the Philan- thropists were in very bad training: much too fleshy, and presenting, both in face ad figure, a superabun- dance of what is known to Pugilistic Experts as Suet Pudding. Secondly, the Philanthropists had not the good temper of the Pugilists, and used worse language. Thirdly, their fighting code stood in great need of re- vision, as empowering them not only to bore their man to the ropes, but t bore him to the confines of distrac- tion; also to hit him wen he was down, hit him any- where and anyhow, kick him, stamp upon him, gouge him, and maul him behind his back without mercy. In these last particulars the Professors of the Noble Art were much nobler than the Professors of Philanthropy. Mr. Crisparkle was so completely lost in musing on these similarities and dissimilarities, at the same time watching the crowd which came and went by, always, as it seemed on errands of antagonistically snatching some- thing from somebody, and never giving anything to any- body: that his name was called before he heard it. On his at length responding, he was shown by a miserably shabby and underpaid stipendiary Philanthropist (who could hardly have done worse if he had taken service with a declared enemy of the human race) to Mr. Honey- thunder's room. "Sir, " said Mr. Honeythunder in his tremendous voice, like a schoolmaster issuing orders to a boy of whom he had a bad opinion, "sit down." Mr. Crisparkle seated himself. Mr. Honeythunder, having signed the remaining few score of a few thousand circulars, calling upon a corres- ponding number of families without means to come for- ward, stump up instantly, and be Philanthropists, or go to the Devil, another shabby stipendiary Philanthropist (highly disinterested, in in earnest) gathered these into a basket and walked off with them. "Now, Mr. Crisparkle," said Mr. Honeythunder, turning his chair half round towards him when they were alone, and squaring his arms with his hands on his knees, and his brows knitted as if he added, I am going to make short work of you——"now, Mr. Crisparkle, we entertain different views, you and I, sir, of the sanctity of human life." "Do we?" returned the Minor Canon. "We do, sir." "Might I ask you," said the Minor Canon, "what are your views on that subject?" "The human life is a thing to be held sacred, sir." "Might I ask you, "pursued the Minor Canon as be- fore., "what you suppose to be my views on that sub- ject?" "By George, sir!" returned the Philanthropist, squar- ing his arms still more, as he frowned on Mr. Crisparkle: "they are best known to yourself." "Readily admitted. But you began by saying that we took different views, you know. Therefore (or you could not say so) you must have set up some views as mine. Pray, what views have you set up as mine?" "Here is a man——and a young man," said Mr. Honey- thunder, as if that made the matter infinitely worse, and he could have easily borne the loss of an old one: "swept off the face of the earth by a deed of violence. What do you call that?" "Murder," said the Minor Canon. "What do you call the doer of that deed, sir?" "A murderer," said the Minor Canon. "I am glad to hear you admit so much, sir," retorted Mr. Honeythunder, in his most offensive manner; "and I candidly tell you that I didn't expect it." Here he lowered heavily at Mr. Crisparkle again. "Be so good as to explain what you mean by those very unjustifiable expressions." "I don't sit here, sir," returned the Philanthropist, raising his voice to a roar, "to be browbeaten." "As the only other person present, no one can pos- sibly know that better that I do," returned the Minor Canon very quietly. "But I interrupt your explanation." "Murder!" proceeded Mr. Honeythunder, in a kind of boisterous revery, with his platform folding of his arms, an platform nod of abhorrent reflection after each short sentiment of a word. "Bloodshed! Abel! Cain! I hold no terms with Cain. I repudiate wit a shudder the red hand when it is offered me." Instead of instantly leaping into his chair and cheer- ing himself hoarse, as the Brotherhood in public meet- ing assembled would infallibly have done on this cue, Mr. Crisparkle merely reversed the quiet crossing of his legs, and said mildly, "Don't let me interrupt your ex- planation——when you begin it." "The Commandments say no murder. NO murder, sir!" proceeded Mr. Honeythunder, platformally pausing as if he took Mr. Crisparkle to task for having distinctly asserted that they said, You may do a little murder and then leave off. "And they also say, you shall bear no false witness," observed Mr. Crisparkle. "Enough!" bellowed Mr. Honeythunder, with a solem- nity and severity that would have brought the house down at a meeting, "E——e——nough! My late wards be- ing now of age, and I being released from a trust which I cannot contemplate without a thrill of horror, there are accounts which you have undertaken to accept on their behalf, and there is a statement of the balance which you have undertaken to receive, and which you cannot receive too soon. And let me tell you, sir, I wish, that as a man and a Minor Canon, you were better em- ployed," with a nod. "Better employed," with another nod. "Bet——ter em——ployed!" with another and the three nods added up. Mr. Crisparkle rose, a little heated in the face, but with perfect command of himself. "Mr. Honeythunder," he said, taking up the papers referred to, "my being better or worse employed than I am at present is a matter of taste and opinion. You might think me better employed in enrolling myself a member of your Society." "Ay, indeed, sir!" retorted Mr. Honeythunder, shak- ing his head in a threatening manner. "It would have been better for you if you had done that long ago!" "I think otherwise." "Or.," said Mr. Honeythunder, shaking his head again, "I might think one of your profession better employed in devoting himself to the discovery of punishment and of guilt than in leaving that duty to be undertaken by a layman." "I may regard my profession from a point of view which teaches me that its first duty is towards those who are in necessity ad tribulation, who are desolate and op- pressed," said Mr. Crisparkle. "However, as I have quite clearly satisfied myself that it is no part of my profession to make professions, I say no more of that. But I owe it to Mr. Neville, and to Mr. Neville's sister (and in a much lower degree t myself), to say to you that I know I was in the full possession and understand- ing of Mr. Neville's mind and heart at the time of this occurrence; and that, without in the least colouring or concealing what was to be deplored in him and required to be corrected, I feel certain that his tale is true. Feel- ing that certainty, I befriend him. As long as that cer- tainty shall last I will befriend him. And if any con- sideration could shake me in this resolve, I should be so ashamed of myself for my meanness that no man's good opinion,——no, nor no woman's,——so gained, could compen- sate me for the loss of my own." Good fellow! Manly fellow! And he was so modest, too. There was no more self-assertion in the Minor Canon than in the school-boy who had stood in the breezy playing-fields keeping a wicket. He was simply and staunchly true to his duties alike in the large case and in the small. So all true souls ever are. So every true soul ever was, ever is, ever will be. There is noth- ing little to the really great in spirit. "Then who do you make out did the deed?" asked Mr. Honeythunder, turning on him abruptly. "Heaven forbid," said Mr. Crisparkle, "that in my desire to clear one man I should lightly criminate an- other! I accuse no one." "Tcha!" ejaculated Mr. Honeythunder with great disgust; for this was by no means the principle on which the Philanthropic Brotherhood usually proceeded. "And, sir, you are not a disinterested witness, we must bear in mind." "How am I an interested one?" inquired Mr. Cris- parkle, smiling innocently, at a loss to imagine. "There was a certain stipend, sir, paid to you for your pupil, which may have warped your judgment a bit," said Mr. Honeythunder, coarsely. "Perhaps I expect to retain it still?" Mr. Crisparkle returned, enlightened; "do you mean that too?" "Well, sir," returned the professional Philanthropist, getting up, and thrusting his hands down into his trousers' pockets, "I don't go about measuring people for caps. If people find I have any about me that fit 'em, they can put 'em on and wear 'em, if they like. That's their lookout, not mine." Mr. Crisparkle eyed him with just indignation, and took him to task thus: "Mr. Honeythunder, I hoped when I came in here that I might be under no necessity of commenting on the introduction of platform manners or platform manœvres among the decent forbearances of private life. But you have given me such a specimen of both, that I should be a fit subject for both if I remained silent respecting them. They are detestable." "They don't suit you, I dare say, sir." "They are," repeated Mr. Crisparkle, without notic- ing the interruption, "detestable. They violate equally the justice that should belong to Christians, and the re- straints that should belong to gentlemen. You as- sume a great crime to have been committed by one whom I, acquainted with the attendant circumstances, and having numerous reasons on my side, devoutly be- lieve to be innocent of it. Because I differ from you on that vital point, what is your platform resource? In- stantly to turn upon me, charging that I have no sense of the enormity of the crime itself, but am its aider and abettor! So, another time——taking me as representing your opponent in other cases——you set up a platform credulity: a moved and seconded and carried unani- mously profession of faith in some ridiculous delusion or mischievous imposition. I decline to believe it, and you fall back upon your platform resource of proclaim- in that I believe nothing; that because I will not bow down to a false god of your making, I deny the true God! Another time, you make the platform discovery that War is a calamity, and you propose to abolish it by a string of twisted resolutions tossed into the air like the tail of a kite. I do not admit the discovery to be yours in the least, and I have not a grain of faith in your reme- dy. gain, your platform resource of representing me as revelling in the horrors of a battle-field like a fiend incarnate! Another time, in another of your undiscrim- inating platform rushes, you would punish the sober for the drunken. I claim consideration for the comfort, convenience, and refreshment of the sober; and you presently make platform proclamation that I have a de- praved desire to turn Heaven's creatures into swine and wild beasts! In all such cases your movers, and your seconders, and your supporters——your regular Professors of all degrees——run amuck like so many mad Malays; habitually attributed the lowest and basest motives with the utmost recklessness (let me call your attention to a recent instance in yourself for which you should blush), and quoting figures which you know to be as wilfully one-sided as a statement of any complicated account that should be all Creditor side and no Debtor, or all Debtor side and no Creditor. Therefore it is, Mr. Honeythun- der, that I consider the platform a sufficiently bad ex- ample and a sufficiently bad school, even in public life; but hold that, carried into private life, it becomes an un- endurable nuisance." "These are strong words, sir!" exclaimed the Philan- thropist. "I hope so," said Mr. Crisparkle. "Good morning." He walked out of the Haven at a great rate, but soon fell into his regular brisk pace, and soon had a smile upon his face, as he went along, wondering what the china shepherdess would have said if she had seen him pounding Mr. Honeythunder in the late little lively af- fair. For Mr. Crisparkle had just enough of harmless vanity to hope that he had hit hard, and to glow with the belief that he had trimmed the Philanthropic jacket pretty handsomely. He took himself to Staple Inn, but not to P. J. T. and Mr. Grewgious. Full many a creaking stair he climbed before he reached some attic rooms in a corner, turned the latch of their unbolted door, and stood beside the table of Neville Landless. An air of retreat and solitude hung about the rooms, and about their inhabitant. He was much worn, and so were they. Their sloping ceilings, cumbrous rusty locks and grates, and heavy wooden bins and beams, slowly mouldering withal, had a prisonous look, and he had the haggard face of a prisoner. Yet the sunlight shone in at the ugly garret window which had a penthouse to it- self thrust out among the tiles; and on the cracked and smoke-blackened parapet beyond, some of the deluded sparrows of the place rheumatically hopped, like little feathered cripples who had left their crutches in their nests; and there was a play of living leaves at hand that changed the air, and made an imperfect sort of music in it that would have been melody in the country. The rooms were sparsely furnished, but with good store of books. Everything expressed the abode of a poor stu- dent. That Mr. Crisparkle had been either chooser, lender, or donor of the books, or that he combined the three characters, might have been easily seen in the friendly beam of his eyes upon them as he entered. "How goes it, Neville?" "I am in good heart, Mr. Crisparkle, and working away." "I wish your eyes were not quite so large and not quite so bright," said the Minor Canon, slowly releasing the hand he had taken in his. "They brighten at the sight of you," returned Neville. "If you were to fall away from me, they would soon be dull enough." "Rally, rally!" urged the other, in a stimulating tone. "Fight for it, Neville!" "If I were dying, I feel as if a word from you would rally me; if my pulse had stopped, I feel as if your touch would make it beat again," said Neville. "But I have rallied, and am doing so famously." Mr. Crisparkle turned him with his face a little more towards the light. "I want to see a ruddier touch here, Neville," he said, indicating his own healthy cheek by way of pattern; "I want more sun to shine upon you." Neville drooped suddenly as he replied in a lowered voice. "I am hardly enough for that yet. If you had gone through those Cloisterham streets as I did; if you had seen, as I did, those averted eyes, and the better sort of people silently giving me too much room to pass, that I might not touch them or come near them, you wouldn't think it quite unreasonable that I cannot go about in the daylight." "My poor fellow!" said the Minor Canon, in a tone so purely sympathetic that the young man caught his hand: "I never said it was unreasonable; never thought so. But I should like you to do it." "And that would give me the strongest motive to do it. But I cannot yet. I cannot persuade myself that the eyes of even the stream of strangers I pass in this vast city look at me without suspicion. I feel marked and tainted, even when I go out——as I do only——at night. But the darkness covers me then, and I take courage from it." Mr. Crisparkle laid a hand upon his shoulder, and stood looking down at him. "If I could have changed my name," said Neville, "I would have done so. But as you wisely pointed out to me, I can't do that, for it would look like guilt. If I could have gone to some distant place, I might have found relief in that, but the thing is not to be thought of, for the same reason. Hiding and escaping would be the construction in either case. It seems a little hard to be so tied to a stake, and innocent; but I don't com- plain." "And you must expect no miracle to help you, Neville," said Mr. Crisparkle, compassionately. "No, sir, I know that. The ordinary fulness of time and circumstance is all I have to trust to." "It will right you at last, Neville." "So I believe, and I hope that I may live to know it." But perceiving that the despondent mood into which he was falling cast a shadow on the Minor Canon, and (it may be) feeling that the broad hand upon his shoulder was not then quite as steady as its own natural strength had rendered it when it first touched him just now, he brightened and said, "Excellent circumstances for study anyhow! and you know, Mr. Crisparkle, what need I have of study in all ways. Not to mention that you have advised me to study for the difficult profession of the law, specially, and that of course I am guiding myself by the advice of such a friend and helper. Such a good friend and helper!" He took the fortifying hand from his shoulder, and kissed it. Mr. Crisparkle beamed at the books, but not so brightly as when he had entered. "I gather from your silence on the subject that my late guardian is adverse, Mr. Crisparkle." The Minor Canon answered, "Your late guardian is a ——a most unreasonable person, and it signifies nothing to any reasonable person whether he is adverse or perverse, or the reverse." "Well for me that I have enough with economy to live upon," sighed Neville, half wearily and half cheer- ily, "while I wait to be learned and wait to be righted! Else I might have proved the proverb that while the grass grows the steed starves!" He opened some books as he said it, and was soon im- mersed in their intercleaved and annotated passages, While Mr. Crisparkle sat beside him, expounding, cor- recting, and advising. The Minor Canon's cathedral duties made these visits of his difficult to accomplish, but only to be compassed at intervals of many weeks. But they were as serviceable as they were precious to Neville Landless. When they had got through such studies as they had in hand, they stood leaning on the window sill, and look- ing down upon the patch of garden. "Next week," said Mr. Crisparkle, "you will cease to be alone, and will have a devoted companion." "And yet," returned Neville, "this seems an uncon- genial place to bring my sister to?" "I don't think so," said the Minor Canon. "There is duty to be done here; and there are womanly feeling, sense, and courage wanted here." "I meant," said Neville, "that the surroundings are so dull and unwomanly, and that Helena can have no suitable friend or society here." "You have only to remember," said Mr. Crisparkle, "that you are here yourself, and that she has to draw you into the sunlight." They were silent for a little, and then Mr. Crisparkle began anew: "When we first spoke together, Neville, you told me that your sister had risen out of he disadvantages of your past lives as superior to you as the tower of Clois- terham Cathedral is higher than the chimneys of Minor Canon Corner. Do you remember that?" "Right well!" "I was inclined to think it at the time an enthusiastic flight. No matter what I think it now. What I would emphasize is, that under the head of Pride your sister is a great and opportune example to you." "Under all heads that are included in the composition of a fine character, she is." "Say so; but take this one. Your sister has learnt how to govern what is proud in her nature. She can dominate ite ven when it is wounded through her sympa- thy with you. No doubt she has suffered deeply in those same streets where you suffered deeply. No doubt her life is darkened by the cloud that darkens yours. But bending her pride into a grand composure that is not haughty or aggressive, but is sustained confidence in you and in the truth, she has won her way through those streets until she passes along them as high in the general respect as any one who treads them. Every day and hour of her life since Edwin Drood's disappearance, she has faced ma- lignity and folly——for you——as only a brave nature well directed can. So it will be with her to the end. An- other and weaker kind of pride might sink broken-heart- ed, but never such a pride as hers: which knows no shrinking, and can get no mastery over her." The pale cheek beside him flushed under the compari- son and the hint implied in it. "I will do all I can to imitate her," said Neville "Do so, and be a truly brave man as she is a truly brave ' woman," answered Mr. Crisparkle, stoutly. "It is growing dark. Will you go my way with me, when it is quite dark? Mind! It is not I who wait for darkness." "Neville replied that he would accompany him directly But Mr. Crisparkle said he had a moment's call to make on Mr. Grewgious as an act of courtesy, and would run across to that gentleman's chambers, and rejoin Neville on his own doorstep if he would come down there to meet him. Mr. Grewgious, bolt upright as usual, sat taking his wine in the dusk at his open window; his wineglass and decanter on the round table at his elbow; himself and his legs on the window seat; only one hinge in his whole body, like a bootjack. "How do you do, reverend sir?" said Mr. Grewgious, with abundant offers of hospitality which were as cordial- ly declined as made. "And how is your charge getting on over the way in the set that I had the pleasure of rec- ommending to you as vacant and eligible?' Mr. Crisparkle replied suitably. "I am glad you approve of them," said Mr. Grewgious, because I entertain a sort of fancy for having him under my eye." As Mr. Grewgious had to turn his eye up considerably, before he could see the chambers, the phrase was to be taken figuratively and not literally. "And how did you leave Mr. Jasper, reverend sir?" said Mr. Grewgious. Mr. Crisparkle had left him pretty well. "And where did you leave Mr. Jasper, reverend sir?" Mr. Crisparkle had left him at Cloisterham. "And when did you leave Mr. Jasper, reverend sir?" That morning. "Umps!" said Mr. Grewgious. "He didn't say he was coming, perhaps?" "Coming where?" "Anywhere, for instance?" said Mr. Grewgious. "No." "Because here he is," said Mr. Grewgious, who had asked all these questions with his preoccupied glance di- rected out the window. "And he doesn't look agreeable; does he?" Mr. Crisparkle was craning towards the window, when Mr. Grewgious added, "If you will kindly step round here behind me in the gloom of the room, and will cast your eye at the second- floor landing window, in yonder house, I think you will hardly fail to see a slinking individual in whom I recog- nize our local friend." "You are right!" cried Mr. Crisparkle. "Umps!" said Mr. Grewgious. Then he added, turn- ing his face so abruptly that his head nearly came into collision with Mr. Crisparkle's: "What should you say that our local friend was up to?" The last passage he had been shown in the Diary re- turned on Mr. Crisparkle's mind with the force of a strong recoil, ad he asked Mr. Grewgious if he thought it possi- ble that Neville was to be harrassed by the keeping of a watch upon him? "A watch," repeated Mr. Grewgious, musingly. "Ay!" "Which would not only of itself haunt and torture his life," said Mr. Crisparkle, warmly, "but would expose him to the torment of a perpetually reviving suspicion, whatever he might do, or wherever he might go?" "Ay!" said Mr. Grewgious, musing still. "Do I see him waiting for you?" "No doubt you do." "Then would you have the goodness to excuse my get- ting up to see you out, and to go out to join him, and to go the way that you were going, and to take no notice of our local friend?" said Mr. Grewgious. "I entertain a sort of fancy for having him under my eye to-night, do you know?" Mr. Crisparkle, with a significant nod, complied, and, rejoining Neville, went away from him. They dined together, and parted at the yet unfinished and undevel- oped railway station: Mr. Crisparkle to get home; Ne- ville to walk the streets, cross the bridges, make a wide round of the city in the friendly darkness, and tire himself out. It was midnight when he returned from his solitary expedition, and climbed the staircase. The night was hot, and the windows of the staircase were all wide open. Coming to the top, it gave him a passing chill of surprise (there being no rooms but his up there) to find a stranger sitting on the window-sill, more after the man- ner of a venturesome glazier than an amateur ordinarily careful of his neck; in fact, so much more outside the window than inside, as to suggest the thought that he must have come up by the water-spout instead of the stairs. The stranger said nothing until Neville put his key in his door; then, seeming to make sure of his identity from the action, he spoke. "I beg your pardon," he said, coming from the window with a frank and smiling air, and a prepossessing ad- dress; the beans." Neville was quite at a loss. "Runners," said the visitor. "Scarlet. Next door at the back." "Oh!" returned Neville. "And the mignonette and wallflower?" "The same," said the visitor. "Pray walk in." "Thank you." "Neville lighted his candles and the visitor sat down. A handsome gentleman, with a young face, but an older figure in robustness and its breadth of shoulder; say a man of eight-and-twenty, or at the utmost thirty; so extremely sunburnt that the contrast between his brown visage and the white forehead shaded out of doors by his hat, and the glimpse of white throat below the neck- erchief, would have been almost ludicrous but for his broad temples, bright blue eyes, clustering brown hair, and laughing teeth. "I have noticed," said he; "——my name is Tartar." Neville inclined his head. "I have noticed (excuse me) that you shut yourself up a good deal, and that you seem to like my garden aloft here. If you would like a little more of it I could throw out a few lines and stays between my window and yours, which the runners would take to directly. And I have some boxes, both of mignonette and wallflower, that I could shove on along the gutter (with a boat-hook I have by me) to your windows, and draw back again when they wanted watering or gardening, and shove on again when they were shipshape, so that they would cause you no trouble. I couldn't take this liberty with- out asking your permission, so I venture to ask it. Tar- tar, corresponding set, next door." "You are very kind." "Not at all. I ought to apologize for looking in so late. But having noticed (excuse me) that you gener- ally walk out at night, I thought I should inconven- ience you least by awaiting your return. I am always afraid of inconveniencing busy men, being an idle man." "I should not have thought so from your appearance." "No?" I take it as a compliment. In fact I was bred in the Royal Navy and was First Lieutenant when I quitted it. But an uncle, disappointed in the service, leaving me his property on condition that I left the Navy, I accepted he fortune and resigned my commis- sion." "Lately, I presume?" "Well, I had had twelve or fifteen years of knocking about first, I came here some nine months before you; I had had one crop before you came. I chose this place because, having served last in a little Corvette, I knew I should feel more at home where I had a constant op- portunity of knocking my head against the ceiling. Be- sides, it would never do for a man who had been aboard ship from his boyhood to turn luxurious all at once. Be- sides, again; having been accustomed to a very short al- lowance of land all my life, I thought I'd feel my way to the command of a landed estate by beginning in boxes." Whimsically as this was said, there was a touch of merry earnestness in it that made it doubly whimsical. "However," said the Lieutenant, "I have talked quite enough about myself. It is not my way I hope; it has merely been to present myself to you naturally. If you will allow me to take the liberty I have described, it will be in charity, for it will give me something more to do. And you are not to suppose that it will entail any interruption or intrusion on you, for that is far from my intention. Neville replied that he was greatly obliged, and that he thankfully accepted the kind proposal. "I am very glad to take your windows in tow," said the Lieutenant. "From what I have seen of you when I have been gardening at mine, and you have been looking on, I have thought you (excuse me) rather too studious and delicate! May I ask, is your health at all affect- ed?" "I have undergone mental distress," said Neville, confused, "which has stood in the stead of illness." "Pardon me," said Mr. Tartar. With the greatest delicacy he shifted his ground to the windows again, and asked if he could look at one of them. On Neville's opening it, he immediately sprang out, as if he were going aloft with a whole watch in an emergency, and were setting a bright example. "For Heaven's sake!" cried Neville, "don't do that! Where are you going, Mr. Tartar? You'll be dashed to pieces!" "All well!" said the Lieutenant, coolly looking about him on the housetop. "All taut and trim here. Those lines and stays shall be rigged before you turn out in the morning. May I take this short cut home and say, Good-night?" "Mr. Tartar!" urged Neville. "Pray! It makes me giddy to see you!" But Mr. Tartar, with a wave of his hand and the deftness of a cat, had already dipped through the scuttle of scarlet runners without breaking a leaf, and "gone below." Mr. Grewgious, his bedroom window-blind held aside with the hand, happened at that moment to have Ne- ville's chambers under his eye for the last time that night. Fortunately his eye was on the front of the house and not on the back, or this remarkable appear- ance and disappearance might have broken his rest, as a phenomenon. But Mr. Grewgious seeing nothing there, not even a light in the windows, his gaze wandered from the windows to the stars, as if he would have read in them something that was hidden from him. Many of us would if we could; but none of us so much as know our letters in the stars yet,——or seem likely to do it in this state of existence,——and few languages can be read until their alphabets are mastered. 
from Collier's Unabridged Edition: The Works of Charles Dickens, Volume VI. P.F. Collier, Publisher, New York, old as heck. pp. 1161 - 1165
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I witnessed this yesterday so it’s fresh on my mind. Today I have a juicy story about religious extremism.
A quick overview: I live in Portugal and we have many religious and ethnic groups. The dominant religion is Catholicism, but we have many minorities such as Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you don’t know what Jehovah’s Witnesses are I will just simplify it. It is a religious branch of Christianity, such as Orthodox or Lutheran. Normally, everyone recognises them as the door to door preachers.(I personally think they are very annoying but I still can’t get mad at them because they are trying to save your soul) During the Nazi regime, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jews fled from occupied regions to Portugal and Spain, eventually settling here. Fun fact: The Jehovah’s Witnesses international summit was held here, back in June.
The cast:
Me- random bystander
Ps- preachers
EP- zealot bitch
K- her kid
OG- old gentleman
(This was translated so the vocabulary isn’t the same)
The story: I was headed to a friend’s house to study for our upcoming Philosophy test. While I walking up the stairs of the subway station I heard some screams outside and when I exited I saw EP screaming at the Ps.
The EP was a fat, probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s, whale. She didn’t have the Karen haircut but she had very tight black clothes and a crappy purse. Her kid, probably 12 and red as a tomato, was right next to her. The Ps were probably college students, 2 guys and 2 girls. They had a little stand with racks of posters saying things like “The absolute truth” or “God and his immense glory” ( very cliché, I know).
As a side note, the subway station exit didn’t lead you to the street. It led you to a little alley between some buildings and to get to the street you had to go across a tunnel between some building, so it was fairly calm. The only other witnesses were the people on a cafe right behind them and the ones who had just exited the subway.
This was the part that I heard:
EM: But you aren’t catholics, are you?
Ps1: No we aren’t but...
EM: THEN STOP FILLING MY SON’S HEAD WITH YOUR SINFUL WAYS, YOU SATANISTS!!! ( Oof that is a very stupid thing to say in public)
Ps2: Ma’am we are Christians...
At this point, one of the girls was already crying and the people at the cafe started to become more agitated.
At this point, OG has had enough and gets up from his seat at the cafe and starts walking with his walking cane towards EM. He hits her in the knee to get her attention.
OG: Listen here you cow, I will not accept you harassing these poor kids and then trying to call the police on them.
Hearing this, OG goes ballistic. He starts shoving her with his cane and yelling
OG: WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU F* WH* ( old people are pretty rustic around these parts) I WILL F* BEAT YOU UNTIL YOU TURN INTO A PULP.
Ps1: Good luck, we will all say what truly happened.
EM now had a defeated look, knowing she wouldn’t stand a chance against so many witnesses. She screamed at her kid to come and stormed off. I just witnessed the whole thing, forgetting I was in a hurry to arrive at my friends house, but in the end, it was worth it
And to all my Portuguese bros and sis out there I can just say this: ESTA MERDA SÓ EM PORTUGAL!!!

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Author dylanjesses1587
Posted On Mon Oct 21 15:37:04 EDT 2019
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Me being a Christian and a youth leader I don’t hate jehovas witnesses, but sometimes they can be annoying especially the ones that won’t leave your property even after you explain to them your religion or if you aren’t religious. If someone asks you to leave and you keep persisting I will eventually blow up at you because I find it extremely annoying
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Author MultiStratz
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I was a baptized witness, minors are baptized all the time and the leadership brags about it. Protip: next time you're going to present yourself as some kind of authority on a subject, get your facts in order first. You see there is a large community of verfied exJWs on reddit, and you've repeatedly demonstrated that you are the one who is misinformed. Every comment you make digs you deeper into this hole. You really think that your experience with the JWs is more accurate than that of those who were born in and spent decades as loyal members?
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Author MultiStratz
Posted On Wed Oct 23 16:57:43 EDT 2019
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This is the Australia Royal Commission's official webpage, and the proceedings of their inquiry into the Jehovah's Witnesses:
Here is the news of the NZ Royal Commission opening investigations into faith-based institutions:
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Author snuckyballs
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I'm going to say this ONE LAST TIME... So read it very carefully.
I am not a Jehovah's Witness my sister is.... has been for over 30 years. Yes she's allowed to spend time with me and the rest of our family.
No her kids were not allowed to get baptised until they were 18. Two were baptised and one wasn't. They still have a happy loving relationship with each other and me.
I know what a cult is and I do not believe JW is a cult... my opinion!
I have never and will never become a witness because my personal beliefs centre around KAHA MAORI.
For those of you thinking I am a JW or was a probationary... You are wrong!
No witness I know would lie and say they weren't, even suggesting that is ludicrous.
I sound like a witness because I'm INFORMED, my sisters religious beliefs interest me so I LISTENED when she spoke it's not an unheard of concept.... You should try it.
I don't care about your life experiences I said what I said because thats my opinion. Stop telling me your life stories I DONT CARE.
To all the people bombarding me with their hate and bitterness. You are acting and saying much the same as Hitler did about the JWs and you should be ashamed. Your rhetoric is disgusting!
Now did you get that through your thick skulls? because I'm not repeating myself anymore... I'm don't with you foolish speeches... Go bother someone else with your hate.
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Author dylanjesses1587
Posted On Mon Oct 21 15:52:17 EDT 2019
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I have had quite a few jehovas witnesses come to my house and I either don’t answer or I answer and then shut my door before they reply because all of the jehovas witnesses that have come to my house have been really pushy even though I explain to them that we are a Christian household that already has a church and school that we go to
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Author Toxicratman
Posted On Tue Oct 22 18:39:47 EDT 2019
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That is not the case for my cousin. She was disfellowshiped, and while she was at her job. Her parents came in and kicked her out of the house in the middle of her shift. Told her that her stuff would be outside and she need to pick it up. They then took her car keys as she was paying them for it.
Hers isn't the only story like this. If you check /exjw you will read other experiences of teenagers getting kicked out the their house.
So you might have unintentionally lied but you lied non the less.
Also me and my wife are no longer witnesses. We did not disassociate nor were we disfellowshiped. Yet non of our friends or family who are still JWs will speak to us. Can you answer why that is? If our only wrong doing is not wanting to be a witness why do we get shunned. High control groups shun.
How would you feel if you were being shunned? Why is ok to do to others? Matthew 7:12 is the golden rule. Why do witnesses ignore this when shunning?
I would look up something called the BITE model and read up on it. See what you think.
EDIT: I realized you might not be a JW and maybe a troll. There is no way someone claiming to be a JW would openly post FUCK, asshole, calling other people trash. I didn't go very far. If you are a JW you are definitely not a good one.
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Author CoolNinja539
Posted On Mon Oct 21 20:47:12 EDT 2019
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Dude calm down, jehovah witnesses are NOT in a cult, we are nice people, and we do not kick kids out on to the street, so please have a little more respect
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Author 951753951753
Posted On Tue Oct 22 15:28:22 EDT 2019
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Jehovah's witnesses are NOT a cult, you are ignorant.
But what if the organization is actually a cult and you just haven't done enough research about what a cult is to have an informed opinion? Wouldn't that make you the ignorant one?
The are not kicked out, but they are not allowed into meetings or gatherings with other witnesses,
DF'd individuals are allowed into meetings at the Kingdom Hall, what are you talking about?
because THEY made the DECISION to go against their OWN vows.
If an 8 year old kid made an honest vow to Santa Claus but didn't follow through on it because they found out that he is just a myth, what loving parent would shun them?
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Author snuckyballs
Posted On Tue Oct 22 20:17:42 EDT 2019
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I. Am. Not. A. Jehovah's. Witness.
Read it slooowly
I'm just informed through REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES
I also don't follow their version of the "truth" for my own personal beliefs in organized religion as a whole .... but I also don't believe in YOUR opinion because I am a FREE thinker.
I will also not be bullied by you spewing propaganda at me.
Jehovah's Witness are NOT a cult.... You are a pusher of hate and propaganda.... Much like Hitler
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Author snuckyballs
Posted On Tue Oct 22 03:41:28 EDT 2019
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Body link
Jehovah's witnesses are NOT a cult, you are ignorant.
When a person is disfellowshipped it's because they CHOSE to get baptised and then CHOSE to go against the beliefs they had VOWED to undertake.
The are not kicked out, but they are not allowed into meetings or gatherings with other witnesses, because THEY made the DECISION to go against their OWN vows.
If your sister kicked her kids out of her house, it probably more likely to come from YOUR families influence that has made her this way. Jehovah's witnesses would never allow a child to be kicked out of their home.
Get your facts straight
Meaning of the word Solicitation: noun
  1. the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone.
"he was a regular target for solicitation of funds"
2.the act of accosting someone and offering one's or someone else's services as a prostitute.
"a woman arrested for solicitation"
So When you have this sign on your door KNOW what it means before you try to enforce it....
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Author EvilGingerSanta
Posted On Tue Oct 22 17:47:01 EDT 2019
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That feeling you're getting? That sense you shouldn't be reading this because it might be apostate literature? Just focus on that feeling for a second, and then take a glance at the amount of stuff below that you're not gonna let yourself read because of it. That's information control, and I mention a bit more about it below.
Here's a page running through the basics of the BITE model. I'll provide an example for some of the more obvious ones on that list.
Behaviour Control: - Restrict or control sexuality - Here it is, in your own words. - Exploit you financially - We both know how hard they push those "voluntary donations". - Restrict leisure time and activities - Why be having fun when you could be out on the ministry?
Information Control: - Deliberately withhold and distort information - Ever read the Elders' manual? Thought not. - Forbid you from speaking with ex-members and critics - They're very quick to label ex-members as "mentally diseased apostates", aren't they? That feeling that you shouldn't be reading any of this is burning a lot hotter now, isn't it? I'm criticising the organisation, after all. - Discourage access to non-cult sources of information - "It's all apostate-driven lies"? What would they say if they saw you reading this? The feeling's burning even hotter now, isn't it? - Divide information into Insider vs. Outsider doctrine - Ever wonder why there are two versions (study and public) of the Watchtower? - Generate and use propaganda extensively - JW Broadcasting? The dramas at the conventions? The leaflets? "Our Kingdom Ministry"? - Encourage you to spy and report on others’ “misconduct” - You're supposed to tell the elders of another's sins, right?
Thought Control: - Instill Black vs. White, Us vs. Them, & Good vs. Evil thinking - You're either a member or you're Satan's puppet, right? - Change your identity, possibly even your name - "BrotheSister [lastname]" instead of just your first name. - Use loaded language and cliches to stop complex thought - "Apostate", "His chosen organisation", literally referring to themselves as "The Truth". Just read through any JW publication and count how many words you don't see outside the JWs' literature. It's quite astounding. - Teach thought-stopping techniques to prevent critical thoughts - We've both heard all the advice about "controlling impure thoughts", and how you're supposed to immediately stop listening if an apostate talks to you. That's the feeling I mentioned at the start again, hotter and more intense than ever. - Use excessive meditation, singing, prayer, & chanting to block thoughts - You sing three times per meeting, more during circuit assemblies and district conventions. - Reject rational analysis, critical thinking, & doubt - Because you don't need to think, you just need to have faith, right?
Emotional Control: - Instill irrational fears (phobias) of questioning or leaving the group - Being disfellowshipped isn't scary to you at all, is it? Being killed at Armageddon for not having enough faith, perhaps? - Label some emotions as evil, worldly, sinful, or wrong - I'll just point you to your own bible for this one. - Promote feelings of guilt, shame, & unworthiness - You're imperfect and sinful, but as long as you worship hard enough, God will love you anyway, right? Do you worship enough? - Threaten your friends and family - Disfellowshipping. - Shun you if you disobey or disbelieve - Again, disfellowshipping. - Teach that there is no happiness or peace outside the group - Because he's out here, prowling like a lion, seeking to devour someone, isn't he? We're all miserable under his rule, aren't we?
If you read this far, congratulations. Feel free to refute me, if you can - that is, after all, your god-given responsibility, isn't it? To protect the honour of his name and his organisation?
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Author not_the_main_one
Posted On Tue Oct 22 12:13:26 EDT 2019
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Are you aware that you can be disfellowshipped for not believing in your Governing Body? Jehovah’s witnesses claim to not serve any men but god only. So why is it that Jehovahs witnesses are forced to recognize the authority of 8 men, who themselves, don’t claim to be inspired or infallible. (Basically saying that no, God, does speak to them directly just as he does not speak directly to any other witness) This is printed in the 10/2016 watchtower. Here is a direct quote from paragraph 12: 12 “The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction.”
The governing body has printed changes in the watchtower referring to them as new understandings or new light. If you didn’t agree with the original teaching of something you could be disfellowshipped, only for the governing body to end up changing the teaching anyways a few days later.
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Author Nonsensical-Niceties
Posted On Tue Oct 22 15:11:00 EDT 2019
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TIL Jehovah’s Witnesses haunt train/subway stations in other countries beside the USA.
Seriously, there’s like a pamphlet stand or two with a few people manning it at every major stop on our transit system. I mean sure they’re nicer than the one dude with the sign that has every bit of religiously justified bigotry scrawled across it but I’d prefer not to be confronted with cult propaganda every morning on my way to work. Yes I know my death is an inevitability that draws ever closer but I’m a-okay with embracing the empty void. I don’t need to hear about your ideas on the afterlife.
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Author timbukme
Posted On Tue Oct 22 20:14:01 EDT 2019
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Grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and can confirm you’re lying, you know damn well shunning is practiced and encouraged
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Author DefiniteSleet
Posted On Wed Oct 23 00:49:56 EDT 2019
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If you’re looking for first hand experiences here’s mine.
I was baptized at 12 back in 2011
My sister was baptized at 10 in 2017
All my friends were baptized at 12-15
As a witness I was severely abused and was told by the elders to leave it on Jehovah’s hands. I did just that and ended up in the hospital almost dead. 6 months into recovery I was told I needed to face my abuser and build my relationship with them again because that’s what Jehovah wanted.
My experience is actually very common.
I suggest looking up the shunned podcast. People tell their own life experiences dealing with the Jehovah’s witnesses. In many cases they deal with their own abuse.
As a witness I remember people that studied but never got baptized. Usually these people were a topic of huge gossip. As a witness we believed that those who studied but did nothing with the “truth” would be killed at Armageddon. I’m sure they treat you very well, because they want to get baptized. After you do though their true colors really show. Ive personally seen it many times.
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Author EvilGingerSanta
Posted On Wed Oct 23 03:41:10 EDT 2019
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There's another point for Godwin's Law.
I am an ex-JW. Whether you're a member or not, I know more about the cult than you ever will as long as you keep up that attitude of calling anything negative about them "propaganda".
One of the key things that cults try to do is maintain good appearances so people will be more likely to join. I don't intend to assign anything like gullibility to you, but you do seem to be falling for that appearance hook, line and sinker; and you're disregarding anything that contradicts that warm, fuzzy image.
It's almost as though you're a member who's been trained to disregard negative comments - if you're a member trying to pose as a non-member to paint a good picture, you're not doing a very good job. If you're not a member trying to paint a good picture, you're very misguided - and you're still not doing a very good job.
(Edit: Oh, and you never once mentioned that you weren't a member, so telling me to read it again slowly doesn't do you any favours)
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Author AllisterW2
Posted On Mon Oct 21 19:05:48 EDT 2019
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Personally I don’t believe in anything like that nor do I like it that Jehovahs witnesses sometimes get special treatment (my friend is one and doesn’t have to stand up for our anthem and stuff like that) but she was WAYYYYYYY out of line.
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Author SkyrimMemesObserve
Posted On Tue Oct 22 10:32:25 EDT 2019
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Sadly though many Jehovah's Witness members have abused their power and started uplighting Abuse and Rape
Luckily these guys are still Faithful
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Author EvilGingerSanta
Posted On Tue Oct 22 16:44:12 EDT 2019
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You keep seeing stories about how they're annoying horrifying people, because they are all that bad.
Take a look around exjw for a while. Every ex-member has a horror story, it's not a leap to realise that's because the JWs are a horror story.
Source: am an ex-jw
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Author CoolNinja539
Posted On Tue Oct 22 07:00:35 EDT 2019
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Well some people are disfellowshiped because they are falling away and they are just not caring about being a jehovah witness
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Author M3ntallyDiseas3d
Posted On Tue Oct 22 22:02:58 EDT 2019
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And if you try to show them facts about say, the Australian Royal Commission investigation into decades of Jehovah’s Witnesses covering up child sexual abuse or about their secret database of child molesters they scream that it’s apostate driven lies or they attack the person who has brought up the crimes. They punish anyone who questions or criticizes their religion.
Nah, not a cult at all. /s
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Author jrpac49
Posted On Tue Oct 22 18:13:15 EDT 2019
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Jehovah's Witnesses, like any good sales team, are trained to be very approachable and friendly. It's only once you're inside that you begin to notice how messed up it really is. (Was a JW for 20 years.)
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Author Neveah_Hope_Dreams
Posted On Mon Oct 21 23:28:14 EDT 2019
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At first I thought that I would be applauding the EM! But based on how she acted and how horrible she was I refuse.
Jehovah's Witness is a cult, it damages people. But this woman is an insane idiot.
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Author Ai--Ya
Posted On Mon Oct 21 22:31:07 EDT 2019
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Well, that certainly puts the witness in Jehovah's Witness.
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Author Yikaronies
Posted On Tue Oct 22 13:29:03 EDT 2019
Score 4 as of Tue Nov 05 22:38:13 EST 2019
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No, you're ignorant. They ARE a cult. They discourage association outside of the religion. They tell you that anything that slanders their name is "apostate" lies. They tell you to listen to the higher ups even if it seems weird. The religion says the end is near so you don't need to go to college or prepare for life in the world, so you won't learn critical thinking skills. The fact that you're not allowed to leave without consequence should be alarming enough. They also call almost everything in the world satanic. Most people are indoctrinated from birth. They also claim that they are the truth although many other religions have done so. Worst of all, many cases of child sexual abuse were hidden, simply because of a two witness rule requirement. If you dare, search up Jehovah Witness child abuse on google. Also, why do Bethelites and the Governing Body live in a huge beautiful building, even though they teach that you should simplify your life? It all seems like a huge money grab disguised as a religion to me.
You do know that many are baptized as children/teens, right? Children do not have the capacity to understand what they're geting thenselves into. They can understand that they are taking a vow, but they don't realize how devastating it actually is to break that vow. They don't realize that everyone will turn their back on them. When was the last time you have seen a non born-in person get baptized?
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Author snuckyballs
Posted On Tue Oct 22 17:22:24 EDT 2019
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In 30 years my experience is very different...
I have spent a significant amount of time with witnesses.
I am not baptised or in the truth but I understand the faith alot more than you.
Children are not baptised, your information is false.
People's are encouraged to keep separate from the world because it is seen a dangerous place.... would you let your children wander the streets at night?
In saying that they are "allowed" to do whatever they please as long as it's safe and legal.
There is child molestation in every culture and religion... If there are any allegations made they are taken very seriously with the authorities being involved immediately.
Again..... I say I've SEEN the faith first hand. YOU have probably googled your info for propaganda.
If you would like a simple explanation as to what constructs a cult there is a very good documentary on Netflix. Jehovah's witnesses do not adhere to these same rules.
You are very miseducated on the faith and from what I can see full of hate. I feel sorry for you
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Posted On Fri Oct 25 11:50:31 EDT 2019
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You admitted it yourself. You started to take steps towards the conversion process and you believe in the theology, but not enough to give up your culture.
Most religions would simply count you as an adherent/pledge/probationary member.
In other words, you're a JW and you're using verbal contortion to get out of saying you're a JW.
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Author Drakeskulled_Reaper
Posted On Tue Oct 22 18:57:14 EDT 2019
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There are so many ex-Jw horror stories, I'm legit surprised that there are actually aany JW left from the sounds of things, The kids of JW run off so often it can't be that they are breeding.
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Author snuckyballs
Posted On Tue Oct 22 03:30:49 EDT 2019
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Just a couple of side notes.... Jehovah's witnesses would not be SELLING the magazine's, they would be giving them to anyone wanting to know the "Truth". Jehovah's name is pretty prevalent throughout the bible so I highly doubt the "whale" knew what she was talking about.
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Author EvilGingerSanta
Posted On Tue Oct 22 17:49:17 EDT 2019
Score 3 as of Tue Nov 05 22:38:13 EST 2019
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Body link
I'm not typing it all out again. Have a read of this, then tell me again if you're in a cult.
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Author CoolNinja539
Posted On Tue Oct 22 07:10:33 EDT 2019
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Author CoolNinja539
Posted On Mon Oct 21 20:55:04 EDT 2019
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Jehovah witnesses is not a cult
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