Understanding 3-Bet Ranges In 2020 | SplitSuit Poker

What is your 3-bet calling range in zoom/zone poker?

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How do you play weak aces and broadways from sb?

I play 5nl zoom poker and usually when i have a weak ace for example A5o qjo and there is a raiser preflop i tend to complete from both sb and bb. Should i be folding these hands? Or 3 betting?
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Is there something I'm not seeing with this AC e-mail ad?

Is there something I'm not seeing with this AC e-mail ad?
America's card room just sent me a promotional e-mail that I'm super confused about, is there something I'm blindly missing?
At the end of the e-mail it gives me this little dumb click-bait:

I decide to play along, and start with the left "quiz" zoomed in below:

At first glance I squinted at how off-base this "quiz" was for a professional poker site; no stack size, no position, no pot size along with being able to see you opponents hands. This was an ad targeted to people who have played poker before, and understand the game. The quiz does nothing to help....

But regardless of my feelings towards it, I still played along. Looks like I have a straight, op 1 has A high, opponent 2 has a pair of 9s - pretty straight forward. So going back to the first picture, I clicked "BET". This is the only meesage on the page it took me to:

No explanation, no teaching, just straight up "you're wrong, figure it out."

Now, I'm open to the idea that I may be wrong even though it seems super straight forward but I'm 98% sure that the website wrong. Wtf is going on? Am I missing something? Wtf is the point of this if it not only fails to teach anything of substance but also gaslights anyone who plays along by giving an incorrect answer? It's a super small thing, but I'm fucking livid lmao.
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[Serious] normal red line win rates at in 5 max microstakes

Hi Guys,
Wondering what red line win rates can be expected at the micros and whether I'm bleeding money through mine.
Been getting back into poker recently. I used to play more zoom but now I've started tabling at the microstakes (2nl in both cases).
Due to the large range of passive / fishy players my aggression has really gone down with air, I'm c-betting and barrelling a lot less vs weaker oppenents as they just can't give up a pair (or even complete air until the river).
While my red line was just slightly negative while playing zoom, it is now very negative at -16BB/100 at 4000 hands on tables (small sample size I know). I generally think I'm folding when they have it (passive fish suddenly betting big) but think I'm perhaps folding too much vs people I don't have a read on - i.e. not many hands for hud stats.
Overall I am a small winner over this sample size (~6BB/100) but I've been sucked out on quite a few times so think this could be higher in reality (yeah yeah I would think that).
Would love to see some others' stats and thoughts. Looking around the only threads I can really find discussing this are from like 2011 lol.
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NL2 Zoom Deep Stack to the river all-in with bottom straight

Had no read on villain, no HUD either, just that they were from Russia (if that matters).
PokerStars Zoom, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 6 players
UTG: $3.97 (199 bb) MP: $3.68 (184 bb) CO: $2.68 (134 bb) BU: $1.72 (86 bb) SB (Hero): $4.28 (214 bb) BB: $3.18 (159 bb)
Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero is SB with 7♦ A♦
1 fold, MP calls $0.02, 2 players fold, Hero raises to $0.12, 1 fold, MP calls $0.10
Villain opens with a call, so I'm not dealing with a great player here.
Flop: ($0.26) A♣ T♣ 8♠ (2 players)
Hero bets $0.19, MP raises to $0.38, Hero calls $0.19
I bet 3/4ths here, expecting a fold, but I didn't think his bet size suggested a strong hand. I flat the re-raise with the intention of double barreling.
Turn: ($1.02) A♣ T♣ 8♠9♠ (2 players)
Hero bets $0.74, MP calls $0.74
did my 3/4ths bet again with TP and open straight, was not expecting villain to call here but there you go.
River: ($2.50) A♣ T♣ 8♠9♠J♣ (2 players)
Hero checks, MP bets $2.41, Hero calls $2.41
The club would be a scare card, but considering his betting line from the get go, I did not think villain was trying to draw clubs. If anything, villain's turn call suggested they were drawing spade flush. A re-raise at the flop but no re-raise on the turn didn't look like trips to me, they would have been pushing at the turn to my turn bet. I didn't think he was holding a lone queen or QJ drawing to a straight, as that possibility didn't justify a min raise bet on the flop (unless they were trying to steal it from the get-go, but why not just call unless they were drawing to a flush and straight?). Ax10x or some other two-pair looked likely here, I would not think villain would try to bluff with a 7, and even then, we would split the pot anyway. Villain's actions seemed erratic so my best read was that they were trying to scare me off with the push. Thoughts?
(Would it matter if I posted the result?)
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More words detected by u/emoji-fier

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あなたは私のことを何と言ったの?私がネイビーシールズでクラスのトップを卒業したことを知ってもらいます。アルクエダで数々の秘密の襲撃に関与しており、300人以上の殺害が確認されています。私はゴリラ戦の訓練を受けており、全米軍の中で最高の狙撃兵です。あなたは私には何の役にも立たず、ただの別のターゲットです。この地球上でこれまで見られなかったような正確さで性交を一掃します、私のクソ言葉をマークします。あなたはインターネットで私にそのたわごとを言うことで逃げることができると思いますか?もう一度考えて、ファッカー。私たちが話している間、私はアメリカ中のスパイの秘密のネットワークに連絡しており、あなたのipは現在追跡されているので、嵐、うじ虫の準備をよりよくすることができます。あなたが人生と呼ぶ哀れな小さなことを一掃する嵐。お前は死んだぞ私はどこにでも、いつでもいることができ、700以上の方法であなたを殺すことができます。それは私の素手だけです。私は非武装戦闘で広範囲に訓練されているだけでなく、私は米国海兵隊の兵器全体にアクセスでき、大陸の顔からあなたの惨めなお尻を拭き取るためにそれを最大限に使用します、あなたはちょっとくそ。もしあなただけが、あなたの小さな「賢い」コメントがあなたに降りかけようとしている不誠実な報復が何であるかを知ることができたなら、たぶんあなたはあなたのクソ舌を握っていただろう。しかし、あなたはできなかったし、そうしなかったし、今やあなたは代価を払っているのだ。私はあなたのいたるところに激怒し、あなたはそれに溺れます。お前は死んだぞ、キッド️️ ️ ️although ️‍ ️‍️ ️‍️‍️‍ ️⃣ ️️ ️️️ � 𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓾𝓹
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Poker Hand Analysis Help

The following hand was played on poker stars Zoom 2NL (0.01/0.02 and 0.01 ante)
Did I play this right? I'm looking for constructive criticism
No stats on villain or known tendencies.
Hero in SB 248bb: Kh Kc
Villain in BB 178bb
Folds to hero, hero raises To 4bb, BB Raises to 7bb, hero raises to 20bb, BB Calls
Hero SPR on Flop: [3.66 effective]
Flop (43bb): Tc Th 8c
HERO Bets 25bb (Rem. Stack: 189bb), BB Raises To 50bb (Rem. Stack: 108bb), HERO Calls 25bb (Rem. Stack: 164bb)
Turn (143bb): Tc Th 8c Qs
HERO Checks, BB Checks
River (143bb): Tc Th 8c Qs 9c
HERO Checks, BB Bets 108BB (allin)
Call or fold here and why? (I tanked and ended up folding)
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A moron's thesis on the market impact of COVID-19 and why you might want to come out of the bear closet you're hiding in

A moron's thesis on the market impact of COVID-19 and why you might want to come out of the bear closet you're hiding in
Edit: TLDR this shit is about to escalate. Buy puts.
Edit 3: I'm just a dude on the internet people, not a fucking swami or professional. I have no clue what you should do with your positions.
I've seen too fucking much speculation lately on just how bad this COVID-19 shit is. Some say its the sniffles. Other say its the start to World War Z. More specifically I've seen this referenced as the next big "Black Swan" event because this sub is a bunch of fucking amateurs (myself included) and they just regurgitate whatever bullshit movie or book they read and used to self-proclaim themselves the next Michael Burry (see what I just did there? I'm speaking your language).

I've read my fair share of shit too assholes. The Big Short, Liars Poker, Flash Boys, Chaos Monkeys, Zero To One, the new /WallStreetBets book (which doesn't come in a fucking hardcover and looks like a fucking disgrace in my library). What I have come to realize is there is no fucking science to stocks. [Yes there is, you claim. Stonks only go up. Science duh].

However there is science to a virus works and how a pandemic spreads. So I've thrown together some half-assed research that you can disregard at your pleasure. This includes charts that we are all so fond of reading. Full disclosure, I am not a biologist, doctor, or any expert in the field of virology. I just did some internet readings and used that data to apply my own logic. Undoubtedly there are errors in what lies ahead. Let's begin.

COVID-19 Coronavirus is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a incestuous relative of our old friend SARS (we'll get to him shorty). Depending on what you believe this has been caused by some starving Chinese peasants seasoning their soup with bats or the result of a Chinese bioweapon escaping its lab. Long story short its the flu that really fucks you up.
This isn't the first virus we've seen rapidly rise to fame. We've got a few historical examples we can look to for comparison.

1) 1918 H1N1 aka Spanish Flu
The big bad granddaddy of them all, this is the shit doomsdayers point to when they want to really incite some fear. Firs appearing in January of 1918, this fucker infected almost 500 million and killed anywhere between 40 million to 100 million. ~28% of the United States was infected with a 2%-3% case-fatality ratio.

2) 1956-1958 H2N2 Influenza A aka Asian Flu
A bad nickname since most of these could be called Asian Flu. This gets the crown since it was first. Originating in our dear friend China, this spread to Singapore by February of 1957, Hong Kong by April, and the US by June. 69800 deaths in the US with 1-4 million worldwide (WHO estimates 2 million).

3) 1968-1969 H3N2 Influenza A aka Hong Kong Flu
Arriving on the scene July 13th, 1968, this hit Vietnam and Singapore by the end of July and was widespread in the US by December of 1968. Case-fatality ratio of 0.5%, it killed 33800 people in the US alone.

4) 2002-2003 SARS
Probably the last real panic over an Asian virus, this was declared in November 27th of 2002. There apparently still is no cure. That said, only 8098 cases with 774 deaths occurred (however that is a fatality rate of 9.6%). There were only 27 US cases.

5) 2009 H1N1/09 variation aka Swine Flu
What looked to be the sequel to SARS but really was just a lame prequel, this had a case-fatality of 0.01%-0.08%. WHO statistics as of July 2010 attributed 18000 deaths to the virus, but later revisions estimate somewhere around 284,500 deaths.

All of these have led to COVID-19 and speculation is rampant as to it's impact on the globe. More specifically for the retards here, it's impact on their portfolios.

Unfortunately we don't have a ton of good data on how any of these affected markets. For starters, the stock market today is quite different from 20 years ago, and the global economy is much more entangled. News travels faster, and we have a way of sensationalizing everything. We can look at the markets during each of the aforementioned virus' (minus the 1918 Spanish Flu. If this happens there won't be a stock market).
The most recent two virus', H1N1/09 and SARS, both have unusable market data. Why? Because when both virus' struck, we had just popped two of the largest bubbles in history. H1N1/09 struck in March of 2009, right in the midst of the Great Recession. The market had already bottomed, the Feds were writing blank checks, and the economy was already in triage. SARS came to fruition in November of 2002, one month after the NASDAQ hit bottom from the DotCom bubble. What impact these virus' had on the world market is tainted by the preexisting financial landslides.
In January of 1957 the S&P 500 was valued around ~418 (inflation adjusted). When the virus hit the US in June, the S&P 500 was actual up to ~434.86. By December of 1957 the index value was 363.23 points.
I feel however, that the 1968 Hong Kong Flu is our best comparison to COVID-19 and any impact the virus could have on the overall market. Just look at these numbers.

S&P 500 (inflation adjusted)
July 1968 722.49 (virus reaches Singapore and Vietnam)
December 1968 754.75 (widespread in the United States)
February 1969 707.12
August 1969 665.90
June 1970 483.52

H3N2 struck a year before the Recession of 1969-1970, a recession that ended the third longest period of economic expansion in US History. According to Wikipedia:
"At the end of the expansion inflation was rising, possibly a result of increased deficit spending during a period of full employment. This relatively mild recession coincided with an attempt to start closing the budget deficits of the Vietnam War (fiscal tightening) and the Federal Reserve raising interest rates (monetary tightening).[2] During this relatively mild recession, the Gross Domestic Product of the United States fell 0.6 percent. Though the recession ended in November 1970, the unemployment rate did not peak until the next month. In December 1970, the rate reached its height for the cycle of 6.1 percent."
However I would once again argue this is a poor example, as the market didn't seem to rock much during the actual outbreak, and some of the surrounding factors of the recession were different than those of today.
So what does this mean? In my opinion we are facing a somewhat unknown scenario. Markets don't like unknowns. And there is a lot of fear being tossed around regarding this virus. Markets don't like fear either. So is this unknown fear worth panicking about?

Let's look a pair of charts. Some really unhappy charts.
This first one graphs all the cases of COVID-19 since its inception on December 31st, 2019, the day China contacted WHO and let them know shit was about to get fucked.

For the first month of that chart, you don't really see much. Then you see one really big fucking line go parabolic in a hurry, and more recently a bunch of little tiny lines that don't seem to be doing anything. That first line is the number of total COVID-19 cases, dominated by primarily China (>95%). China has had a runaway explosion of cases that *tentatively* seems to be slowing down. Already the panic from this has caused our recent markets to approach/enter correction territory in the matter of a week.

Now lets go zoom in on those tiny lines:

Holy shit, they are fucking going parabolic too. After a rough incubation period of about a month, we start seeing an explosion of cases in infected countries. South Korea has especially been taking it through the teeth. These are fucking exponential jumps. If these were stocks, they'd be memed to death already. If you were investing in virus outbreaks in countries, you can bet your fucking ass most of this sub would be buying calls on every fucking one of these nations with new cases.

So lets see, we have an economy that is nonsensical, in a trade war with a nation who is ground zero for a sweeping health crisis. We have recession indicators blowing up everywhere, fucking Twitch streamers jumping into stocks, markets getting spooked to death over this virus, global supply chains being interrupted, the Feds pumping the markets desperately, and now this virus has decided to start going apeshit?

WHO declared this an international health emergency on January 22nd. WHO has YET to declare this a pandemic. We overtook the SARS death toll on February 9th, three weeks ago. People went nuts about SARS. According to Wikipedia in regards to Swine Flu, "Critics claimed the WHO had exaggerated the danger, spreading "fear and confusion" rather than "immediate information". The WHO began an investigation to determine whether it had "frightened people unnecessarily"'. So if WHO took flak for overselling Swine Flu in 2009, I would wager they are underselling COVID-19 now.
Did you watch that speech last night people? What about any of this is inspiring confidence? I don't want to imagine what the presser would be if the number of US cases went parabolic. Hell it might already have done so. This wouldn't be the first time the current administration has fudged numbers.
In just the last week:
Denmark, Estonia, Greece, North Macedonia, Georgia, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Croatia, Austria, Brazil, Switzerland, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel all reported their FIRST cases.
Iran and Italy have gone parabolic. South Korea looks like its gonna hit China numbers from a month ago soon.
We have outpaced almost every historical example of a major pandemic BESIDES the 1918 Spanish Flu. Also this virus is matching the %2-%3 case-fatality ratio.
I'm buying puts out the ass across the next two months. Could this thing fizzle out and blow over in two months? Yes of course. Could this entire post be full of shit and age incredibly poorly by next week? Absolutely. But this sub isn't about investing its about white collar gambling. You have to take the odds when they are in your favor. An overextended market gets hit by an unprecedented external force? The odds have titled. It's time to lay down some fat fucking bets while it exists. Or keep throwing money stupidly at meme stocks and hoping SPCE moves 2 fucking points.
Edit 2: In the mere hours since I posted this gibberish, Kuwait, Switzerland, Iran, the UK, South Korea, Iraq, Finland, and Lebanon have reported more cases and deaths. Australia says pandemic inevitable, the US has its first case of unknown origin who wasn't tested for days, and Saudis Arabia just cancelled the fucking pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. After a few hours sleep I feel even more confident in this assessment.

submitted by TheTrueVanWilder to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

25NLz General Advice

Looking for advice from anyone currently playing zoom/fast fold 25NL games on any site. Basically anything you wished someone had told you before taking a shot at these stakes (e.g. population reads, study advice).
I've recently returned to poker during lockdown, having previously played microstakes zoom games online and live cash and tournament games between about 2015-2017. I was previously (I believe - I didn't track hands just based on my account balance) a winning player up to 10NLz on Pokerstars. I have logged c. 30,000 hands at fast forward 2/5/10NL on Partypoker since coming back, with the vast majority at 5NL, and this has gone well ($40 initial deposit to $220 balance currently).
My aim now is to get to a point where I am a consistent winner at 25/50NLz. I took a couple of small shots at 25NLz back around 2016 and I got absolutely rinsed by what I perceived as a much more aggressive player pool. This time I'm looking to be more methodical in my approach and set myself up for success at these stakes whilst getting in a decent sample at 10NL.
My impressions of what I will definitely need:
  1. Some form of tracking software - I assume this is essentially mandatory for success at this level - any recommendations on what to go for - HM3 vs PT4? Partypoker allows you to change your name frequently, so it would be mostly for analysing my own play and the population generally, rather than individual players. What do you see as the most effective ways to use tracking software?
  2. Well-constructed pre-flop ranges - I am currently using the pre-flop raising ranges and sizes from the Grinder's Manual. I currently basically just go off of feel for profitable 3-betting and 3-bet calling ranges, so I think I need to sit down and really think about what ranges that are difficult to exploit would look like. I was thinking about getting an Upswing Lab subscription for a month or two to access their charts and advice. Would anyone recommend this or any other training resources?
  3. Well-constructed flop c-betting ranges - basically as above.
Is there anything else that you would consider particularly important?
What are your impressions of the player pool at this level generally and the most common leaks that you have observed?
Any relevant advice appreciated!
submitted by alexseb to poker [link] [comments]

Legit rock bottom - gambling

I am 32 and been trying to kick gambling addiction for last several months. Have played poker since 16 and have always had legit issues with going on bad tilt and losing lots of money...I physically hurt myself when I was 18 when losing a lot of profit in one night and yet i still gambled in my 20s..
The last year I’ve probably lost $150,000 in poker and sports betting...it’s sickening. I’m in massive credit card debt and literally every cent I make in my job i use towards some type of bill (credit card rent loans etc)
I had not drank for 8.5 months as that had become a problem as well...call it going stir crazy from COVID or what have you. The last two weeks have been insane hell. I started drinking a little bit, played some poker for first time in over a month. Up 9k, lost it all, up 5k lost it all...then two night ago, after a zoom weekly therapy session where i sincerely said I never want to have this horrid feeling again when it comes to gambling...the very SAME evening i played poker and my single biggest winning day ever. $10,000 from $500 to start...awesome right? The next night i had my biggest LOSING day of all time by losing every cent and more.
I’ve thought I’d hit rock bottom a few times before, but If this isn’t it, I’m terrified to think what is.
Dk why i am writing this or the purpose. But any feedback or insight on how I can crawl out of this hell i have created is appreciated.
submitted by Bulky-Piglet to GamblingAddiction [link] [comments]

[25NLHE] Can I really find a fold here?

6-handed speed poker (like PS zoom) $30 effective
Hero is MP with QhQs. UTG opens to $0.62, hero raises to $1.75, BB calls, UTG fold. As always with fast poker no read on villain
Flop: 8d 5d 2h Pot $4
Check to hero who bets $2, only BB calls.
Turn: 8d 5d 2h 5s $8
Check to hero who bets $4, BB raises to $9, hero thinks for a little bit then calls.
River: 8d 5d 2h 5s 9d $25 pot
Villain snapshoves for $19 more or so, hero goes deep into time and ends up calling.
My thought process: he's not really representing a flush here. Most flushes wouldn't raise that turn, I think? Also would he really raise 88 22 55 on the turn? Or even 67? The only hands he could play that way that beat me are AA KK but I think he is more likely to raise those hands pre OOP.
submitted by GOD_OF_POKER to poker [link] [comments]

NL2 zoom flopping 3rd best set OOP on a wet board against multi-tabler

Was playing on mobile so no HUD, but I knew villain was a multi-tabler as he popped up often enough on my short session. My only read is he was deep stacked and so I assumed a grinder TAG. I had finished reading 'Crushing The Microstakes' and the zoom poker guide by the same author.
PokerStars Zoom, Hold'em No Limit - $0.01/$0.02 - 6 players
UTG: $2.00 (100 bb)
MP (Hero): $1.70 (85 bb)
CO: $14.69 (735 bb)
BU: $2.16 (108 bb)
SB: $5.87 (294 bb)
BB: $2.02 (101 bb)
Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero is MP with 4♣ 4♦
1 fold, Hero raises to $0.06, CO 3-bets to $0.18,
3 players fold, Hero calls $0.12
I typically don't call a 3-bet here with a low pocket pair OOP like this, but I did, and figured I'll try to make better decisions on the flop, like a C/RR steal against villain and fold on a shove.
Flop: ($0.39) Q♠ 4♠ J♠ (2 players)
Hero bets $1.52 (all-in),
CO calls $1.52
I knew my timing was important so I usually give myself 5 seconds to make a decision, so my first instinct on the flop was if villain is carrying any spade I needed to make sure he would pay for it whatever I bet. Two over sets seemed unlikely to me, given that a re-raise IP would likely be a speculative hand rather than a monster. I also knew that I still had a few outs even if he calls and shows a flush, but I did not want to give villain the chance to hit his draw.
Am I ahead here on the flop, and was there any other way to extract value here that would have been 'safer'? Is shoving the right play here at all?
submitted by Manic_Driver to poker [link] [comments]

[FNV] VATS zooms in on the wrong thing

I'm having a bug where VATS zooms in a random direction when I try to use it, so I can't target anything. I'm considering just getting a bullet time mod, but maybe someone has a clue? I certainly don't.
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
New Vegas Redesigned 3.esm
Functional Post Game Ending.esm
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.esm
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Armor and Outfits Pack.esm
Advanced Recon Tech.esm
Clean-Deluxe FNV.esm
JIP Selective-Fire.esm
Detect Traps.esm
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
Mannequin Rce.esp
Diagonal movement.esp
Clean-Deluxe FNV.esp
Vurt's WFO.esp
Simply Uncut - New Vegas.esp
New Vegas Landscape Overhaul.esp
Logic and Consistency Fixes.esp
Asterra's Many Fixes.esp
New Vegas Strip ReDone.esp
JSawyer Ultimate.esp
Mojave Raiders.esp
Primm Reborn.esp
Asterra's Lore-Friendly Challenges.esp
Novac Reborn.esp
NVR3_YUP Patch.esp
vault22FloralOverhaul_Update_without Radroaches.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp
Goodsprings Reborn.esp
AG Supplementary Uniques-AllInOne.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
Mojave Arsenal.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - Populated Casinos Light Patch.esp
Mojave Wildlife (FO3-Style).esp
Unofficial Patch Plus.esp
CCO - Ulysses Companion.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - Outside Bets Patch.esp
Equipment Restoration Project.esp
ADAM Complete.esp
Convenient Fast Travel Markers.esp
Beyond The Beef Tweaks.esp
Cowboy Perk Complete - New Vegas Bounties.esp
Titans of The New West - No Backpack.esp
Titans of The New West.esp
VGA - EVE effect forcer script.esp
Book of Steel.esp
ILO - YUP Patch.esp
TMCOTT - Restored.esp
Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix.esp
OldWorldBlues - Keep Big MT Active No Announcements.esp
Advanced Recon Gear.esp
Advanced Recon Tech.esp
Advanced Recon Patches.esp
Simple Reputation and Disguises.esp
Intimacy Patches.esp
NVR3_OutsideBets Patch.esp
Mojave Express Expanded.esp
AG Supplementary Uniques-GRA.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - YUP Patch.esp
Improved Sound FX - Merged Major DLCs.esp
JIP Companions Command & Control.esp
JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
JIP MiniMap.esp
XFO - 9da - Enemies - NPC Healing - low.esp
CCO - Ulysses Companion - All DLCs Patch.esp
Groundcover Overhaul.esp
Cyberware OWB.esp
Immersive Primary Needs.esp
Conelrad 640-1240.esp
FNV Armor Addon.esp
DLC Weapon Integration.esp
hz_Automatic Weapons Fix.esp
Immersive Hit Reactions.esp
MuzzleFlash Control.esp
True Wasteland Economy.esp
Helmet Overlay.esp
More Realistic Aiming.esp
Simple DLC Delay.esp
Tutorial Killer.esp
Centered 3rd Person Camera - Unraised.esp
Bullet Impact Increased LOD.esp
JSawyer Ultimate - GRA Merged.esp
Weapon Retexture Project.esp
Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix.esp
OldWorldBlues - Improved Transportalponder.esp
YUP - Base Game + All DLC-KhanInitiation.esp
Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
ILO - New Vegas Bounties.esp
ILO - New Vegas Bounties II.esp
47 ENB Weather.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp
Merged Patch.esp
submitted by the_el_brothero to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

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AmunRa Casino Review

Amun Ra Casino has been created with Ancient Egypt in mind. It is filled with references to pyramids and statues from the area. This gives it an outstanding brand that is unmistakable. And because people have often associated Ancient Egypt with hidden treasures, it turns out to be the perfect choice for a theme.
Despite only being launched in April 2020, they already have a beautifully designed website that far surpasses the quality of its rivals. Everything is bright, glossy, and smooth. You can navigate to all of the sections on the website without any problems whatsoever. No glitches or errors present themselves, which is very encouraging. The game selection is substantial, with almost 2000 slot games on offer and many other categories available, including a live casino.
They’ve also got a pleasant welcome bonus and a few other sweeteners for current players, which means Amun-Ra is attractive not just for new players but for those who stick around as well. A loyalty program has been specially made for the most frequent and dedicated players, involving a range of tiers with greater rewards the higher you go. Another special feature on the website is also under development, which promises to give players even more chances to win. And in yet another positive note, the terms and conditions are written clearly and are simple to understand.
Sometimes it can be a burden to find out what rules apply and how you can take advantage of the offers available, but AmunRa has made sure this won’t be a problem. The player also has the option of using a live chat facility to discuss any problems they are experiencing.
This makes Amun Ra a compelling casino upon first glance, let alone once you’ve signed up. In the rest of this review, we will take you through all of the important features so that you can become familiar with, and get the most benefit from, Amun-Ra Casino. It all begins with the sign-up bonus.
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Bonuses and Promotions

AmunRa offers a multi-deposit sign-up bonus which allows new players to receive up to $1000 in additional bonus money. This gives players a great start to their gambling experience because they’ll have a higher chance of winning real money as soon as they’ve made their first few deposits. There are three further bonuses which are live at the time of writing. These are a weekly cashback, a deposit match bonus for live blackjack, and a yearly birthday bonus for all players. These add a nice touch to your experience with the casino, as you can get extra money every single week of the year. Plus, there is a tournament offering currently under development. Further details are not yet available, but it will be packed with gifts for players to win when it goes live. So make sure you keep checking their website for more information. If you’d like to know how to get access to these bonuses, you can find out more in the following sections.

Sign Up Bonus

When you’ve successfully registered with Amun-Ra, you’ll be eligible for a series of match bonuses on your first four deposits. Taken together, the bonus amounts to $1000 if you place the maximum deposit each time. The minimum deposit for each of the four deposits is $20, so be aware you will need to deposit $80 upfront to receive the minimum amount of bonus money. We’ve included the precise figures for each part of the bonus below so that you can calculate how much you’d like to deposit.
  • Your first deposit will be 100% matched up to a maximum value of $300
  • Your second deposit will be 75% matched up to a maximum value of $300
  • Your third deposit will be 50% matched up to a maximum value of $200
  • Your fourth deposit will be 100% matched up to a maximum value of $200
For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum amount you could receive in bonuses by depositing $20 each time is $65.
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Other Promotions

There are 3 additional promotions available at Amun-Ra. These are the cashback bonus, live blackjack bonus, and the birthday bonus. In this section, we will give you an overview of each one so that you know how they work and how to claim them.
The cashback bonus will grant you 10% cashback up to a cap of $1000, with the minimum amount of cashback being $5. You can claim it on any single day of each week. Cashback amounts will be credited to your real money balance upon request every Monday. To get this bonus you need to have made at least one minimum deposit that week. The formula for calculating how much cashback you’ll receive is (total deposits – total withdrawals – credited bonuses) x 10%.
The bonus for live blackjack players allows you to receive a 50% deposit match bonus up to $100. The minimum deposit is $20. Each bet is capped at $25 when playing with the funds from this bonus. This means that if you deposit the full amount, you will get an extra $50.
Every year, in the week of your birthday, you can claim a special gift so long as you have deposited at least one minimum deposit that week. The particular bonus you will receive will depend upon your activity with the casino over the past year. To claim it you will need to contact customer support using the live chat in the week of your birthday.
There is also the tournament offering, which is the special feature we mentioned in the introduction. Each tournament lasts for 24 hours and will take you on a competitive adventure to win prizes by competing against your fellow players. It looks very promising, and we can’t wait for it to go live.

Play-through Requirements (Wagering Requirements)

The general rules for the casino specify that every deposit made has to be wagered 1x. This is highly beneficial for players as many casinos set their rates much higher than this. It means that when you place the minimum deposit of $20, you only need to bet $20 before you can withdraw any winnings as real money. There is a chance this is a misunderstanding caused by the casino, but there is no mention of any other wagering rules in the terms and conditions. However, it is another story for bonus money earned through promotions. There are two specific wagering requirements relating to the sign-up bonus and the live blackjack bonus.
The wagering requirements for each deposit in the sign-up bonus is 30x, which includes your real money deposit + the bonus amount. You will need to meet each 30x requirement within 7 days of triggering the relevant part of the bonus. For example, if you activated all 4 deposit match bonuses on your first day, then you would need to wager all of the money 30x 4 times over. So when you’re claiming the welcome bonus, don’t rush ahead and grab all the deposit bonuses at once unless you are confident you could meet this requirement.
As for the live blackjack, the wagering requirements are set at a rather high 50x, and you can only meet them through that one specific game. You’ve also got to meet them within 7 days of triggering the bonus. This will be quite difficult unless you plan to place a lot of bets on live blackjack games.
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VIP & Loyalty

Amun-Ra has got a suitably themed Egyptian loyalty program based on a series of Ra-Levels. The full details about the scheme have not yet been updated on their website, but they do have a separate page dedicated to it with some intriguing information. There are silhouettes of a few Egyptian gods, and it looks like players can unlock them after earning a certain number of comp points. Each god comes with one or more gifts, as a symbol of a present is placed next to the name of each god. Only the first gift for the first god is revealed. You’ll get 10 free spins when you earn 20CP and unlock the god Ptah. The points and names of the other gods are as follows:
  • 40CP – Taweret
  • 80CP – Thoth
  • 150CP – Tefnut
  • 300CP – Reshup
More details may be provided as the casino develops its website, or it may be that the other gifts are deliberately kept secret so that they’re a surprise for players when they unlock the corresponding gods.

The AmunRa Casino

At the current time, Amun-Ra does not contain a sportsbook for players to place bets on sporting fixtures. This may change in the future if the casino decides to rebrand or expand, and as soon as we hear about a sportsbook is available, we will write a review of it and put the link here. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our other sportsbook reviews.

How to Start Playing

Luckily, Amun-Ra provides a page with all the details about their registration process. A wide range of countries is restricted on the casino, which includes the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Ireland, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, and Lithuania. The full list is available on the website. You will need to be at least 18 years of age to join. Here is the process you need to follow to successfully join Amun-Ra:
1. Click the blue Join Now button in the top right corner of the website 2. Provide your date of birth, first and last name, registered address, correct email address, and telephone number 3. Create a username and password 4. Register one of the approved payment methods and make the minimum deposit 5. Select the game you’d like to play and begin enjoying AmunRa
The casino has the right to verify your identity. This means your address, contact number and email address must be correct, and any identity documents provided to the casino must be genuine. The casino does this as part of their Know Your Customer procedure and to prove your age.
If they are not satisfied with you, they can refuse registration and close and/or close your account, but if you do everything according to the instructions, there should be no problems.


The casino accepts deposits and withdrawals from a variety of methods, including cards and e-wallets. The minimum deposit on Amun-Ra is $20, and the minimum withdrawal amount is also $20. You can withdraw a maximum of $7500 a week and $15000 a month. The casino has the right to divide anything over $15000 into monthly installments.

Deposit methods

There are 11 deposit methods at Amun-Ra, and here is the full list:
• Visa • Mastercard • Paysafecard • Trustly • Klarna • Maestro • Skrill • Neosurf • Neteller • Rapid Transfer • Interac Online • ecoPayz
The processing time for all of these methods is instant, and there are no extra fees charged for transactions.

Minimum & Maximum Deposits

Each of the deposit methods listed above has a minimum deposit amount of $20 except for Interac Online. They have a minimum deposit amount of $10, but this is irrelevant as the casino has a general minimum of $20. The maximum deposit amount varies, and they are listed below alongside each method:
• Visa – $4000 • Mastercard – $4000 • Paysafecard – $1000 • Trustly – $5000 • Klarna – $2500 • Maestro – $4000 • Skrill – $10000 • Neosurf – $10000 • Neteller – $4000 • Rapid Transfer – $4000 • Interac Online -$4000 • ecoPayz – $4000

Casino payout

The casino has a slightly smaller number of withdrawal methods, with a total of 8. They are listed below, along with their payout speeds. Each one has a minimum withdrawal amount of $10 and a maximum of $4000, except for Paysafecard, which has a maximum of $250.
• Visa – 1-3 banking days • Mastercard – 1-3 banking days • Paysafecard – instant • Trustly – instant • Bank Transfer – 1-5 banking days • Skrill – instant • Neteller – instant • ecoPayz – instant
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Casino Games

Amun-Ra provides a comprehensive selection of games across many different categories. These are video slots, blackjack, table games, video poker, jackpot, and Egyptian-themed games. They also provide a live casino for a more immersive experience, along with separate sections for new and for popular games. We will explore the slots, table games, and live casinos in the following sections so that you can get a taste of what’s available. You can also rest assured that the site is organized well and everything is easy to find.

Casino Slots

Video slots comprise the majority of the games on offer at Amun-Ra, and these are the ones you will probably spend most of your time using. Amun-Ra currently makes use of 27 game providers including Microgaming, Quickspin, NextGen, Betsoft Gaming, Sapphire, Fantasma, and Yggdrasil. All of the games cover plenty of genres and themes, such as dance, beaches, birds, outer space, romance, dragons, and royalty. Of course, there is also the section dedicated to Egyptian games. They include Book of Dead, Eye of Ra, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Enchanted Cleopatra, Legacy of Egypt, Egyptian Fortunes, and more. You can find out which slots are the best according to players using the popular section. Some of the most popular slots include Sweet Bonanza, Buffalo King, Starburst, Rise of Merlin, and Narcos.

Casino Table Games

Amun-Ra offers three main table games, which are blackjack, roulette, and video poker. There are separate pages for each one on the website. The blackjack section is enormous, with over 120 games available. Blackjack Bonus, American Blackjack, Red Queen Blackjack, 21 Blackjack, Blackjack Classic, and Infinite Blackjack are just a few of the types of blackjack on offer. The roulette section is somewhat smaller with just over 80 games, but this is still plenty. Versions of the game at Amun-Ra include Rapid Automatic Roulette, Roulette Master, Silver Roulette, Gold Roulette, Zoom Roulette, and Roulette Royal. Finally, there are 23 video poker games available, featuring choices such as Kings or Better, Joker Poker, Tens or Better, and Deuces Wild.

Live Dealer Games

The live casino at Amun-Ra is one of the largest on the market, with over 200 games. However, there is not much variety. Most of the games are versions of classic titles like blackjack and roulette. Speed Blackjack, VIP Roulette, Common Draw Blackjack, Blitz Blackjack, Standard Blackjack, Blackjack Ruby, American Roulette, and Auto Roulette are a few of the versions available. Several baccarat games are available such as Speed Baccarat and Salon Prive Baccarat, along with a few other games like Super Sic Bo and Side Bet City. The game show Mega Ball is also featured in the live casino. Unlike some casinos, Amun-Ra offers games from more than one live provider, and the choices available for those who want to play blackjack are particularly worth noting. There are simply more than you’d ever expect, and that dovetails nicely with the blackjack match bonus.

Mobile & Apps

Amun-Ra Casino does not currently offer a mobile casino application for either iOS or Android devices, which is a disappointment. However, they do provide a tailor-made experience if you use your phone’s browser. This in-browser version of Amun-Ra mimics the website very closely and has all of the same functionality. It is also free from technical difficulties, which can sometimes make mobile casinos challenging to use. A menu on the side of the website gives you all of the options, and the main screen follows the same layout as it does on a computer. You’ll find the promotions listed at the top, followed by the game categories and then further information about the casino. This makes it simple and quick to use, which is always helpful when you’re busy.

Security & Licensing

This casino is owned by N1 Interactive Ltd, which is registered in Malta with the number C 81457 at the address given at the bottom of their website. They are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority with the license number MGA/B2C/394/2017, which was issued on 01/08/2018. For added protection, you can secure your account with two-factor authentication to minimize the risk of it being misused.

Customer Support

To get in touch with Amun-Ra, you can do one of two things. You can email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or use the live chat facility on their website which can be accessed by pressing either the help button in the bottom right corner of the live chat button in the bottom left corner. Live chat is available 24/7. They also have an FAQ page to help with common queries, which you can find in the links at the bottom of the page.

Betopin’s Verdict

AmunRa casino sets an example to the rest in terms of its slick design, ease of use, and visual appeal. No casino is perfect, but this one comes very close. Everything works as it should do, the terms and conditions are easy to follow, and several solid bonuses are provided both for new and returning players. The tournament system looks particularly promising. They’ve managed to strike a balance between being too intense with graphics, and being too plain.
This balance is exactly right. Players will enjoy using the website, but not be distracted by it whilst they’re getting on with gambling or administrative tasks within their account. Plenty of support is available from Amun-Ra, and there is no shortage of intriguing games to maintain interest, even after you’ve been signed up for a long time. The only minor drawback is that the loyalty program is somewhat unclear. The information has not been given regarding how players can accumulate comp points and claim rewards. And by only revealing one of the rewards, there is an element of mystery, but it also doesn’t give the player anything specific to work towards. Overall, this is a casino that could become one of your firm favorites as soon as you begin using it. It has all the games and features that you would expect from a top-quality online casino.
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Zet Casino 10 exclusive free spins bonus without deposit!

Zet Casino 10 exclusive free spins bonus without deposit!

Zet Casino 10 Free Spins No Deposit Required!
Open your account with Zet Casino and get 10 exclusive free spins as a no deposit bonus for new players. To qualify, click on the link below and fill in the form with your basic details. After that, you will also get a 100% bonus up to 500 EUR plus 200 gratis spins!


Zet Casino is an online, live dealer, and mobile casino that operates under an Internet gaming license issued in Curacao. Since it is a no-download online casino that supports in-browser play, players just have to create an account at Zet Casino to get started on its multi-provider games.
Playing at Zet Casino is safe and secure as it implements the latest security technologies to protect player details. It has an effective privacy policy and a responsible gaming policy, through which it encourages players to gamble in a responsible manner. Players have to be at least 18 or of the legal age to gamble to play at Zet Casino.

Other Promos

In addition to a generous welcome bonus of 100% up to €500, Zet Casino offers weekly and weekend reload bonuses, cashback offers, loyalty points, and rewards for loyalty. It also runs lucrative tournaments on a regular basis.
The following is a brief overview of the promos:
  • Weekly Reload Bonus - Make a minimum deposit of €20 to qualify for your weekly reload bonus of 50 free spins.
  • Weekend Reload Bonus - Make a minimum deposit of €20 to qualify for a weekend reload bonus of up to €700. Deposit at least €50 to claim 50 extra free spins.
  • Loyalty Points (LPs) - Earn one LP for every €100 you wager on the online slots. You cannot earn LPs by playing any other online casino game for real money. Exchange 100 LPs for €1 bonus cash, subject to wagering requirements of 35x.
  • Weekly Cashback - The exact percentage of weekly cashback that players can claim varies from one VIP level to the other. Players can claim a maximum of 15% up to €3000 on losses incurred while playing online casino games during the week.
  • Live Casino Cashback - Players can claim 10% up to €150 on losses incurred while playing live casino games in the course of a week.
  • Tournaments - Registered players can participate in lucrative tournaments and win cash prizes and extra LPs.
  • VIP Club - The VIP Club at Zet Casino has multiple levels, and each level is associated with benefits such as point-to-cash conversion, weekly cashback, personal account managers, and higher withdrawal limits.
The following are the VIP levels at Zet Casino:
  • Alpha - Get an exchange rate of 100:1 and monthly withdrawal limits of up to €10,000.
  • Beta - Get an exchange rate of 95:1 and monthly withdrawal limits of up to €10,000.
  • Gamma - Get an exchange rate of 90:1, weekly cashback of 5%, and monthly withdrawal limits of up to €10,000.
  • Delta - Get an exchange rate of 80:1, weekly cashback of 10%, monthly withdrawal limits of €12,000, and personal account managers.
  • Zeta - Get an exchange rate of 70:1, 15% cashback, monthly withdrawal limits of €20,000, and personal account managers.

Casino Games at Zet Casino

Zet Casino offers a portfolio of games from 29 well-known providers on a browser-based software platform. Players can choose from hundreds of online video slots, table games, card games, roulette games, and blackjack games.
Almost all these games are compatible with mobile devices and can be played for fun or real money. Start by playing for fun, and once you are familiar with the game, start playing for real money.

Game Providers

Software ProviderPopular GamesPlayNGoEuropean Roulette Pro, House of Doom, Baker's Treat, Legacy of Egypt, Hugo Goal, Cops N Robbers, Fruit BonanzaMicrogamingAgent Valkyrie, Silver Lioness, Wild Scarabs, The Poke Guy, Robin of Sherwood, The Alchemists GoldQuickspinSticky Bandits, Mayana, Mighty Arthur, Volcano Riches, Hidden Valley, Jewel Blast, Titan ThunderRelax GamingVan Gogh, Erik the Red, Epic Joker, Boost It, Temple Tumble Megaways, Great Pigsby, King of KingsiSoftBetHot Shots, Legend of Loki, Cash Camel, Stacks of Gold, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better
  • Slots - The portfolio includes classic slots, multi-line slots, bonus slots, and others. Players can choose slots such as Hot Seven, Owls, African Spirit, Eye of Ra, and Diamond Empire.
  • Card Games - The online casino offers card games such as Multihand Blackjack, Joker Poker, Mini Baccarat, and Jumpin Pot.
  • Live Casino - Play live dealer games such as Live Roulette, French Roulette, Live Three Card Poker, and Live Baccarat.
  • Roulette - Choose from roulette variants such as American Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, Zoom Roulette, Common Draw Roulette, and French Roulette.
  • Blackjack - Choose from blackjack games such as European Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack Double Exposure, Multihand Blackjack, and Single Deck Blackjack.
  • Video Poker - Try your luck at Joker Poker, Joker Vegas Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Poker Pursuit, Lucky Keno, Bonus Deuces.

Progressive Jackpot Games at Zet Casino

Since the total jackpot value at Zet Casino is €1,631,604, there is plenty of money to be won. To view the library of jackpot games, players have to click on the All Jackpot Games link below the game portfolio on the homepage.
Some of the best jackpot games at Zet Casino are Spanish Passion, 2 Dragons, Shining Crown, 40 Super Hot, and 20 Diamonds.

Zet Mobile Casino Games

Zet Casino offers a mobile version, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Since it is a web-based application, players can play right in their browser.
To get started, players just have to log in to their existing Zet Casino accounts on their mobile devices. Then they have to navigate to the game lobby and just tap on a desired game icon to load it in their browser. Almost all the games in the Zet Casino library are available at the mobile casino.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Players can choose from the following methods to load their Zet Casino accounts:
  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Trustly
  • Bank Transfer
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • EcoPayz
  • Players should rollover their deposit amounts at least thrice before requesting payout.
  • Zet Casino processes payout requests from 6:00 to 17:00 GMT.
  • The withdrawal time frame varies from one payout method to the other.

What We Like and Don’t like

  • Games from 29 providers
  • Live dealer games from Ezugi and Evolution Gaming
  • Browser-based mobile and online casino
  • Safe & secure banking methods
  • Licensed and well-regulated online casino
  • Participate in tournaments and win cash and LPs
  • Claim generous reload and cashback bonuses
  • Earn rewards for loyalty
  • Customer support through live chat, email, and telephone
Don’t Like:
  • Too few rewards for loyalty
  • No native apps for iOS and Android
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Recap of Scheana's Scheananigans Podcast with Ariana and Tom

Recap of Scheana's Scheananigans Podcast with Ariana and Tom
There have been a lot of posts recently about Scheana’s Scheananigans podcast with Ariana and Tom and her boyfriend Brock. Here is the transcript for those who can’t listen!
  • Scheana begins with fan questions. Hundreds were submitted took her a day to get through them.
  • For Ariana: How is self-isolating and her depression going? She said she was doing okay, the only thing was she was getting more messages on social media and had to work on not feeling like she had to answer every one immediately. She was also a little worried that she would feel overwhelmed with the regular pace of her responsibilities.
  • Brock says he hopes everyone comes out more educated on all matters of being a good person.
  • Tom says that he will be aware of playing poker in casinos and how dirty the chips are. He then describes what is a Sandy Bag ™ full of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. (Tom Sandoval always shows up with his own “Sandy Bag” full of essentials to everything he’s involved in, he should start a side hustle. I would definitely buy a curated list or box from Sandy for an event I was planning b/c my man thinks of EVERYTHING!!)
  • Tom: Are you going to start a new band? He says Schwartz is actually taking DJ lessons and he’s going to start taking DJ lessons.
  • Scheana mentions how busy both she and Brock are. Brock has a new line of resistance bands coming out and he’s been crushing it with home workout videos due to self isolation.
  • Tom says he would love to do music, it’s low on the list. Working on whiskey with Shwartz, stricks men’s concealer and the Tom and Tom Cameos to support the employees.
  • Tom: How do you feel about Kristen and Ariana being friends and was there a moment it happened. Ariana says it’s old news, Scheana says since Seans 3 is showing now it’s fresh on people’s minds. She also mentions her wedding planner going off on IG stories.
  • Tom says it felt gradual, and Ariana said a step forward was when the girls went to see Britney Spears for Brittany’s birthday and that was a really fun trip.
  • Tom finishes up saying he’s really cool with it. Scheana ends by saying she got flooded with so many people asking if they would have a threesome. She wasn’t going to ask but wanted them to know.
  • Does Ariana feel support from the cast re: Jax says and her depression and her sexuality. Stassi reached out, of course, Tom and Scheana. But it’s also a heavy topic if you don’t see everyone all the time. Is open to more convos about it now it’s aired once isolation is over.
  • FMK Stassi, Kristen, Katie: Ariana would Fuck Kristen, Marry Katie and kick Stassi out because she leaves the furthest away.
  • Scheana says she picked Stassi because Stassi would do the same thing, but maybe now it’s Kristen, which is sad. Ariana says Kristen’s been kicked out of a lot of places lately.
  • Scheana said she would marry Kristen because she cooks, she cleans, I bet she’d scratch my back every night, she’d snuggle me.
  • Tom agrees with Ariana.
  • Where do they stand with Jax and how do they feel about comments about her sexuality? Ariana says they can’t say too much, but she doesn’t feel like she’s lost anything and it’s kind of gross to comment on anyone’s sexuality.
  • Tom says he doesn’t even know where to begin with Jax and the shit that comes out of his mouth. Maybe one day science will study his brain and tell him why...Brock says they’re struggling with corona right now but we will give them Jac problems.
  • They touch on Jax being on WWHL and the punishment from God comments. All agree Andy doesn't want to open that can of worms.
  • Producer Jerry asks how many rooms furnished left to go. Ariana closet being renovated. Master and two others done. They really need a dining room table.
  • Tom: Who had the best costume at his extra party? Beau with his combover and Stassi killed it. Also anyone who dressed like him.
  • Ariana liked Scheana and Dayna.
  • Tom excitedly says, “Hey you guys want to see something? I want to show you something!” and skurries off to go get it.
  • Ariana says to Brock and Scheana, “Show and Tell every time someone comes over and you guys are like, virtually over.”
  • Tom comes back with a jacket his friend Melissa had made using his image from the Bon Jovi video.
  • Fave Cocktail from their book Trashy and Fancy: Ariana Trashy was Bloody Desperate and Toms Trashy that he and Tom do before filming Cameos is I Don’t Do Coke. They had done 73 Cameos. Each is 1-2 mins long.
  • Brock tells him to play it on the trumpet and Sandy delivers with a tiny trumpet and plays the VPR theme song.
  • Ariana: fave Britney Spears memories. All behind the videos, and going to her concert in a fancy boutique. Turquoise, flowy sleeves and low cut jeans.
  • Tom says they saw her for Scheana’s birthday and Ariana got so emotional and it made him emotional.
  • Tom: Best 3 item drink Quarantini? Muddle Citrus into Clear alcohol and add whatever other juice/soda you have. Cosmo: 4 lime wedges muddled into simple syrup, vodka and dash of cranberry. Best cosmo ever.
  • If Jax wanted the Tom’s to switch places, why not ask them himself? Tom breaks it down: “I mean look, Jax is a fucking PUSSY, okay That’s all I can say, dude. The guy literally talks relentless shit about me on Twitter and then he’ll come into to fucking Tom Tom and high five me like we’re boys. Like I don’t see it just because he’s not @ me when he talks shit. This is why I finally said something when he was talking shit about me. I was like dude, this is your fucking wedding episode and you’re taking all of this time to talk shit about it. If you don’t like me, don’t fucking mention me. I should be nothing. You should just NOT talk about me."
  • Sandy says if he was mad he wouldn’t keep talking about it. He would talk the band, how magical the wedding was. How awesome the road there was.
  • Scheana says maybe scientists one day will get it.
  • When Sandy talked to individual people about the pastor everyone had their own things to say about it that were opinionated.
  • When Tom brought it up, all of them were like, hmmm no, HOW DARE YOU TOM?
  • They all talked about it, they all agreed and knew it was fucked up and then they all stabbed him in the back and threw him under the bus.
  • OG cast doesn’t like somebody and tries to get them kicked off of the show or excluded out of situations.
  • Sandy doesn’t understand and said after Kristen broke up he worried about his safety and didn’t try to get her kicked off. He said the show was them being forced into places where they might not all be getting along and the OG cast forgets that.
  • He says if he didn’t bring up the pastor stuff or the things wouldn’t have happened with the wedding what exactly would they be talking about on the show.
  • Scheana says in the old episodes how different things were.
  • Scheana and Ariana aren’t in her wedding for example, and that's fine have whoever you want in it. But they were friends with her first and now she will pop off on them and never Katie and Stassi and ponders if they have a pact.
  • Sandy says publicist it was a decision for her to be friends with them and says they’re friends now.
  • Ariana says they are all friends now, and how Lala won’t pop off on Katie or Stassi.
  • If Ariana was to pop off on Katie or Stassi or Lala, she would have ten people jumping at her. If they come off at her, it’s just her alone.
  • Sandy says he wishes they would understand how it doesn’t help the show or them.
  • Ariana understands wanting to protect friends, but it shouldn’t be so black and white. She wishes there would be more conversations about talking about the grey areas but also not turning it into a gang up.
  • Sandy says also letting it stay between the two involved. You can say well, maybe I agree with them or maybe I don’t agree with whatever but it’s between them.
  • Sandy cites the fight with Stassi and Katie came up yelling at him and belittling him in front of fans and whatever. Then Kristen came up and say he was jealous and yell at me. And then Schwartz come up and yell at me. And then Stassi coming up to yell at me. And then finally Lala come up and yell at me.
  • Tom said he shouldn’t have sent the text message, but there was a lot of history and maybe they don’t understand it all.
  • Ariana says wait, so would you say it’s not about the text messages? Everyone laughs.
  • Sandy says Katie is the "Shakespeare of Rage Texts"
  • Scheana agreed, said her words were vicious but she used really great vocabulary, especially at 6am.
  • Ariana says Katie should start a business were she composes rage texts. Start a Cameo or something like that where all she would do is rage text people.
  • Any moments you regret? Sandy says sending the stress texts to Stassi. Sobbing to Kristen. riana said Season 2 trying to be a good friend to Tom, and been like Fuck Tom I don't give a fuck, and people took it like she had a crush on him. She said Tom wasn't being a good friend to her at that point, laughing.
  • Fave Quarantine thing to do: Ariana said cooking, gardening, and general nesting behavior. Sandy likes to listen to an old school record player and he likes to have a cocktail and listen there.
  • He likes to mentally brainstorm and plan cool things for his house. He wants to install a secret passageway behind the wall.
  • Tom said biggest regret was that the house didn't come with one, and Ariana said, but what if...?
  • He's also building ax throwing pit. Ariana says he is NOT installing that. Sandy said he will just throw them during the day so it's not loud.
  • Tom has a foldable ax table idea etc, and Brock is DOWN.
  • They chat about trying to party together for Scheana's birthday. Ariana says definitely a Zoom party.
  • Are Stassi and Lala really that condescending? Ariana remembers early on in the season Lala said Ariana thinks she's better than everyone. She remembered Lala actually saying to Billie Lee and James that she was better than James. And now she's saying Raquel needs to know her place. She thought it was a projection.
  • Criticisms of you from a person on the internet, because you haven't spoken in awhile.
  • Sandy jumps in and says they gang up, they're assholes and they bully people. Then they get eaten alive on social media. Then they get mad at the people they were bullies to or assholes to like it's their fault.
  • Sandy says then they start saying Oh you think you're better than us, you're so self righteous. And Sandy is like, no. Why don't you just try to be a better person and not knock others down. Be respectful. Have compassion. Just be a better person.
  • Ariana says they then try to double down on why you deserved to get yelled at. Instead of having some thought that maybe I was wrong. She cites Jax as then double down to justify.
  • They said at the wedding Jax was so appreciative and they all agree.
  • They all say we had a great time, we all loved it.
  • They mention events that were all fun.
  • Ariana says the 4 of them stayed there all night having the best time and this was after they filmed.
  • She says Stassi tries to be condescendingly funny and will reel it in if it harms people. She said she's never seen what happened with Lala before.
  • Ariana said she wasn't going to walk out on Raquel, and maybe as long as if she was just there it was helpful.
  • Ariana didn't know what the fuck she was saying, said Lala was speaking word soup.
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Poker Tracker Takeaways

Poker Tracker Takeaways

I've been playing 200NL Zoom, and I recently downloaded Poker Tracker. I've got a sample of about 12,500 hands, and I wanted to get some feedback about what I could be doing differently.
It looks to me like I'm opening up too much from the CO. I generally play suited aces from any position, but I will begin to open with any ace from the CO. Is this being too aggressive? Anecdotally, it feels like I have to fold to a decent amount of button 3-bets when I'm in the CO. Should I ever be 4-betting in these spots with unsuited Ace-Rags?
It also looks like I might be defending too much out of the BB and potentially opening too much from EP. Am I correct in making these assumptions?
I'm sorry if these are basic questions, but I don't want to be making adjustments without properly vetting them first. Thanks!
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RDO: Overhaul (ideal future, ideas and tweaks)

This may come off as another bitch-post and maybe it is, but were in lock-down and the only responsible thing to do now is obsess over the game that I think has the most wasted potential of it’s generation.
So, here comes a wall-of-words with the intent of proposing additions, patches and adjustments in gameplay/ menu mechanics and general quality of life fixes that I hope come to this game either in this generation or the next. I’ll keep the common complaints short and place them at the end, but I will list them b/c this game has too much potential to still be saddled with day one bugs so far down the road.
Yes, I will be submitting this through the website where Rockstar ignores it’s customers.
Now my proposals on how to improve the quality of life, engagement and fun-factor. Credit to u/mannishman11 who posted a list of suggestions on this subreddit that I’ll be taking some ideas from and building upon.
**The hope** 
The riverboat update/expansion:
Exactly what it sounds like. Use the template of one of the current riverboats or create a new “megaboat”. It’d be a place to congregate within a lobby but also house all games available in free roam in one convenient location (main deck), high stakes, no limits poker (top deck) and in the boiler room there’d be a fight club. No killing but you can be dazed and no tonics (rest/spectate to recover at an accelerated rate).
This should be a hedonistic playground for the high levels. Somewhere for them to congregate, flex just a little bit and finally something to spend their money on (and risk losing it all if they end up on the wrong side of lady luck.
You’d access the riverboat from the St. Denis docks for a $100 entrance fee for each time you travel to it. and it’d have a dress code (not in love with that idea, but I like the idea of forcing players to dress up/not all look like bruised and battered heathens all the time lol).
so you got too much money and nothing to spend it on, huh? how about you come on down to St. Dennis and risk it all (no limit games restricted to player vs player / no player vs cpu).
(In lobby mass message | mannish elaboration) Free roam is far too isolated and those looking for potential posse members /new friends/or players just looking for a fist fight have no option other than to use bullets and rudimentary emotes (or their guns/fists) to make their intent clear. And that’s only if you happen to cross another player on the massive map. This can be solved by introducing the newsboy into RDO or Implementing a “telegram” service at the post offices.
How it’d work:
Travel to a newsboy or post office>interact with PO or NB by using L2 (I’ll be speaking in PS4)>add the option to write a message to the lobby by pressing square while focused on the PO or NB and then write a message or provide a button propped list of options to blast out (posse up anyone? Bounty hunt? Duel? etc.
Everyone in that lobby would get a prompt that there is a message from a fellow player at the post office/at camp, if they choose to travel to and read the message they can accept or ignore. If they were to accept (provided by button prompts) they’d be spawned next to the inviting player and now you can interact with a like-minded player in your lobby without having to “soft-grief” to invite a player to a fight or just be alone if you happen to want to play with friends/others but none are on when you are.
You get 3 lobby message per lobby session and this'd need to be monitored by R* to prevent spamming/soliciting
DUEL (mannish tweak)
This is cowboy 101 and I’m disappointed that there is no variant of a duel in RDO atm, so let’s fix that!
approach a player > focus on that player with L2 > add the option to challenge to a duel by pressing square> if they accept then that brings up a menu prompt and after long-pressing start you are brought to the duel menu.
classic: opposing ends duel (possibly with the single player mechanics adapted to RDO).
Paces: Start back to back and take 10 paces in either direction. Your camera will be in a “cinematic state” (A high angle shot that slowly zooms in on you until the count of ten has been reached. At that point your camera whips around to face the opponent and you attack and react. Those that employ quickdraw should have a massive advantage over those who try to use the standard autolock. Also, maybe add some effects to the “paces” tighten the tension and show your players nervousness
1 shot: classic opposing ends duel, but with only one bullet in each players side arm of choice. You take your shot on the mark and if you don’t win with the gun then it’s down to blades and fists.
There could also be auto prompts/telegrams to go out to the lobby when a duel had been agreed to to allow the other players to migrate to the area and spectate and possibly bet if they choose. There would have to be a safe area applied to the area to cut down on griefers. Players can fight each other while waiting in queue. All combat is cancelled for any spectators who may be onlooking once the duel is underway. The winner of a duel will have the opportunity to either leave or take on any challengers if they choose to do so.
MELEE (cannot possibly happen in the immediate because of the assumed need for additional motion cap.)
I’ve been playing this game too god damn long and I’m sick of shooting everything when this game has the foundation for so much more. I can’t find it now, but there was a post not too long ago showing some of the advanced melee (machete) fighting that had been scripted into the single player (that I’d honestly forgotten about). I feel like that’d be too much to ask, as the world is now, but eventually id like for melee to be elaborated on to come close to what could be.
Some of the most fun I’ve had is when free aim was first introduced to the showdown modes and I’d be able to dodge bullets in the wind while charging the either panicking or retreating opponent. Choosing to bring a knife to a gunfight and killing your opponent is something I want to experience more and I think others would as well.
But the variety dries up quickly. melee controls should be refined so that the player can better dictate if they want to tackle or attempt a standing attack while charging at an enemy.
obviously we'd need more tackle animations and more tackle counter animations and of course more creative executions.
Also the melee ability cards need to be buffed. If I run with of single purpose, Iron Lung and fool me once I should be tanky, especially if all of those cards are fully upgraded. I don’t want the advantage over shooters, I just want it to be viable to run a melee build if you play smartly (use cover and invest in abilities). As it is now there is an entire set of melee based ability cards that go unused for the most part.
Slippery bastard/ Return of the bastard
This card needs to be “re-buffed” to it’s original strength/effect with one caveat: it has a 10 second “afterburn” where, as the slippery bastard user, once you exit your deadeye state your enemy can immediately return to auto aiming, but you will still be free aim only for the next 10 seconds. I feel like that is a far better compromise than what they’ve currently done to SB.
Also, You should be unpaintable in SB.
I always looked at it as a way o make a melee build workable and an invitation to free aim kill me if you are so intent on killing me. You used to be able to sense the panic when an opponent had the crutch of auto aim swept from under their feet. That should be a thing again.
Racing/unleash the horses
The race series has become my guilty pleasure just in the last month. I’m addicted and I want more! In case you weren’taware there is a strong community in the race series where the appeal is mostly respect and chasing the win. I know this because I’ve won enough races to know that no one is there for the money.
In the here and now: I’d like to see more race styles: Long distance/marathon style point to point (like the Van horn to black water run from single player), team relay lap races, cart/chariot races in either solo or duos (one driver, one shootecombatant) and traditional races with no weapon spawns, just pure skill and knowledge of the maps with a little pushing and shoving and perhaps a machete or two along the way.
Also, and I hope this isn’t controversial because I’ve always found it silly. Don’t normalize the horses! We paid for and saddled up the horses we want and come to know and love them for how they handle in free roam. It takes the spit out of a race to have rubber band physics bring the pack back into the race when you’d left them behind fair and square.
If you come out with a war horse then know that you are not going to win by racing clean so be a bully and use the mass and strength of your horse as a weapon to at least try and neutralize the faster horses. Alternatively if you're out there with an Arabian then you should do everything you can to avoid contact and get to wide open spaces to let your speed do the work. This would need a reworking of the race collision detection(which is needed anyway), but Id like the strategy that this would introduce and more importantly my fast horse will also feel fast while in a race, hopefully.
If you come out with a saddler or a Shire you’re not winning. And that’s ok because you signed up for a race and you brought a slug as your steed (though stricter matchmaking can solve the disparity between the OG’s and new-comers).
Finally, I dream of a race that takes you from one side of mount Shan and ends on the other side of it after racing and working around the cliffs and ledges near the peak of the mountain; would also love courses in, Tall trees, NE new Hanover, and the heartlands.
Bandits (expansion/role | Mannish tweak)
Banks, passenger trains, stores, and civilians are now fair game The mechanics would work similar or exactly as in single player.
I imagine there’d be free roam events and “search and shoot” missions that surround this role, but those are basic and not worth my time. I’d much rather talk about my idea for “who runs this town”:
If you, as a bandit or a bandit posse, survive enough npc police and maybe 3 rounds of bounty hunters then you should trigger a mode where bounty hunters can keep coming but now licensed bounty hunter players will now be alerted that you’ve taken over a town and those bounty hunter characters should be given the option to join the fight to liberate the town from the agitating posse or ignore it.
While under their control the person or posse will steadily collect money from the local shops. That money is theirs after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Or if you’re able to liberate the town then you collect the cash.
So if you think you’re a badass and want to try and liberate a town by yourself you can try, ditto for if you’re able to rustle up a posse. That town becomes unavailable to take over after 1 “seige” if you are in a posse that took over a town then that counts for your one chance for the day (possibly more limitations to prevent spamming).
Bounty hunters
NPC bounty hunters are a drag in RDO. I personally try to nurse a healthy bounty so that real bounty hunters have a chance to come and get me. I don’t want to fight a small army of NPC’s, especially at the ridiculous rate that they keep coming after you. If I wanted to do that I could just start killing cops in St. Dennis.
My solution: every bounty is collectable by any license holding bounty hunter (so basically anyone. This could also be implemented in a way by a toggle option to “deny npc bounty hunters”. A player with a bounty on their head would glow red and their bounty would be displayed over their head (above their gamer tag).
I imagine this'd create a ton of tension the next time you cross paths with a fellow player who seems to be staring a bit too hard at you and your $25 bounty.
Either that or give me the ability to evade the NPC bounty hunters as I can do in single player.
Also, bounty hunters should only get their reward if they’re able to bring in the target alive.
There’s nothing more anti-climatic than getting the notification that you’re being hunted after carefully growing your bounty only to have the chase end with an explosive round. No killing, but the target should be able to be downed (with their health returning slowly over time so they have a chance to slip the hogtie and make a run for it). This keeps the "fight for the bounty" alive longer and ups the competition factor.
Horse rustling/breaking (role ?)
Intended mainly to give wild horses a reason to exist and part of the larger “bandit overhaul”. Wild horses can now be sold at the stables after a successful breaking in. They can also be saddled, but no wild horse should have better stats than the breed horses for sale at the stable (wild horses should match the lowest stat available for that horse breed in the stables).
Additionally you should be able to sell your owned horses for half the original price, instead of purely discarding them.
Saddles should be able to be edited after purchased and sold for half the original price.
Embrace modders ala Fallout 4
If RDO can create an open, creative marketplace for mods similar to what happened with FO4 then this game gets a new lease on life and potentially becomes immortal. There'd have to be restrictions based on competitive advantage, but if it can be done then it'd change the game.
Pack mule/donkey You should be allowed to buy a pack mule and one of several large capacity saddles to equip. But there has to be some risk. I say you can have your pack mule, but as long as it is in use it is accessible to everyone so your “treasure” can be stolen if you’re not on guard.
The donkey is as fast as a scrawny nag and has unlimited stamina.
I’d like to see this implemented with a “gold panner” role, but don’t have much of an idea how to make that enjoyable.
Farming role (mannish)
I have no interest in it, but I do have interest in rustling your cattle/horses. As long as bandits are able to add an element of risk then I’d love to see people get the farming role that seems to be so popular here.
Kayak/white water race
Because why not! A 16 head race via kayak down the Dakota or on flatiron lake with stormy weather.
Triathlon Self-explanatory. Horseback>Kayak/swimming>Footrace
Another idea based on bringing players together and getting them away from the job-like grind. Maybe hosted at McFarland or the stables of Valentine.
Players get to ride a bucking bull. This would only work with extensive motion capture and taking the physics to the extreme.
The main appeal would be the carnage once the bull wins.
I’d like this to be an “open event” where it occurs naturally in the freedom and anyone who happens to be crossing by could stop, rest and watch the show.
The area would have to be a passive space to prevent griefing.
Marine warfare
There’s a lot of boats on the water; would be a shame if someone were to fix a cannon to one of em…
A simple idea, maybe implemented in a showdown series, but let’s make use of the water and the environments. How about a steamboat battle on Flatiron lake at sundown. One person steers, the other is the gunner.
There could also be variants of this idea or a king of the mountain kind of event where one posse holds control of one of the larger riverboats and the opposing posse is tasked with boarding and subduing the ship.
This would be best with expanded melee and by making it melee only imo.
Horde mode
Simple fun. Hosted at FT. Mercer. You and your friends take on an army of enemies of your choice. From Del Lobos, a herd of Grizzlies to an ever expanding pack of Florida Panthers.
See how long you can hang on.
Ability card load outs
Racing, free roaming, in a showdown series, out to hunt, handling a random attacker. Each scenario requires very different ability card load outs and accessing the cards to “shuffle them” isn’t very effective when you find yourself in the midsts. There should be an option to save and equip your 5 favorite ability card setups.
Private lobbies
I was against private lobbies until I got into one myself. I imagine entry level players would greatly appreciate a private lobby so that they can get their footing while not having to worry about a level 300 making their life miserable.
And, as long as the game still features bugs that are solved by having a restricted server then why not (or at least keep the current private glitch open as a nod to the issues).
For this to work and be fair I’d propose that there be no long distant deliveries in a private lobby and your local deliveries pay 75% of what it’d pay in a open lobby
Free aim showdowns
Free aim showdowns to be a constant option, not part of a rotating slate. They are a unique setting in this game and the players who gravitate to that play style have no other option at the moment.
Enough with the limited showdowns I know what I want to play and I know what I don’t want to play, so let the players select the showdown they want to engage in without having to endure several rounds of games that they don’t want to play.
And yes, I would disallow PIB in all free-aim sessions. People chose to play free-aim, free-aim is distinctly atypical from the standard RDO experience, so it should be expected that you, the player who chose to join a free-aim session should adjust.
!!!!!!!!!! Snipers !!!!!!!!!!
I cannot describe how i loathe what has become of snipers in this game. No more sniper dance!
If you are looking down your scope then you are locked in or made extremely slow. I’d also do away with the sniper aim assist, but that’s less offensive than the sniper dance mess that has developed as a trend in this game.
Just do a good-old fashion death match. It ain’t that hard
**Quality of life** 
Ready Showdown “ready-up” should start the game at 1/2 of the players in lobby readying up
Store melee weapons in locker
I have a reinforced lasso. I am never going to intentionally select the regular lasso. Let me get it and all the other melee and throwable weapons out of the way.
Customizable horse coats
There is no reason that certain coats are tied to a certain tier of horse breeds. Sure, this would lead to a ton of black horses out there, but we’d also get to see some of the more unique coats that never make it out of the stables because they’re tied to lesser tier of horse breeds.
Saddle up your hunting wagon
You’ve got 10 horses in your stable… you should be able to use at least one of them on your hunting wagon to make it more personalized.
Custom arrange your stable
For those who have clear favorites. If ypu’re a player who has maxed out their stable spaces I’d imagine it’d be appreciated to be able to sort your horses, making the horses you are most active with be readily available to be selected.
Custom Arrange your consumables / store consumables Those canned peaches are for moonshinnin', not for eating!
Hold to cook all
Read the heading. This ain’t single player and this isn’t immersion, it’s a pain. Or integrate cripps into the scenario and have him cook meat that you donate to the trader table and have that meat be stored, when cooked, in the lockbox.
Hold x to maintains speed (on horse)
See above
Cinematic auto pilot on carts
Because it makes no sense that I have to continuously press ‘x’ to keep the cart in motion. Just let the carts go into auto-pilot like we can with horses.
Execute wounded animals
I’ll buy 15 gold bars immediately and just for this ability.
Share weapons with posse members.
If you find yourself in a posse with a low-level player it’d be a nice touch to “loan” one of your unused weapons to them. The loan would end as soon as that posse member leaves or the posse is disbanded.
Be allowed to breakdown carcases in wagon in order to make space
Shouldn’t have to lose a 2 star buck to make space for a 3 star panther. Just allow the player to break down the “discarded animal” for its pelt and meat.
Alert! You have been... If what I continue to read is true and RDO is hosted P2P and not with dedicated servers then that shit needs to change. If someone can elaborate on how that decision (if true) is more than a lazy cost saving measure then feel free to clue me in. You're Rockstar. The dominant player in open world gaming. You can afford to host servers in service of your players.
**The issues:** 
The 10 ton bug in the room
Fix the bugs. All the bugs.
We all know what they are and we are updating our lists as new ones sprout up. Fix this. Don’t wait for the next generation of consoles, and if there is some massive. My $500 delivery should not have it’s supplies spawn underneath the map in valentine when it get’s wrecked in the Great Plains… That’s just the newest and most infuriating variation on the RDO rodeo (what I call the experience of trying to stick with this game while dealing with all the various frustrations). I’ve been playing games since the SNES, I was there for the first online multiplayer experiences on consoles. And I have never experienced such deep and persistent errors and issues with a tripleA game.
This is pretty much the only game I play online at the moment so I can’t speak too much about the other underachievers (Fallout 76, No Mans Sky) but from what I read the experiences there are and have improved by leaps and bounds leaving RDO as the buggy mess where you kinda gotta expect to get screwed over at some point so that you are mentally prepared for it and don’t launch your controller into the ceiling. This is not a good look.
Anybody out there?
Communicate/interact with us (the players/the customers). RDO is the only game I play online with, but hearing of other games and their community managers, maps for the future and general interaction with their players. Just letting us know what is to come / what we have to expect / what we have to “work toward” would go a long was in soothing the frustrations of the player base. At the very least I hope that at least acknowledge the bugs in some way, at least that would signal that a solution is in the works.
Speaking callously, now is the time for acts of “public relations” R*/T2 clearly treat it’s players as customers first and foremost and only put up the slightest veil of being a “community”. That needs to change. We’re going through a goddamn pandemic, people are sheltered in place and social distanced. The time is now to make your push
At the very least put out a “we’re in this together” message with real content or additions/ discounts that the entirety of the player-base will enjoy, not just the newcomers - Now is the time to open up and really make the players feel like you care that you want to help the get through this by providing the most entertaining experience you possibly can, within reason. For the sake of the company, because I feel we all have a vested interest in seeing RDO become great, I hope the lines of communication open up past the suggestion webpage where you’ll likely get a prefab response no matter how detailed and specific your suggestion/issue was.
The lack of content is an issue and it is doubly damaging that there is no communication. You’ll always hear the defense that, “GTA didn’t have much content at this point in it’s life either,” but that was almost a generation of consoles ago when GTAO was released. GTAO’s timeline and learning curve should not be allowed to be applied to RDO because Rockstar now gets to work with a the foundation of what they learned from GTAO. It should be reasonable to expect RDO to have much more content than GTAO did at the same time in it’s timeline. Especially considering this is now the flagship of R*'s gaming catelogue.
Corona is also no excuse.
Some of these issues and the general lack of imagination have been an issue since beta. Yes, the pandemic will slow down progress now, but that doesn’t account for all the issues that have been overlooked and unattended while R*/T2 have been at the highest vigilance and respond almost immediately to money and gold glitches.
If You’re tired of complaints: Then you should have taken the note and skipped this section, you are not obligated to read every post on the sub.
Tired of negative posts: sorry, but if the game weren’t so broken and lacking then there wouldn’t be so many negative posts, though I hope that my hopes for the future can give others hope as well.
RDO isn’t being ignored, but it’s dying and people are losing the faith they once had in the potential of this game. Hopefully some of these ideas will gain favor with y’all and you’ll submit them or a version of them yourselves. If nothing else this can serve as an exercise of “what could be’s” while getting creative with what is capable in our cowboy dress-up sim.
I'd love to hear your ideas.
RDO has a fantastic foundation but it is the most frustrating game I have ever played from a major developer for the lack of support and content. The lack of content I can give a slight pass on since it’s mainly a selfish ask born out of the potential this game holds. The bugs are inexcusable, especially from a multi-billion dollar company that refuses to communicate. The fanbase is losing hope and I have my doubts they’ll still be here for the next generation “double-dip” that many are expecting to be the point when RDO really takes off. This game needs work now, the players/customers deserve content (and dropping a well-done expansion while everyone is social-distanced can only help player loyalty/affinity). The time is now. Get on your horse Rockstar!
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Tough Spot with AA

25NL online 6-max Zoom/Zone/whatever name for speed poker you're familiar with.
Villain is on the button with an effective stack of $20. We have no info on him.
Hero wakes up in the BB with AA.
Folds to the Villain who raises to $0.75.
Hero 3-bets to $2.25. Villain calls.
Flop comes: K9Q rainbow with $4.60 in the pot.
Hero bets $2.75. Villain calls.
Turn: T, completing the rainbow. Pot: $10.10
Hero checks. Villain bets $4.80 (leaving about $10 behind).

There's 4 to a straight, with a bunch of two pair possibilities out there. Is this a fold? Also, feel free to destroy my decisions thus far, but please explain why as I'd like to learn. I suspect I should have bet more on the flop (maybe $3.50?).
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Should I be limping or opening from SB (6max micro cash)?

I've played poker off and on for quite a while now, and I would go as far as saying I understand most general concepts needed to beat the game, both exploitative and some basic/general level GTO (I just haven't learnt how to implement them properly yet/haven't played enough/etc.). I quit playing for a few months (last time I played I was beating 2nl over about 35k hands, but I've forgotten some stuff after quitting for so long), and now I've started again and decided to re-learn some basics, re-learn my preflop strategy etc.
I bought Jonathan Little's Mastering Small Stakes NLHE book, and I was going through the preflop section and noticed that he advocates for a limping strategy from the SB against competent players. In other words, limp your entire wide SB range, and then either call, fold, or 3-bet when your opponent raises your limp. I understand why this is good to do against thinking players.
However, this should only be used against players that would defend against your SB open a lot from the BB, right? If so, would you recommend I stick to a normal open-style SB strategy? I'm looking to play 2nl 6max zoom/fastforward for my first 10-20k hands while I re-learn strategy and get used to the game, and (providing I'm not a losing player at that point), will be going on to try and beat 5nl (non-zoom/ff) over a proper sample size. Do you think a SB limping strategy is necessary in these games, or should I stick to a basic open-SB strategy?
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Rate my "sick" NL5 turn bluff

PokerStars Zoom Hand #209936454766: Hold'em No Limit ($0.02/$0.05) - 2020/03/09 0:46:26 CET [2020/03/08 19:46:26 ET]
BTN: Villain ($6.08 in chips)
SB: Djaga2011 ($5.07 in chips)
BB: Pumaye ($5.67 in chips)
UTG: wanco_ro ($10.73 in chips)
HJ: aris52111 ($5.68 in chips)
CO: Hero ($5.80 in chips)
Dealt to Hero [Kc Qc]
UTG: folds
HJ: folds
Hero(CO): raises $0.10 to $0.15
Villain (BTN): raises $0.25 to $0.40
SB: folds
BB: folds
Hero: calls $0.25
*** FLOP *** [Js 9d 6c]
Hero: checks
Villain: bets $0.65
Hero: calls $0.65
*** TURN *** [Js 9d 6c] [Qd]
Hero: checks
Villain: bets $1.15
Hero: raises $4.75 and is all-in
Villain: calls $3.60
*** RIVER *** [Js 9d 6c Qd] [9s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Hero: shows [Kc Qc] (two pair, Queens and Nines)
Villain: shows [As Ad] (two pair, Aces and Nines)

This is after i took a shot at NL5z after grinding 30 BIs at NL2z. I lost approx. 3 BIs in the session and initially i thought i played this hand completely terrible because i actually just tilt-shoved for "value". but then i thought about it more and maybe it wasnt THAT bad after all.

My thinking:
I chose to bluff here with KQcc because i block alot of his value range and a little of his bluffing range. I block QQ, KK, KTs, AQ, QJ. I do block AKo and AKs which could be a part of villains bluffing range which is not ideal, but i justify it by blocking way more of his value range. But of my whole range here i have a alot of good hands that would ship it on the turn like: JJ, 99, 66, QQ, T8s, any KT, and maybe AA for value aswell but AA would probably 4bet.
Here's my own critique of the hand. If i bluff KQ here thats 16 combos of bluffs which is too much, and I also have TT here in my bluffing range on the turn, because with TT i block the straights and have equity when called, TT is 6 combos together with 16 KQ. thats 24 combos i could bluff that turn with. 26 combos if i throw JTdd and AJdd in there aswell. My value is kinda comparable: JJ,99,66 is 9 combos. T8s is 4. KT is 16. thats 29 value hands.
My concern is that with this play i bluff too much, i would love any input from other perspectives on this hand since im trying to take poker a little more serious. Maybe i should just only bluff TT, JTdd, AJdd on this turn, but im not sure.

Apologize for any bad grammar, or confusing HH.
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